Gauntlets of Valor
An extremely valuable magic item on its own, the Gauntlets of valor is part of one of only three remaining Power Arms made by the elven archmages of Myth Drannor. The devices were crafted for use by champions defending the ancient elven city on the rare occasion when it was in danger. This eternally shining gauntlet represents a pinnacle of elven craftsmanship and enchantment. Adventures and ambitious villains across the Realm yearn to find the location of all pieces of the Power Arms.
Stats- These +1 Spiked Gauntlet has a 12% chance to Stun the target for 1 round, 3/day can inflict an extra 3D6 damage. Immunity to any spells with similar effects of Charm, Sleep or Hold.

Gauntlets of Weapon skill
These magical gauntlets aid the wearer in the use of weapons. Even an unfamilar weapon may be used with some skill.
Stats- +1 to Attack.

Great Wyrm Gauntlets
These bulky gauntlets were stiched from the flesh of a great wyrm slain many season ago. The slayer, known only as Redshadow, was a dragon disciple, rumored to be the child of the slain dragon. Their epic battle thundered across the skies over the Dragonfire Mountains. When the great wyrm fell the ground shook in outrage. Readshadow made these powerful gauntlets and wore them till her own death at which point they disappeared, becoming just another part of the legend lost to time…
stats- 4 dexterity, +6 to attack, deals an extra 2D6 fire damage

Gauntlets of Crushing
A foreigner from the east who went by the name of Floating Bear became well known through the Sword Coast. Unarmed and unarmored he bested many owerful unarmed warriors. One night, in the arms of a lady of the night he whispered his secret. His martial arts training were supplemented by te thing gauntlets he wore, which allowed him to hit mo accurately and with harder punches than bare fits would normally allow. The women stole his gloves and took the next boat out. Floating Bear soon left, reuturning to his homeland.
Stats- +4 to all fist attacks, and an extra 4 points of damage

Gauntlets of Rending
These leather gloves give the user the ability to use his hands like claws. When the wearer attacks a foe with his hands, long black talons lance forth from the fingers of the gauntlets and allow the user to rake an opponent for additional slashing damage. When the wearer is not attacking, the talons recede back into the gauntlets…although they seem to do so relectuantly.
These +1 Claw Gauntlet deals an extra 7 damage every time it scores a critical hit

Gauntlets of Teeth
These gauntlets have had many names over the centuries, such as Gauntlets of Hunger, Gloves of Greed or among the stupidest, the Gnashing Gloves. The Githzerai called them ‘they-which-devour’ and believed them to be an aritfiaction fashioned by the Slaadi. The most common name for this item is ‘The Gauntlets of Teeth’ the exact creature from which the bones originates form is unknown. Nonetheless, when the nature of the gloves is revealed, their power awakens as soon as they are used in combat. When the user punches an enemy, the bone exterior of the gloves peal back to reveal several rows of teeth. These teeth sink greedily into the foe’s body.
These cursed 2 Spiked Gauntlets deal an extra 1D81 damage. They also do an additional 1D2 damage for every crit.

Shards of Fate
These gauntlets have been created from special crystals found only on the planes of Baator. When struck by these gauntlets, the crystals will shatter into thousands of pierces.
These Fist Shields can 1/user deal 1d100 points of damage per fist and 1D10 to the wielder. Only usable once

Gauntlets of Dexterity: The Brawling Hands
This pair of Gauntlets was likely developed in Kara-Tur to aid masters of the martial arts. Legends speak of such masters from the Far East bringing these items with them on their journeys, though details remain sketchy.
Stats- Dex set to 18

Gauntlets of Elven Might
These slender steel gauntlets were crafted by the elven smith Idrial Ashleaf and enchanted by his brother, Beldan. The pair gave the gauntlets to their cousin, Galain, when he alone returned from a failed quest to destroy a venerable green dragon in the forest of what are now known as Amn. The three elves made a pact to avenge their kin in ten years time. The subsequent adventures of the trio were immortalized in Merador of Waterdeep’s epic “Three Avengers” ballads. The songs, sixteen in number, tell of all the adventures that the group went on. From the Ballad of the Goblin King to the Ballad of Green Night, every deed is retold. Unfortunately the history of Galain’s gauntlets end with the final bards of Green Night. The rest is shrouded in mystery
stats- These +1 Gauntlets gives +1 to Saving Throws, and increase your strength to 21

Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization
These rarest of gauntlets are highly sought after by duelists, warriors and fighters of all kinds
Stats- Adds an extra attack per round, +1 to attack, an extra 2 points of damage.

Gauntlets of Ogre Power:
While these magical items have been around for thousands of years, their popularity never seems to decrease. Recently, a party of adventures out of Calimshan uncovered a vast treasure trove, filled with magical items like these. The suddenly influx of magical gauntlets does not seem to have decreased their value, as every adventure across the land clamors for the assistance of these useful artifacts.
Stats- +2 to Strength

The Hands of Takkok
The hands of Takkok were exactly that, his very hands. He lost them when he attacked a strange man crossing the Spine of the World. The mysterious man turned out to be a mage of incredible power, and he used Takkok’s hands to create this pair of ogre skin gauntlets.
Stats- Strength set to 18

Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise: Legacy of the Masters
Highly sought after among novice warriors, these items were once the property of the royal family of Threskel Highly sought after among novice warriors, these items were once the property of the royal family of Threskel. Imparting a portion of the prince’s legendary skill, these gauntlets grant the bearer mastery over all forms of melee weapons. The majority of their many previous owners seem to have come to bloody ends though; the gloves grant the ability of experience, not the wisdom
Stats- +1 to attack and +2 damage bonus

Gauntlets of Weapon Skill: Xarrnous Second Sword Arm
Perhaps the most well known owner of these gauntlets was a mercenary named Xarrnous. He specialized in smuggling, frequently loaned these gauntlets to clients if were to travel with him. In his eyes, an extra sword arm was always handy.
Stats- +1 bonus to attack.

Fist of the North
“A warm heart hidden by a cold exterior is the sign of a true warrior”- Yang Tsung, Monk of the Cali Fist Order
stats- Cold Resistance 5, deals 1 cold damage on unarmed strikes.

Gloves of Infernal Damnation
Cursed by a malefic priestess of Beshaba, goddess of bad luck, these hard black leather gloves affix themselves to whoever tries them on. Despite the extremely nasty nature of the gloves, wealthy adventurers sometimes buy the distinctive gauntlets to place in their treasure hordes, waiting for a greedy thief to try them on.
Stats- Shroud of Flame on the wearer
User- Ingus….clever girl.

Flaming Gloves
Known more for his flamboyant personality than his fighting technique, Glassun Moss represented everything most monks hate. He was impulsive, driven to acts of charity, followed by acts of extreme cruelty. He was lustful, talkative and boastful. Why he became a monk, no one really knew, except that he liked to fight with his hands. One night, in a drunken brawl, Moss lit his hands on fire. Despite the pain, he was so pleased with the fear in his opponent’s eyes; he sought these legendary gloves for the rest of his life.
Stats- +2 to attack, deals 2 fire damage, Flame Lash 1/day

Gauntlets of Fury
This single wrought iron gauntlet was wrought by a former student of Laeral Silverhand Arunsun who joined the Red Wizard of Thay when he turned to evil. An invisible but tangible field of force continuously surrounds the wearer, providing a bonus similar to a mage armor spell. Once per day, the wearer can also cast a few magic spells.
Stats- +2 to AC, Isaac’s Greater Missile Storm 1/day, Greater Magic Missile 1/day, Magic Missile 1/day.



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