This ebony two handed sword is covered with inscriptions that you cannot decipher. it hums softly in the presence of Dorn Il-Khan. Individuals who are good of heart are overcome with feelings of guilt and anxiety when they hold this blade
stats- This +1 Great Sword becomes +2 if Dorn slays anyone with it, the effect lasting for 24 hours

Harbinger Kin
The illithid brain known as Kwukgixrin sent its followers to scouring the Underdark for an artifact that it discovered when it absorbed the mind of a powerful human warrior. The warrior had hidden the sword when he realized that he was too wounded to survive another attack from the illithid thralls. Before the illithid thralls could find the swords,, the warriors twin brother discovered it. The twin was in strong health and he made short works of the thralls and many illithid before leaving the Underdark
Stats-This +8 greatsword deals an extra 2D6 fire damage.

The Mother’s Chosen
This wicked blade, spotted with rust, belonged to the Darkspawn known as ‘The First” and was created by the mother.
Stats- This +4 great sword deals 5 extra fire damage and grants a +2 to cunning
The Abyssal Blade
Forged in the black heart of the Abyss by tanar’ri sorcerers for use in the eternal Blood Wars, this blade was once wielded by the infamous babau asssassin Khazzrax the Grasping Death. Lore tells of a blade, black as the night, that Khazzrax would use to slash his victims open, causing fire to briefly flare out of the fresh wound. In addition to the sword’s regular properties, two rival demons have been magically bound within its blade. Ur-Gothoz has been bound within its blade. As he rages with demonic fury at his captivity, the sword is thus empowered. In addition to the swor’ds regular properties, the demon Azothet has been bound within its blade. As she rages with demonic fury at her captivity, the sword is thus empowered.
Stats- This +3 Great Sword deals an extra 1D4 fire damage, +5 vs. Devils, demons and Good aligned foes. Gives Fel resistance 10

Blade of the Rashemi
Like all greatswords from the Land of Berserkers, these weapons are massively built, and so durable that some have survived for thousands of years. These swords are notable for their effectiveness against spell casters, and history records that the land’s Witch rulers expelled all known copies out of fear of their abilities.
Stats- This +2 greatsword gives Spell Resistance 10

Blade of Chult
The slavers from the jungles of Chult often rely on underhand techniques to keep their slaves in line. When a particularly difficult slave is caught attempting to escape, he will sometimes be kept in line by poisoning him, just enough to make him sick. The slavers then show the slave the attitude and force his cooperation. Most of these slavers allow their guards to carry weapons coated in the vile substance, for quick punishment or weakening an attacker.
Stats- This +1 greatsword will point on hit (DC 14 fortitude 1D2 constitution Damage)

All gemswords feature a prismatic blade that is fractured throughout, but still magically maintains its shapes. Tales speak of a great crystal from which these weapons can be split, but the plane-traveling souls who related these stories are often suffering from dementia, having lost there faculties while navigating dimensional barriers.
Stats- This +3 gemstones deals an extra 1D6 electrical damage and can cast Prismatic Spray 1/day

Shining Light of Lathandar
The church of Lathander is a wealthy institution, and makes no secret of its affinity for adventures. In their eyes, these people dare to bring light to the forgotten and secret places and therefore they will always find safe haven in a house of the Morninglord. One occasional the church will grant a boom to a particularly favorable person, a weapon that will serve to light the dark paths ahead.
Stats- This +2 greatsword can use searing light 1/day and emits orange light (15 feet)

The Dagger of Chaos
This dagger was a gift from Targus, God of War, to serreg of Neverwinter. It originally allowed its wielder to polymorph into many forms, but the magic gradually decayed and now it is the blade itself that polymorphs, from time to time, over the eons. It currently takes the shape of a greatsword and will likely remain such for many years to come.
Stats- This +2 greatsword gives vampire regeneration 50% confusion (DC 14) for 2 rounds.

The tinoman
Tinoman was a famous smith whose reputation was built on his study of using precious gem and rocks to enhance his weapons. His first discovery was the joining quartz to a great blade, making the now infamous, Tinoman’s Swords
Stats- This +1 great sword doubles all damage on massive critical, and can crit on an 18.

Vermin’s Bane
Forged by deep gnome craftsmen of the Underdark, blades of this sort were thought lost until a specimen was recently seen in the company of Finihan’s Raiders, a group of casual adventurers. That sword, Vermin’s Bane, traveled widely as a result, and was last reported as having been stolen in a caravan raid north of Luskan.
Stats- This +1 greatsword is +4 against Vermin

The Warblade
This large sword is an enchanted version of the barbaric swords of the Northern tribes. Forged during battle and dipped in the blood of the brave fallen, the enchantment granted to the blade by the barbarian gods is incredible.
Stats: +4 two handed sword gives the wielder a +4 to defense. Speed of 4

Cursed Berserking
This is a cursed sword which performs perfectly under ever test, except in the heat of the battle. Upon entering combat, the wielder will immediately go berserk, killing everything within reach until they calm down or fall unconscious. A very powerful sword, but one must decide whether or not it is worth the risk. Even once the battle-fury has ended, this sword can only be removed via exorcism using a remove curse spell.
Stats- This +3 Two handed swords has a speed of one. It also grants the wielder a +5 to Strength, +7 to Constitution, +3 to Dexterity, a +1 to Spirit (The wielder is very focused just insane), while they have a -2 to Charisma, -4 to Wisdom, and -6 Intelligence.

The World’s Edge
This is a legendary weapon of heroic proportions, especially among the far-northern tribes of barbarians. Champions after champion have wielded this blade against countless enemies and the blood it has spilled could fill a small sea. History will not admit that such a blade could be forged and each consecutive owner seems to tie its orgin to whatever creation myth they believe. The most grandiose of these tales is that of a great chieftain who sailed to the cliffs that supposedly bordered the world. There he reached in the void, and his will shaped the blade from nothing. Whatever the truth, in the right hand this is a fearsome thing.
Stats- +3 two handed sword grants +3 to AC

Spider’s Bane
Spider’s Bane was originally forged by the Dwarves of the Orothair tribe in the Cloakwood forest. They created the blade to help foster good will betweem them and the Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate. Wielded by the Grand Dukes for about a century for their yearly forays into the forest, it was eventually lost, ironically in a fight against ettercap and spiders. Who wields the blade now is unknown, but its discovery would aid greatly in fighting the current spider infestation that plagues the Cloakwood.
Stats: This +2 two handed sword, is +4 against spiders and ettercaps.

Carsomyr is a weapon of legend, perhaps one of the most powerful blades ever forged on Faerun, though its origin and history is thought purposefully forgotten, such that the sword itself never overshadow the importance of the struggles that must be fought. It is infused with the very essence of virtue, and requires as much from any paladin that would hope to wield it. The evils of the Realms must truly stand aside when this weapon is brought to bear, their magic dispelled with a word, steadfastly resisted with ease. Carsomyr also harbors a special distaste for the forces of evil and chaos, and such creatures must fear additional damage from its touch in battle.
Stats- This +5 Two Handed Sword gives the wielder a +5 to defense, gives them 50% magic resistance, lets them cast dispel magic 3/days, dispels conjured weapons every time it hits, over comes any magical spell defenses, deals an extra 5 points of damage to CE creatures and has a speed factor of 5. If combined with the Eye of Tyr it becomes a +6 sword with a +6 to defense with a speed of 4. Only usable by Paladins.

Flame of the North
The Title does not refer to the blade itself, but rather to the women who originally wielded it in the icy hinderlands of Faerun. Her name was Carerra, and she was vertitable firestorm that swept across arctic trolls and the northern orcish tribes. She was a hated enemy of many of shaman whose magic often floundered against her fury. After a lifetime of raucous battle, it was old age that eventually claimed her. The sword was passed to her granddaughter, an adventurer, who presumably brought it to Amn.
Stats this +2 Two handed sword is +4 against evil creatures. It provides a magic resistance of 10%. Speed 8.

Gram of the Sword of Grief
This is one of the many weapons of the great hero Siegfried. The blade is particularly sharp and well balanced, and in a certain light one can see the faint image of a serpent within the hilt. Sieged’s fearsome blade is even more powerful with the Heart of the Damned set into its pommel. The Heart of the Damned is an ancient dried human heart. It takes the name from the legend of the man that it came from. Legend has it that during a war, the cause of which has long been forgotten, a keep was besieged. The Lord of the keep knew that his walls would soon be overrun, rather than have his people enslaved, he slew them all. When the besiegers next attacked, they found the Lord standing amongst the slain. The Lord was burned at the stake and the legends say that his heaert would not burn. The Heart is an artifact of significant malevolent power and may be of some use.
Stats-This +5 two handed sword gives the wielder a +5 to defense and there is a 10% chance that an enemy hit by this weapon will receive 2d12 points of poison damage. It has a speed factor of 5. It can be upgraded with the Heart of the Damned, making the wielder have 5% magic resistance and when you hit a target they must make a save vs. death at a -4 penalty (DC 16). Speed of 5

Hallowed Redeemer
Keldorn distinguished himself early in his career as a paladin, and received this blade as a boon from Torm. It is exceptionally accurate, but also protects him in battle with a special Fireshield, and any that strike him while he wields it suffer Torm’s wrath in the form of magical damage. None but Keldorn may use this sword until his death.
Stat: This +2 two handed sword is exceptionally light (weighing only 8 pounds) and gives a +2 to defense. Anybody who hits the wielder in melee will receive 5 points of magic damage. 1/day for 5 rounds the wielder can get a + 1 to strength, +3 to Constitution and +5 to Charisma

When the hero Trueblood destroyed the Harbinger, the demon gorging itself on the blood of peasant folk near Luskan, he bound its essence in the only vessel capable of holding it, his fabled sword Deliverance. Though the evil creature was dominated by the will of the semi-sentient blade, it was not truly defeated, and it transofrms the weapon from within. Now it acts like any other enchanted weapon, but when it strikes, there is a small shance that a fireball erupts, a sign that the demon within still rages at its imprisonment. There is also a chance that any ogre its hits will be turned to stone. Whether this is an ability of the demon or a vestigial power of the original blade is not known.
Stats: +3 great sword, gives a +3 to defense and has a speed of 7. If used against an ogre it can cast Flesh to stone (Caster level 10). When ever it hits an opponent there is a 5% chance that a 10D6 fireball explodes, centered on the target. Once per day you can cast a 6D10 fireball. Also contains the demon lord Harbinger.

The Blackrock Sword
One of the most powerful weapons in the world, it is the land where the Demon lord Arcadion is trapped and serves as the personal weapon of the Nameless One himself. It was forged when he was the Avatar to prevent Arcadion from destroying the world. After passing the etests of Truth, Love and Courage, he was able to slay his high priest and bind the creature to this sword.
Stats- This +12 keen two handed sword is weightless and gives a +5 to Strength, and can overcome any damage reduction, including Divine. It grants damage reduction 10, and once per day can cast oblivion on any living non divine target.

This +5 Two handed sword makes the wielder immune to fire and can cast a fireball of 6D10s. The sword is immaterial and can simply move through any substance unless the paladin wishes (you can’t make it materialize inside a person). Speed 2.

The Psion’s Blade
Some believe this massive blade to be of Drow Origin, though others dispute this claim. However, all agree that this great sword was fashioned with a single purpose…to ride the world of the Illithid. Those who wield the Psion’s Blade are immune of the Mind’s Flayer’s psionic attacks. The bewildering gaze of Umber Hulks, often found serving the Illithid, are similarly rendered harmless.
Stats- This +5 Zweihander gives the wielder protection against all mind effecting spells or affects, as well as making the wielder entirely immune to all psionic affects. Finally the wielder is immune to Umber Hulk.

Soul Reaver
A social faux pas placed upstart Andor Licon in a duel with Baron Eeirk, heir to a warrior king. Though they seem of even skill, Andor grew oddly weaker with each hit on the Baron’s family blade. Panicking, he bade his bodyguards kill Eeirk. Depsite his claims of mortality, some noted that the young noble had positioned his men before the duel was even underway, and though he professed disdain for its dark magic, Andor made a tidy fortune off the sale of the evil blade.
Stats- This +4 greatsword can only be wielded by neutral and evil warriors and bards. It provides a +4 to defense. If it hits an opponent, they take a -2 to defense for 20 rounds. Speed 6

Sarevok’s Sword of Chaos
The blade of Sarevok, the Bhaalspawn, used in the battle they fought in faraway Baldur’s Gate. Gorion’s Ward prevailed, destroying Sarevok’s plans and rescuing the Sword Coast from the brink of war. The sword itself defies identification, likely forged specifically for Sarevok, to best focus the infernal energy he hoped to control. Much of its power died with him. When Sarevok has joined with his cause, and his blade was restored to him. Sarevok describes the weapon as a Deathbringer blade and has restored some of the weapon old power. Without his Bhaalspawn essence to channel through the sword, however, it cannot achieve the power it once had. Still, it is a formidable weapon…and one that Sarevok warns would become increasingly difficult to wield I the hands of one who was not a Deathbringer, if they could use it at all.
Stats- +2 two handed sword that deals an extra point of damage. This extra point goes to the wielder. Speed 8. In the hands of Sarevok this becomes a +4 greatsword that deals an extra 5 hit points that is given to the wielder. Also grants Spell Resistance 10.

The Snow Maiden Reaver
The only material parts of this icy weapon are the hilt, grip, and pommel, wrought from shining silver and steel. It was created in 1099 DR by the chosen of Auril, Ihanora the Merciful. Ihanora roamed the north, leading ruthless attacks against all those who attempted to find solace from the cold or fight its effects. She traveled with a motley crew of yetis, polar worms, frost giants, and a white dragon, freezing everything in her wake. Ihanora was defeated in 1108 DR by the notorious Red Mask Brigade, headed by the ruthless killer known as Bitter Harley.
Stats- This +2 great sword has a 2% chance to freeze the opponent

Morridin’s Sword
Morridin was the subject of many a joke about his sword. Many jested that such a little man could not wield such a large sword. However those who laughed didn’t laugh long or ever again due to the deadly accuracy and deftness with which he handled his sword.
stats- This +2 greatsword is +3 against medium sized one.

Kresselack’s Sword
Kresselack, the barbarian king, once wielded this sword to aid him in his conquest of the northern lands. It is not known, however, how he originally acquired the weapon. Most scholars believe Kresselack simply found the weapon in one of his many conquests. However, rumors do persist that the sword was the creation of some powerful wizard and was commissioned by Kresselack himself, in violation of tribal law. The truth of the matter will never be known.
Stats- This +1 Two handed Broad Sword gives 10% cold resistance.



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