Hide Armor


Aeger’s Hide
This heavy and thick bear hide is all that remains of the fabled Aeger. Several hundreds year ago the Aeger, a giant bear, terrorized hundreds of small villages up and down the Sword Coast. The Bear was invulnerable to fire, cold or acid. Finally the young men and women of several villages banded together, forming a miltia almost two hundred people strong. The Aegar was surrounded and finally slain. Less than a dozen villagers survived, and they carved the Aeger’s hide amongst themselves. Out of one of the pieces this armor was created.
Stats- This +3 hide armor counts as +5 against slashing or piecing damage, as well as giving Fire, Cold and Acid resistance 10

The Human Flesh Armor
This is a tunic made from the badly sewn together human flesh that you took from the Tanner’s house in the Bridge District. If completed it could make serviceable armor, albeit only the most evil of humans could wear such a vile items.
Stats- This is a +2 Hide Armor doesn’t give any penalties to sneaking. If upgraded it becomes +5 armor. Only Evil characters can use this.


Hide Armor

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