Hand Axe


Cold Hearted
This axe was created by a snow dwarf who was a follower of Auril. Skrymir was a twisted insane dwarf who enjoyed freezing his victim with this axe. Unlucky for him he fought a warrior who was skilled at disarming his enemies. H’grathgorn disarmed Skrymir picked out his are and used it on him. Skrymir’s body is now a frozen statue somewhere out in the Dale Lands
stats- This +1 hand axe gives you 25% Cod Resistance, deals 2D6 extra damage, 30% chance to freeze, immunity to Disarm and Snowball Swarm.

Ice Reaver
When the barbarian tribes north of Icewind Dale encountered a fierce band of fire giants, lost and alone, their Ice Reaver hand axes made short work of them. Finding a vast sum of god on the giants, they chieftain commemorated the battle by having new, more powerful reavers crafted for his warriors. Over time, most of these axes disappeared, and occasionally a young warrior will set off to quest for one of the legendary items
Stats- This +8 hand axe gives cold resistance 15 and deals an extra 1d6 cold damage

Offhand Axe
Axes of this type were created as training tools for an organization of rangers and woodsmen, but their use has fallen out of favor. When combined with another weapon they grant agility and skill in the use of both at once, but it was found that some students relied too much upon them, and did not separately develop the skills that the items enhance
Stats- This +3 hand axe is +5 when used two handed, deals an extra 1D6 sonic

Woodcutter’s Axe
Craftsmen are constantly looking for more efficient ways to approach still gives the best results. To that end, these items were developed to make the individual lumberjack more effective, but some have gone on to see secondary service as weapons of war. A magic ‘sweet spot’ can potentially fell a tree in one swing and make short work of opponents as well
Stats- This +2 hand axe is +3 vs. shapeshifters and tree enemies

Ember’s Axe
This axe came from Ember’s corps, a company of adventurers in service to a dwarven paladin. Each member held a weapon nearly identical to Embers as a reminder to act as he would in any situation, keeping virtue in mind. Demons and fell creatures constantly drew his wrath, but pompous wizardry would not go unpunished either. Mages who over-planned would be threatened with Whirling Ax of Death, a ‘spell’ that took very little time to prepare
Stats- This +2 Handaxe is +4 vs. outsides
Blood Rust Axe
It was the Year of Slaughter, 1090 DR, and countless victims lay slain at the Battle of the Bones. Today the site contains layers of dry white bone, but at the time it was all blood and bile, oozing form each shattered corpse and saturating the fallen equipment. NO amount of polishing has been able to restore any weapon retrieved from that dread place, or even begin to remove the taint acquired there.
Stats- This +2 handaxe deals an extra 1D6 fire damage against good characters, 50% of slow for 2 rounds, DC 14


Hand Axe

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