Half Sword


Beastman’s Dagger
This savage blade was claimed from qunari invaders during the Exalted Marches of the Storm Age almost two centuries ago.
Stats- This +1 half sword deals an extra 1D8 extra damage on sneak attacks.

Crow Dagger
Not all of these Antivan blades derive from the legendary Crow assassins. The style become popular enough that the Antivan smith began to copy it, selling their blades as the real things.
Stats- This +1 half sword deals 1D10 extra damage on backstab.

Dead Thiag Shanker
As the great dwarven thaigs fell one by one, some dwarves lingered on in hiding preying on in hiding, preying on the darkspawn in the shadows of their former homes.
Stats- This +6 half sword gives +3 to cunning, DC 16 chance of interrupting an enemy’s spells.

Fang of Fen’Harel
This elegant dagger was first wielded in the battle to save the Dales. It was passed down to your mother, and from her to you.
Stats- This +3 Dar’Misu is +6 against beasts, adds +3 to cunning, deals 1 extra nature damage, 5 on critical hits.

Gift of the Grey
A gift from Duncan of the Grey Warden to the hahren of Denerim’s alienage, this fine blade is extremely light for its size.
Stats- This +2 half sword deals an extra 1D6 damage on critical hits.

The Noble Dagger
This dagger is originally of Antivan make, crafted as a gift for the head of a dwarven clan in Orzammar. Eventually, it was revealed as a bribe to obtain illicit lyrium, ruining the clan in question and forcing them to flee to the surface.
Stats- This +1 shortsword deals 1D10 electric damage.
User- Dwarf Noble Warden

Olaf’s Prized Cheese Knife
The inscription on the blade reads, “For Olaf: Finally, a blade that’s up to the challenge of one of your fine firm cheeses”
stats- This +1 shortsword has armor penetration 1

Newly forged and sporting an edge sharp enough to cut through boot leath, this blade is the pinnacle of Fereldan crafting skill. Wait, there’s more! It slices, it dices, and can make Orlesian potatoes. Yours for just one easy payment.
Stats- this +4 shortsword deals an extra 5 damage on critical hits.

The Rose’s Thorn
In the darkest alleys on the wrong side of town, tales of the Black Rose propser. He was an assassin without peer, little known except by his wake of bodies-and this dagger, left in the heart of a king.
Stats- This +3 shortsword gives +2 to dexterity, and deals 30% extra damage on backstabs, 5% extra damage critical hits.

Thorn of the Dead Gods
In the moment that it struck, the blade of the Grey Wardens who killed Toth, Archdemon of Fire, shattered in three pieces. For years, the shards lay forgotten on the battlefield. Steel became etched with the corruption blood of the dead gods. They were eventually discovered by a Nevarran woman. She sold them to a blacksmith, not knowing what they truly were, for ten bits. The smith, however, knew that he had purchased more than scrap metal, and fashioned the shards into three identical daggers: The Thorn of the Dead Gods. No simple blades, these daggers date back to the time of the First Blight. They were crafted in the Tevinter Imperium as weapons to fight against the darkspawn horde, and fell in battle with the mages that first wielded them.
Stats- The first one is a +2 short sword that deals 2 armor penetration, the second is a +1 shortsword with 1 armor penetration, the third is +3 short sword with 3 armor penetration

Dumat’s Claw
A Grey Warden weaponsmith created this dagger and its sister sword shortly after the first Blight. Whether the blades were actually crafted from the bones of the archdemon is still in contention. When equipped with the sword Dumat’s Spine, the character is immune to flanking.
Stats- This +2 Dar’Misu, gives a +2 to defense, deals 9 extra damage.
User- Dalish Warden

Talon of the Sky
Symbols of the Lady of the Skies, an Avvar Goddess adorn this blade. When combined with the tooth of the mountain father, the character gains a bonus to stamina regeneration.
Stats- This +4 half sword and deal 2 fire damage.

Tooth of the Mountain Father
Symbols of Korth the Mountain-Father, an Avvar god, adorn this blade. When equipped with the dagger Talon of th skies, the character gain a bonus to stamina regeneration.
Stats- This +1 half sword deals 2 extra fire damage

The Twinblade set
One of a set of half sword creafted for a Nevarran lord. He possessed the blades for a single night before they were stolen
stats- These halfswords are each +2, deal an extra point of cold damage and if used in combination they deal double damage.
User- Warden commander

Voice of Velvet
The eleven assassin Corimae used this dagger to open the throat of a nobleman who refused to take her as a love.
Stats- This +3 half sword deals 5 extra cold damage, +5 to dodge, doubles damage on crits.
User- Zeveran

Bastard Thorn
The skill that went into this Ferelden blade is obvious but it has not been respected or properly maintained. The quality remains, but the cut of the thin lyrium edge is now rough and cruel.
Stats- This +1 Dar’Misu grants +2 Dexterity and Improve backstab
User- Thug

Pelerine Slip-Knife
A masterwork dagger that is lightweight for concealing but it pratically sings when drawn. Unmistakably Orlesian, this is the blade of someone who knows-or knew- the game
stats- this +3 half sword gives Stanima regeneration 1, and 30% extra damage on critical hits.
Wielder- Silas Corthwaite


Half Sword

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