Bulwark of the True King
This shield once belonged to the Rebel Queen, Moria. She was brutally killed when her lords betrayed her to the Orlesians. The shield was taken from her body, and given in tribute to the usurper Meghren. It has since changed hands several times.
Stats- This +3 Heater gives a +1 to defense, +2 to constitution, and +3 to Will.
User- Alistair

Cailan’s Shield
Two dogs rampant support a golden crown. One wields an axe as a symbol of might, the other a royal scepter as a symbol of command. When equipped in a set with Maric’s Blade, the character gains bonuses to damage and to stamina regeneration in combat.
Stats- This +1 Heater is +5 against ranged attacks.
User: Ser Gilmore

Havard’s Aegis
A terrible blow scarred the face of this plain wooden shield long ago. But there is a strength and presence to the shield, and it seems almost to glow with a light of its own.
Havard was Maferath’s closest friend. They were children together in the same Avvar Clan. They fought side-by-side in so many battles that Maferath dubbed him, “Havard the Aegis” better ot have him at his side than any shield…though the shield helps.
Stats- This +3 Heater, grants Spell Resistance 4, and lets you rerolled a dodge if the enemy crits with range.

Loghain’s Shield
This was a gift, commissioned by King Maric to bestow upon his friend on the day he named him teyrn of Gwaren, with a crest made specifically for the commoner. He took it with him to the deep roads after joining the Grey Wardens.
Stats- This +5 Heater gives Damage Reduction 10
User- Loghain.

Shield of Highever
This shield was carried by Teyrn Ardal Cousland, who died defending King Vanedrin from Orlesians at the Battle of Lothering. The face still bears the scars of Orlesian blades
stats- This +2 Heater gives you a +4 to damage.

Swiftrunner’s Shield
There was heraldry on this shield once, but it has long since faded. This shield was wielded by the werewolf Swiftrunner and his essence is tied to this item.
Stats- This +1 Heater gives you 10% Nature and Spirit Resistance, as well as letting you summon Swiftrunner 1/day.

Griffon’s Crest
This is one of the many fine shields that a foreign prince commissioned for the Grey Wardens in thanks for ending the fourth Blight.
Stats- This +1 Shield lets you ignore extra shots used through many shot or double shot
User- Justice

Heartwood Shield
A shield made from the heartwood of a mighty sylvan
stats- This +6 Heater gives 10% nature resistance, Damage Reduction 10, Guard 20, and an extra +1 to defense against ranged weapons.

Landsmeet Shield
This shield was left unclaimed after a Landsmeet in Denerim’s Palace, likely due to the darkspawn attack.
Stats- This +7 Heater gives an extra 15 stamina, 30% electric resistance, Damage Reduction 15, Guard 10, and 12 extra hit points.



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