Light Flails

The Skirling Skull
The Skirling Skull, thought to be of deep gnome manufacture, is a flail of notably unusual design: a three-foot long wooden shaft topped with a stone head carved to resemble a skull and crowned wit ha long, glimmering shards of impossibly hard crystal. When the enchanted crystals strike an object they vibrate and emits a keening wail-these unnatural harmonics can rend magical auras and dispel whatever sorcery surrounds the target. The same ringing tone also has a chance of deafening the target wielder both.
Stats- This +3 double headed light flail has a 50% of casting dispel magic, 66% chance to deafen a target, 25% to deafen the wielder, if wielded by a deaf character deals an extra 1d8 damage. IF the wail is used, 1/day it can make all targets within 30 feet have a 33% of being silenced.

Pustule’s Flail of Boils
Purstule the Sick is one half of the due that makes up the skilled torturers at the Servered Hand. He is a half-orc who is about as bright as a failing candle and unkempt as a homeless goblin living in an overused sewer. Those who have met Pustule the Sick feel an unquenchable urge to immediately bathe because of his disturbingly filthy and disease covered state. Even Pustule’s weapon of choice, a large, grotesque flail, secrets filth and disease. Pustule’s Flail of Boils does not have a clean spot anywhere. Every square inch is covered with weeping sores and green tinted muck. This probably explains why whenever Pustle the sick uses his flail in battle, the disease that covers both him and the weapon transfer to the victim of the flail’s impact. And, if by some extrodinary reason the recipent of the flail’s furty does not get diseased, then they will surely get poisoned. Never has a weapon so perfectly matched its wielder as Pustule’s Flail of Boils. Its almost as if he was born with it….maybe he was.
Stats- This +5 5 headed cursed wedge flail has a 15% chance of casting the spell Contagion, 5% of Dolurous Decay, will poison opponents (2 points of damage for six rounds, Fortitude save 19, after six rounds they must make a second fortitude save or be poisoned for an additional three rounds).

Flail of Veranon, Deamon’s BReath
Veranon is a priest long forgotten by time. Some say he was human, others demi-human, and still others claim he was of demonic origin, no one knows for sure. The only surviving clue to his identity can be found in his flail. Veranon’s Flail is a vile looking weapon. The haft is crafted from jet black onyx with pulsating red core. Firey ruines writhe along the length of the haft, almost as if they have a mind of their own. The haft is capped with a pommel stone, a blood red garnet. The weapon sports two heads, each with the visage of an unknown but demonic looking creature. Th eyes of the heads glow red and a sulpherous oder seems to emanate from the mouths. The heads appeaer to be crafted from lumps of coal, and yet are as hard as steel. This weapon can only be wield by those of evil alignment. IN the hands of such an individual, Veranon’s Flail has been known to immolate its intended target. Otherwise it acts as any other flail.
Stats- This +5 two headed light flail deals 1d6 extra fire damage with a 10% chance (per head) of dealing an extra 1d10 damage. Fire resistance 10, lets you use Smite Good 1/day

Chains of Rightous Strength
These chains also bound Rao during her imprisonment, and serve as a belt in combination with the flail. If worn on their own, they give you an extra +1 to Vitality. IF used in combination with the Shackles of Rao, you can cast Shatter 1/day

Black Chimes of the Bell Warden
This flail is compassed of an iron rod with three holly metal tubes secured to it by thin black iron chains. When held, the chimes ring together, as if stirred by the wind and no amount of padding or wrapping seems to silence the flail’s chiming. When swung in combat, the chimes clash like thunder, having a chance to deafen anybody struck by it. This weapon is all that remains of Slow Cedric’s Gallop, a small frontier settlement located in Southern Pass of the Spine of the World Mountains. The settlement is believed to have been overrun by a tribe of orcs in the great winter of 1170 DR, and when the cold season passed, the settlement and the bodies of the townsfolk have been buried beneath great mountains of snow. When the first travelers braved the pass in the spring, they found only the top of the settlement’s great stone bell tower peeking through the mountainous drifts. This odd-looking flail was found lying upon the tower’s bloodied stone floor, surrounded by the frost-dusted bodies of several dead orcs. According to the tales, the Black Chimes were a symbol of office of the settlement’s Bell Warden, whose duty was two-fold, to ring the warning bell when an enemy was sighted in the pass, and after the warning bell had been run, to defend the pass with his life. It is believed the first Bell Warden of Slow Cedric’s Gallop was the original creator of the Black Chimes, an enchanted flail that would ring to warn the town of danger at the same time as he leapt into battle against his foes.
Stats- This +5 two headed bar flail has 50% of Deafening the opponent, gives immunity to the spell Power Word Silence and Silence, counts as +6 against orcs. -1 to move silently. 25% of ignoring al armor or shield bonuses, inflicts 1 additional point of damage per round for 10 rounds (fortitude save DC 15). Deals 1D6 extra damage against creatures who require a magical weapon to hit them.

The Shackles of Rao
Lady Roa was a woman thrice betrayed. First by her lord father, who married her to Duke Sorim for political gain despite knowing that he would relentlessly torment young Roa. Second by her abusive husband the duke, who planted assassins among her handmaidens…when Rao visited her dearest brother Remin- a powerful baron- the assassins murdered him as he slept and so his lands passed to the duke. The third and final betrayal was at the hands of her sisters Rana, who longed to take the duke, his riches, and eventually the royal crown, for her own. Rana entwined herself in a plot with Duke Sorim to slay the king, discredit the true heir as his bastard child Roa, and thereby steal the throne. Roa, still less than sixteen summers old, was bound with a ball and chain, then cast into the duke’s infamous dungeons to await the completion of her husbands and sister’s terrible scheme. She sobbed and moaned day and night, her voice echoing through the keep’s halls. The duke soon grew incensed at her constant wailing and sent one of his Ducal Guard to beat little Roa into silence. When the man arrived at the cell, he struck her across the face, shoved her to the ground and made to kick her at her belly-but quick as that, Rao sprung up and strangled the man to death with her changes. Moments later, the willowy young girls burst into the duke’s court and attack him savagely. His guards pelted her with bolts from their crossbows, but onwards she charged. When she reached the Ducal Thrones she tossed Sorim’s champion aside like a broken doll, swinging the iron ball of her shackles with such strength that it stove in the shocked duke’s thrive-enchanted breastplate of meteoric iron, driving shards of shattered ribs into his lungs and heart and killing him instantly. No one is clear as to how the tale ends- some say that Rao then expired on the spot, her chest and back bristling with bolts, while others describe how her sister Rana leapt up and killed her wit ha dagger…a few optimistic souls even claim that Roa lived and spent the rest of her days in peaceful bliss. Whatever the case, her shackles remain as a testament to her story. The chains of Roa’s shackles have been looped and wound together in such a way that one can wield them as a flail. Crudely etched into the soft iron of the ball are the words “In Righteousness Lies my Strength”
stats- This +3 chain flail has a 33% chance of giving the wielder a +2 bonus to strength for the next two hours, 50% chance of dealing double damage. 1/day you can give yourself a +4 to Strength for 1 hour (yes that means you can get a +6 to your strength if you are lucky)

Skull flail
Skull flail or “The Flail of the Teeth” as it is more commonly known, was constructed in 1035 DR for the barbarian warlord Wychgar. During a battle in the northern wastes which because known as Hallowed Pass, Wychagar lost his three brothers to the orc army led by Kraag the Mighty. Wychgar was distraught and during away for proper burial. He stumbled across them and was visible by the brother’s spirited who who were trapped between land of the living and the land of the dead. Unable to help them leave he had their souls stored in the flail with the help of a shaman. The three heads of the flail are his brother’s skulls, which are attached to the shaft by silver chains. The three skull-heads grin maniacally at their new life. When the flail is used in combat the threee heads bite the target, tearing and rendering flesh.
Stats- This +4 three headed light flail deals 1D4 extra damage per skull. 10% chance to deal an extra 1D6

The High Inquisitor of Auril was a bitterly cold woman with a penchant for crushing her enemies skulls with her magical flail. This diabolical fetish led her to hunt for better, more effective weapons, until she found the Foundation mace. Armed with the ultimate mace, the inquisitor led her troops in an attack on a clan of ogres who refused to work for her army. While the flail destroyed many ogres, it disappeared along with its owners, when she was taunted into following an ogre mage into the caverns the ogres called home
Stats- This +8 light flail will knock on hit (Reflex DC 22)

Forged by the dark priests of Akhana, Mistress of death, Doombringer harness the terrible wrath of the Mother of Darkness within its steel frame. Any unfortunate enough to fall under its path rarely live to regret it…
Stats- This +1 Light flail 50% stun (DC 14) 2 rounds, immunity to Spell Drain effects

Misery’s Herald
This flail was consecrated by priests of the great orc god Grumush for use against the various elven and dwarven foes that his armies fought against. It was held by the high priest of the Bone Legion until he fell while leading his people against the elven forces at the Hand of the Seldarine. The flail is simple in design. The shaft is crafted to resemble an elven femur, wrapped in tanned elf skin. A stout chain connects the shaft to a spiked ball. The entire creation is forged out of meteoric iron. It is a testament to the potential of orc craftsmanship.
Stats- This +3 light flail is +4 if used against elves or wielded by an orc. If used by an orc against an elf, it is +5. 10% chance of causing Horror on hits.

Eberond’s Flail
Eberond, a late commander for the Zhentarim, formed an elite mercenary band of spellcasting warriors to pillage the ruins of Myth Drannor. To protect his men from hostile magic, he outfitted them with these spell-resisting flails. Despite the gifts and payment, the men had no intention of entering Myth Drannor, and instead after slaying him, traveled to Calimshan to retire off the sale of their weapons
Stats- This +2 light flail gives Spell Resistance 14

Flail of Destruction
If J’elnyio of the Anvil had created just a few of these powerful weapons he might have enjoyed a natural death. Instead he produced as many as he could hoping to shift the balance against evil in the world. The problem, of course, is that his efforts eventually drew attention from the very evil the flails were designed to fight, and balanced was restored. However thousands of flails have been given out to paladins.
Stat- This +2 light flail deals 1D6 fire damage, and triple damage against Evil Outsiders

Heirs of Osiris
Items from the Old Empires are difficult to catalog, because they deal with events unknown to much of Faerun. For example, these flails may date from the Orcgate Wars and the killing of the deity Osiris. At the moment of the god’s death his avatar fell also, shattering his weapons. When Osiris was resurrected, each piece of that broken flail supposedly became a diluted duplicate of the original, though none of this can be proven
Stats- This +1 light flail is +4 against undead

Writ of the Vizier
Created by Bertrand the Helper, these weapons saw use in many regal courts, throughout the turn of the last century, though there is little in the way of documentation. They are the tools of the trusted deputy or valued assistant; the person who wields power behind the scenes. Neither the advisor nor the advised generally wish such a relationship known, so these items are usually kept a jealous secret.
Stats- This +1 light Flail gives a +3 bonus to Sincerity, 50% Fear/2 rounds (DC 14)

Heavy Flail
Flail of Mae.
A gift to the cruel warrior, Elded the Desecrator, this flail appears to be mundane in most respects. The only unusual thing about the construction of the weapons I the fact that its head is made from solid granite. Eleb was champion of the evil races, and he defended them whenever the races in question had enough gold to spare. One such group of evildoers was a group of maedar and medusae that paid Eled with this fail. Eleb used the weapon with frightening efficiency for the rest of his days.
Stats- This +4 flail, 5% of Flesh to Stone on target, immunity to Flesh to stone

Flail of the Ages
This flail has up to five heads, and its strength varies on how many are attached. This flail has been in the care of Lord Arnise for some time, a relic of his adventuring youth. It has been kept disassembled, the individual pieces stored in separate locations, and only used in the directest of emergencies. Lord Arnise was likely concerned about the powerful magic that the weapon radiated when compiled and rightfully so. A trial of destruction has followed it throughout history, leading straight back to the original owners. The Flail was the creation of the warlike Rakshasa, a race of vengeful spirits that crave human meat, and used an adaptable weapon that could suit any battle. During a particularly violent hunt the flail was lost, only to be returned when they sued their affinity for magic to locate its powerful aura. They discovered that the weapon had found its way into the hands of a great human warrior and the battle that followed was truly splendid. The have since used the items as bait countless times, “losing it” again and again. Powerful items gravitate towards powerful people, and powerful people yield the most glorious battles. With the addition of the Fifth and final head to this weapon created by the evil Rakshasa race the true potential of the Flail of Ages is finally realized.
Stats- This +5 five headed flail that inflicts 5D6 +2 acid, fire, cold electrical and poison damage (so 1D6 +2 per flail head). It also grants the wielder 5% magic resistance and the constant effect of Free Action.

The quick-witted warrior Seldon Mirai was known for his cool demeanor and his light-hearted comment in the midst of trying circumstances. He was especially well known for his lack of fear of the undead. He considered undead to be, in his words, ‘Unoriginal, tired old jokes” After the hundredth skeleton” he would say “what’s to be afraid of? They all march at you like horses to water, and you just hack them down one at a time. I’m supposed to be scared of that?” He would wade into tombs with his trusted flail and smash apart any undead that he found, joking all the way. Eventually, Seldon’s lack of respect for the necromantic arts earned him an enemy in the form of Tiron, a lich of no small power. Tiron captured Seldon and paralyzed him, letting a group of skeletons beat him to death. Seledon’s friends after killing the lich, raised form the dead. He was not as light-hearted about the walking dead after that.
Stats- This +4 heavy flail deals double damage until undead

Defender of Easthaven.
This flail was created a century ago to commemorate the defeat of the devil Balhifet. It was meant to always remain within the town of Easthaven to remind the people of the great evil that had been barely defeated.
Stats- This +3 heavy flail gives a +1 bonus to AC and 20% resistance to slashing, piercing and blunt damage.

The chaotic nature of the denizens of the elemental Plane of Fire has led to an increased interest in these icy weapons. Despite the dangers of handling such weapons, the increased damage makes reavers perfect for assassinating rivals. Merchants who travel the planes have made massive fortunes smuggling the much-coveted flails
Stats- This +8 flail deals an extra 2D6 cold damage, double damage to Fire creatures.

Asp Flail
Even more frightening than this weapon’s power in battle are the tales told by the survivors of its attack. Witness claim that on impact an asp was seen to snake from the flail and add its venomous fangs to the weapon’s strike.
Stats- This +1 flail deals an extra 1D6 acid damage, immunity to snake venom.

Flail of Jergal
Jergal was a depraved man who hated life and everything it entailed. Assembling a small army of like-minded mercenaries, he planned to sweep across Faerun with weaponry that inflicted disease and curses upon their victims. Though the campaign started well, it ended quickly when one of the men caught Jergal’s foul disease. Within day, Jergal and other were dead.
Stats- This +3 flail deals an extra 1D6 cold against Good

Devil’s Bane
This is Valen’s Flail, its duel spiked heads carved from a black bone like material that is extremely cold to the touch. The weapon was with Valen throughout the many years that he spent in the Abyss fighting the Blood Wars…it specializes in dealing death to devils and other outsiders, but is still very effective against other opponents. Even if Valen was to be given another weapon, he would not relinquish this one
Stats- This +3 keen duel flail is +5 against outsiders, deals an extra 1D10 on crits
User- Valen

Flail of Stars
A disciple of Alaundo supposedly crafted these exquisite flails, and bards/sages agree that his intention was to craft a weapon for every star in every constellation. Whether he succeeded or not is still undecided.
Stats-This +2 war flail deals an extra 1D6 electrical damage and slow 75% 1 round (DC14)

A performer with the Circus of the Rose, Kintharsta offered a challenge to any member of the audiences; to trade blows, their weapon versus his, until he or they conceded. He offered good odds and had many takers, but few could have hoped to win, thanks to the magic of his flail. He was paranoid of being caught without it, and had several copies crafted. Ironically, he was caught with the ringmaster’s wife in the one situation he went unarmed, and was murdered with his flail just out of reach.
Stats- This +2 flail can cast Mirror Image 1/day, 50% Blindness/2round (DC 14)



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