False Eyes


Wooden Eye
Something about this wooden eye is creeping you out. You wonder how many pirates it belonged to
Stats: Sleep 1/day

Angle-Less Eye
At first glance, this glass eye seems a poor replacement for a real one. However, when inserted into an empty eye socket facing inwards, it power awakens. Although the ye dulls the wearer to color and sights, it increases his awareness of angles and shapes, giving the wearer greater accuracy with weapons and giving him a greater chance of dodging incoming missile attacks. Furthermore, mechanical traps stand out to the wearer’s vision, making it easier to spot and disarm them. The user becomes more vulnerable to crushing attacks, however- some of the fragility of the glass eye seems to be transferred to its wearer.
Stats- +1 to AC against ranged, – 1 to AC against Crushing, +5 to Detect Trap, +1 to Attack
User- Morte

Eye of the Restless One
See Eye of Vecna Planescape
Stats- Doubles all 1st and 2nd level spells, +3 to Wisdom, +3 to Intelligence, +4 save vs. Death Magic, Magic Resistance 35%
User: Nameless One

The Hollow Eye
See Nameless One
Stats- – 3 to Spirit and Wisdom, doubles all 1st and second level spells, immunity to all 9th level spells.
User: Ignus

Kaleidoscopic Eye
This shimming jewel is actually the corpse of a radiance spirit from the Upper Plane of Elysium. When these creatures pass away, they leave their shimmering husks behind. These husks are often mistaken for jewels or semi-precious stones. Their essences is still that of harmony and goodness, and they can only be employed by a creature whose heart is filled with good intentions. The kaleidoscopic eye can either be wielded in in the hand or placed in an empty eye stocked, depending on whether its owner wishes to use it for defense or offense. When held, the user may summon its power to harass ambient light, twist it, then turn it against his enemies. When placed in the owner’s eye socket, the eye grafts itself to the wearer’s skull and help shield its new owner. It absorbs a portion of the energies from incoming attacks and provides proof against all manner of magical attacks.
Stats- +1 bonus to all saving throws, +1 to save vs. spell, magic resistance 5%, Chromatic Orb 1/day, Good creatures only
User- Morte

Fiendish Eye of Kalem’Darr (minor Artifact)
A well-known and respected fiend from the Lower Planes, Kalem’Darr was a member of the fated faction in Sigil. His business were spread far and wide, and it was said he had a glittering touch, for every enterprise he undertook was successful. He planned carefully, took few risks and proposed. Occasionally, he was forced to collected on debts-which could be a bloody undertaking, but in the end, he always received his payments. One days, one of the debtors came to Kalem’Darr and told him could not settle his debt with coin, but would provide something of greater worth, if the fiend was interested. The man was a hedge wizard of little power, but he claimed he knew the ways of blessing a businessman’s eye so that no opportunity would ever escape his sight. Kalem’Darr, both greedy and intrigued, agreed to accept the enchantment as payment. It worked…too well, as perhaps the wizard had intended. Kalem’Darr’s enchanted eye soon saw opportunities EVERYWHERE. Too many to be exploited, and many others the fiend did not know HOW to take advantage of it all. What his “blessed” eye saw, his hands made broken- every opportunity he tried to take advantage of, his ineptitude managed. His business fell apart, his financial empire crumbled. He soon found himself in debt to his fellows, who had little sympathy for their former competitor. Kalem’Darr, unable to bear his reversal of fortune, finally plucked the offending eyeball from his socket and placed it within a cube of glass upon his mantle-piece. Then one day…the eye simply vanished. It is said the eyeball itself saw a better opportunity as a free agent, but this has never been proven. When placed within an empty eye socket, not only does the fiendish eye grant the wearer a trace of Kalem’s Darr fiendish immunities, it also grants the wearer a bonus to their dealings with others, allowing them to thread their way through a conversation and take what they need. Still, the blinding array of opportunities the eye represents to the wearer blinds him to the opportunities he does take, reducing how much he learns from his experiences.
Stats- +2 to Charisma, 5% resistance to Fire (double for magic fire), Gas, cold (double for magic cold) 1 wisdom.


False Eyes

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