False Teeth


Fiend’s Teeth
These teeth are short, dull, and radiate a feeling of unease. They appear to have been taken from a fiend of the lower planes, but their exact origin is unknown. Using the teeth grants the wearer certain benefits normally possessed only by fiends.
Stats- Raises Strength to 21, Deals 1D6 crushing damage, Fire/Electricity/poison resistance 5, Cold Resistance 10
User: Ignus

Teeth of the Fire Drake
These teeth look more like lumps of charred bone than actual teeth. Although their orgin is unknown, it can be deduced that they were taken by some fire breathing creature. Using the teeth grants the wearer certain benefits normally possessed by such creatures.
Stats- Deal 1D6+1 Slashing damage, an extra 1D8 fire damage, and gives the wielder immunity to Fire.
User: Boydon

Teeth of the Viper
These teeth appear to be a set of hollow fangs, much like those of a viper. Although lnog removed from their original host, the teeth will drip poison from their sharp tips.
Stats- Deals 1D8+1 piercing damage and makes the wielder immune to poison. Can inflict poison that will drain 1D2 Strength from the target for 7 rounds, Fortitude save (DC 18)
User- Nameless One.

Ingrees Teeth
This is a handful of Ingress living teeth. Apparently they didn’t want to go through the portal to her home plane. They rattle amongst themselves whenever the yare held close together, they remind you of a bunch of creepy ivory hopping bugs.
Stats- 1d6 +3 Crushing damage, 1D6 +2 Piercing Damage, deals an extra 1D6 damage, fortitude save (DC 13) or Paralyzed for 3 rounds
User- Morte


False Teeth

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