Essence Gem


Gem of Unyielding Strength
This gem makes its wielder capable of great physical feats that are normally only possible with years of training. The sudden improvement to the user’s physical abilities disrupts the inner balance, however, and so the gem also siphons essence from its wielders spiritual and mental capabilities, weakining those aspects to fuel the wearer’s body.
Stats- +10 to Vigor, -5 to Mind and Insight

Gem of Inner Genius
This gem imparts great wisdom and mental abilities unto its wearer, but it teaches a leson of its own: the great and sudden power is only available at a great price. The Wielder’s mental capacity is greatly strengthened, but at the cost of his or her physical and spiritual abilities
stats- Mind +10, -5 to Stamina and Will

Gem of the Infinite Spirit
A powerful spirit usually takes decades to attain, but this gem offers ambitious seekers a short cut to that lofty goal. The gem empowers its wearer’s spiritual energy by imbalance the user’s physical and mental abilities.
Stats- +10 to Will, -5 to Endurance, and Reason

Superior Charm Gem
This gem surrounds the user in an aura of vitality that people find irresistible, making people seem them as naturally superior
stats- +5 to Charm.

Superior Intuition Gem
This gem enhances the user’s intuition, enabling the wearer to feel out the lines of fate connecting each thing in the world.
Stats- +5 to Intuition

Intimidation Gem
This gem surrounds the user in an aura of menace and power that people find intimidating. This gem is of superior quality.
Stats- Intimidation +5

Gem of Purpose
The key to getting what one wants it so to first know what it is and what it takes to get it. This sense of purpose empowers the truly strong. A clarity of purpose and the willingness to commit everything to see it come to fruition are hallmarks of one who commands fate.
Stats- +1 to Vigor, Mind, and Will.

Gem of Struggle
Every worthwhile goal requires hardship and struggle. A victory gained with ease means nothing. The struggle defines the worth of a goal. A true step on the path to power demands it. Only one who would seize and command his fate knows that true struggle is. The lives of those lost along this path to power aid those who would follow in their footsteps
stats- +2 to Vigor, Will, and Reason, Closed Fist Only

Gem of Mastery
The goal of every struggle, no matter what its initial justification, is dominance. Power over others and over fate will determine the true outcome of everything . This gem helps focus that mastery of destiny into pure strength for the wielder’s body, mind, and spirit
stats- +3 to Vitality, Insight, and Mind.

Gem of Unity
To find true unity, one must set aside one’s egotism and know that all are one. The shared fate of the entire Empire matters, not that of the individual. The Strength and sacrifices of the Empires greatest heros empowers those who would tap the power of this gem
stats- +3 to Grace, Personality, and Perception. Open Palm

Brilliant Gem of Balance
No matter what a peron’s path in life, fate, destiny, and human desire decide how fare one goes. Whether on a pace of peace or of power, the will must exist in balance with the needs of the body, mind, and soul. When all are one, then true mastery can be achieved. This gem allows the wearer to balance the forces within, strengthening the whole.
Stats- +3 to Grace, Agility, and Cunning

Scintillating Gem of Power
When one is at peace, one can achieve a form of transcendence. The goal of every true master and every true scholar is to surpass the physical form and unite one with one’s own spirit. In that moment of ranscendence, all limits fall away and a person can perform at levels never before thought possible.
Stats- +5 to Stamina, Presence, and Focus

The Eye of the Demon
Rumored to be the eye of a great demon lord who fell from his place in the Celestial Bureaucracy, this great gem channels its wearer’s dark intentions into an immense inner power, fueling the wielder’s dark deems from within
stats- +6 to Vitality, Vigor, and Stanima and grants Demon Skin (5% chance of making the enemy get the damage of its own attack) Non Open Palm

The Eye of the Dragon
The eye of the Dragon is a gem of heros and figure of legend. Tales claim that the gem is, indeed, the eye of a great Dragon of heaven, long since burned from living memory. The Gem gives its user the power of great warriors of the pasts, but it bestows the same obligation with which they lived: to be a great hero and champion all people.
Stats- +6 to Wits, Acumen, and Focus, Celestial Aura has a 5% chance of allowing you make a counter attack on a wielder.

Burning Essence
Burning Essence Channels elemental flame to sharpen the mind of its wearer and to strengthen the ability to channel chi. Unlike similar gems that channel elemental fire, this essence gem burns with all aspects of the flame, both creative and destructive. It may be used regardless of the wearers philosophy
stats- +3 to Vigor and Endurance

Gem of Black Flame
Furty and rage will render a warrior helpless unless directed and turned to a purpose. This gem channels infused the wearer’s mind and spirit with the flame of their angers, burning aways weakness until only strength remains.
Stats- +3 to Stamina and Vitality, Closed Fist Only

Gem of Pure Flame
Flame can destroy, it can also purify. Burning with inner fire and zeal, users of this gem find themselves more focused in battle and better able to tap their spirit’s reserves.
Stats- +3 to Agility and Cunning

Gem of Earth Power
Tearing winds and coursing waters test their strength, but the mountains endure. Wearers of this gem gain some of this strength, their bodies harden by its magic.
Stats- +5 to Vitality

The Mournful Soul
The grandfather River flows through the Empire, taking with it a tale of years too long for human memory. Sailors of merchant vessels on the river speak of the ghost of a woman crying out in agony. She had been named the Grandfather’s Daughter. Only once has she come ashore, and legends say she left behind a single tear in the form of a gem. Every single owner of that gem, as the legends go, has felt her pain and sorrow throughout his life, his body wracked by pain and his mind and spirit made sharper by clarity.
Stats- 5 to Endurance, +3 to Reason and Insight

The Wanderer’s Jewel.
A musician who traveled the breadth of the Empire was once the owner of this gem. He carried it with him for years. His fame spreads ahead of him, and he was welcomed in all corners of the Empire. No one knows what became of him, for Imperial Edict erased his legacy for crimes unknown. Surely, despite his other obvious strengths, he must have committed some folly that secured his downfall.
Stats- -5 to Reason, +3 to Personality

The Closed Fist
A master of the Closed Fist is a force that changes the face of destiny to suit his will. Those who seek the ways of powers will always remember such strength of purpose. A fearsome force in body and spirit, this path brooks no deviation. The slightest weakness in a master of this caliber will be his downfall. Those who change fate accept no failings. Stats+ 10 to Vigor, +5 to Will, Closed Fist Mastery

The Open Palm
In accordance with one’s own spirit and the way of the Heavens, the Open Palm is at peace with nature. This ultimate harmony gives mastery over one’s self and attunement with the flow of fate
stats- +10 to Vitality and +5 to Insight, Open Palm Mastery

Divine Radiance
One of the reasons behind the formation of the Order of the Lotus was the potential influence of a rising priesthood. The personal magnetism and radiance of the Priestess Wu Lin made her an object desire and near-worship throughout the Empire. In the hands of one with less devotions to the Empire, these powers of persuasions could have had disastrous effect on the balance of power in the land. For this reason, members of the Order of the Lotus wore featureless mask so that their physical blessing would not give them too much power.
Stats- +8 to Charm, -3 to Intimidation, -3 to Intuition

Sixth Sense
Never has a man or woman had greater fortune than a lowly farmer named Jun Bin. His mother gave him an amulet on the day of his birth, and he only removed it at the end of his life. He never knew misfortune and, indeed, could not understand it when others tried to explain it to him. He was kind of distracted, neither loved nor hated. The evils and ills of the world just never touched him, as if he was always in exactly the right place to avoid danger and harm. Such goes against the order of the Heavens, though, and the one time he removed this amulet, the Heavens struck him down.
Stats- +8 to Intuition, -3 to Charm and Intimidation.

Strong Arm
Protector Lo Wan was an enforcer for an openly secret society that offered protection to merchants and citizens throughout the Empire. In return for regular payments, the surprising number of accidents that occurred were greatly reduced. Coincidentally, these accidents that occurred were greatly reduced. Coincidentally, these accidents often occurred in the presence of Protector Lo Wan, and he became very persuasive in getting more buisiness for his organizatin. As his star rose, so did his tastes. His penchant for guady jewelry eventually led to his acquiring this gem, and, at the time of his death at the hand of a crowd of angry merchants, some of his skills was imprinted in its.
Stats- +8 to Intimidation, -3 to Charm, -3 to Intuition.

The Bronze Tongue
Often used by magicians and charlatans, this gem gives the wielder persuasive skills that could make a man sell the shirt off his back for a pittance. Speaking with eas in any role, the wielder finds the heart of other malleable and easily swayed, but particuarly skilled individuals can see past its magic.
Stats- +4 to Charm, Intuition, and Intimidation

The Silver Tongue
May famouse and influential member of the Imperial Court have a gem like the Silver Tongue, which lends powers to their lies and bargains in their games of power and influence. One must use care with Silver Tongue, however, because even the mos silvered tongue can be plucked from its owner’s mouth.
Stats- +6 to Persuade, Charm, and Diplomancy

The Golden Tongue
the treacherous advisor to the great Emperor Sun Jin ordered the Order of the Lotus to construct this gems. The gem gave the advisor nearly unparalleled manipulative powers, but in the end the powerful Emperor’s own skills of persuasion put his ambitious adviser in his place.
Stats- +8 to Charm, Sense Motive, and Sincerity

The Soft Petal
In the reign of the Empress Sun Lin, arts flourished, especially dancing and poetry. The Empresses surrounded herself with beautiful young women (if you know what I mean), masters in their respective art forms. The most admired and most talked about was the dancer called the Divine Rose. When the Empress life was cut short, the Divine Rose was heartbroken and wept for days, dying from grief shortly thereafter. Legends say that her tears of grief are what gave power to this gem, imbuing it both with her grief and her passion.
Stats- +5 to Charm, +1 to Grace, and +1 to Cunning

Gem of Irresistible Spirit
This gem exposes the inner strength and virtue of the user to all, awing them with his true nature. Only the most peace with themselves can use this gem, for others will see their own flaws reflected back at them.
Stats- +2 to Mediate, +2 to Presence, Open Palm Only

Gem of Seductive Power
Power of negotiable virtue can often be overwhelming in their advances. No small thanks for tha go to this gem. Nicknamed, “A women’s Best Friend”, it gives the user power a courtesan would kill for. All are drawn to the power and passion of the wielder, doing his or her decadent bidding
stats- +2 to Bluff and Presence

Good Fortune
Master Gambler Wu Pin was the scourge of betting houses across the Empire. Rumor has it that one would never know he was present until it was too late, because he would always lose every single game until the very end, where he would reach into his pocket and finger his lucky gem, which would bolster his intuition and bring him victory in the final, and most expensive gamble.
Stats- +5 to Intuition, Composure and Luck, +1 to Reason and Insight

Gem of Gentle Mind
This gem radiates peace and serenity, reflecting the past owners, who imprinted fragments off their own thoughts on it. This is a gem of enlightened scholars and philosophers, men and woman at peace with themselves and their place in the world. Their tranquility and peace of mind is passed on to those capable of tapping into the gem’s power.
Stats- +2 to Speech-craft and Reason

Gem of Evil Thought
The evil energies that resonate in this gem speak of its previous owners, dark and evil men and women driven beyond the boundaries that society imposes on them. This is a gem of murders and thieves. Their thoughts and skills are reflected throughout this gem and passed on to its user.
Stats- +2 to Coercion and Agility

Way of the Open Palm
Life brings many challengs, and one must learn to flow and adapt to them, to yield and be firm at the same time, to take the hardships life brings and turn them to one’s benefit. Though the open, gentle palm, one changes the course of life gently, and with it, one’s destiny.
Stats- +10 to Composure, +5 to Personalty, -5 to Vigor, Open Palm Only

Gentle Persuasions
Being ruthless doesn’t mean being stupid, and this gem gives you the power to enforce your will.
Stats- +5 to Coercion, +1 to Acumen and Cunning.

Aura of Calm Gem
Some of the wisest masters and sages radiate such a sense of piece and understanding that their uncanny calm almost seems threatening. This gem has been in the possession of such individuals, and their aura of inhuman calm is channeled through this gem, granting the wielder the same unnerving peace and and strength
stats- +2 to Composure and Agility

Aura of Malice Gem
The Yung Family was well respected in the Imperial City and had a tradition of dedicating their lives to public service. They served as town guards and city officals for many generations. They were renown for their force of personalty, able to get what they wanted from others through a reputation and physical presence. Passed down from father to son, through each generation was an heirloom, a simple gem that was alays prominently worn, the gem, was eventually gambled away by an unlucky heir, and the fates conspired to disgrace the family shortly afterwards.
Stats- +2 to Intimidation and Endurance.

Cunning Persuasion
Sometimes people need to be convinced, but it is best if they don’t even realize that they are being played. This gem is for those who want to threaten people without them even knowing it.
Stats- +5 to Intimidation, Composure, and Coercion, +3 to Persuasion and Diplomacy, +1
Sincerity, Closed Fist Only

Way of the Close Fist
The way of the Closed Fist is the way of violence and personal power. Take th world in your grasp and make it yours. A closed fist will beat down the walls of ignorance and lead to enlightenment, even if the Heavens themselves must shake from the force of it
stats- +10 to Coercion, +5 to Will, -5 to Insight.

Gem of the Thief’s Sense
The past users of this gem did not always live by the law, but they always lived on the edge. That edge and their fates on either side of it are imprinted on this gem. The chi channeled through it instills the wielder an awareness of his surroundings, detecting things that may cause harm.
Stats- +1 to Reflex saves and Search Checks. You get to re roll any failed attempt to detect traps.

Lighting Gem
Named not for its apperance, but for the speed at which its owner acts, this gem sharpens the mind and senses by orders of magnitude. The wearer becomes smarter and quicker, more easily anticipating or evading the unexpected.
Stats- +3 to Perception, grants Evasion, user gets a chance to reroll any attempt to avoid a trap.

Slick Gem
The surface of this gem is oddly slick, making it difficult to hold. Prized by thieves, it makes one move with less resistance, making it much easier to avoid the unavoidable. It has saved many an inattentive burglar from death.
Stats- Reduces Focus Cost by 10.

Gem of Premoition
This gem’s inner structure does not appear similar to any other essence gem, and there are no records of it ever having been created. Its origin is a mystery, as is the nature of its power. It appears to give the wielder a glimmer of the uture, enabling its user to move away from coming harm. It does not remove the danger, but makes danger easier to avoid.
Stats- +1 to Perception, reduces Focus Evasion cost by half.

Gem of Foresight
This object has been called an essence gem by the few who know of its existance, but none of those who speculate on it have ever truly held it in their hand. It gives the wielder a flash of insight into the future, sharpening his mind and allowing him to avoid danger completely, should he choose to do so.
Stats- +2 to Agility, adds 30 Focus

Thick Skin Gem
This gem thickens a warrior’s skin, strengthening it against damage. This makes the warrior resistant to sudden damage from an undirected source, but it will likely not protect as well against an opponent already aiming for vital areas.
Stats- +1 to Stamina, Damage Reduction 10

Iron Skin Gem
The power of this gem toughens the skin until it is strong as iron. Traps and other undirected attacks will have no effect at all upon the wielded. Calculated, cunning striges from an intelligent opponent will still harm the user, but the strengthened skin will help absorb damage.
Stats- 5 extra hit points, Damage Reduction 10, immunity to damage from traps.

Cyclone Gem
Among the first monks who developed the Tempest style, there was one who begane to question the Closed Fist tenets of his order. Ostracized from his ruthless order, the monk sought new ways to harness the wind without relying upon Close-Fist chaos. BY focusing his hatred for his old order into a handful of small stones, he managed to replicate the power of Tempest in those stones. A stone of this type surrounds the wearer in swirling winds that whip and tear any who harm the stone’s wielder.
Stats- Grants +2 to Dodge, Lets wielder use Tempest 1/day None Closed Fist Only

Gem of Strom’s Rage
This gem wraps you in whirling winds that tear at any who attack you. Is effect is constant while the gem is equipped. It was created by the greatest close Fist masters.
Stats- Anybody who attacks you in melee will take 1D10 damage, Closed Fist only

Heaven’s Blessing
This gem surrounds you with an aura of divine power that harms those who try to attack you, a side effect of the tranquility of Open Palm.
Stats- Anybody who attacks you takes 1 hit point for every 10 they inflict. Open Palm only

Gem of the Frail Scholar
This gem was made for scholars an intellectuals who want to read as quickly as possible, though it is often seen as cheating by teachers.
Stats- +10 to Lore, doubles the amount you can read in the same time, +1 to Mind, -3 to Stamina.

Imperial Favor
The emperors of the Sun Dynasty have long been famed for their magical aptitude, but they also enjoy the adulation of the people of the Jade Empire. Imperial Favore was cut by a master gem smith, who worked for weeks to create a gift that would suitably honor Princess Lian’s coming of age
stats- +3 to Personality, +1 to Mediate and Innuendo, Regeneration 5
User- Silk Fox

Absolute Dedication
With proper focus on the techniques of your human enemies, you pick up lessions and moves that you develop your own style. Your dedication to learning in combat is so absolute, however, that you have no time or attention to seek recovery during combat. Only continued study, not respite in crisis, is important.
Stats- +5 to attack, dodge, and AC against humanoids, but no point ups from humanoids

Spirit Harvest- Those who hunt ghosts and wayward spirits often find that the knoweldge gained from defeating ephemeral foes is more useful than the recuperative pockets of essence they leave behind.
Stats- +5 to Attack, Damage, Dodge, and AC against incorporeal foes, but no power ups

Lucky Hand
When properly prepared, this gem plucks the silken strands of fate, gently placing small amounts of local currency in the pockets of the people within a certain distance of the wielder. Used in more innocent times to subtly bulster the wealth of the poor, these gems have fallen into misue, and pick pockets not use it to pad the pouches from those whom they steal.
Stats- 1/day you can make everybody within 10 feet of you gain 1D100 copper pieces.

Warriors Gem of Forethought
A battlefield is chaotic enough without leaving one’s successes to chance. Some warriors to rely upon solid and predictable strengths rather than random chance of respite during battle. This gem strengthens the wearer’s inherent physical abilities, taking away the warriors reliance on fate to provide assistance.
Stats- +2 to AC, no health power ups

Warrior Gem of Fate
The wearer of this gem gambles away some of his physical ability for the chance that fate will favor him in combat. Some warriors prefer a second wind in combat over a strong opening volley.
Stats- -1 to attack and damage in exchange for double the health power ups.

Warriors Gem of Fortune
Warriors who revel in the chaos of cobmat find comfort in this gem’s machinations of fate. The gem feeds on the wariors physical capibilities, but also increasing the chance of that warrior gaining a second or even a third, wind during combat
stats- -1 to Attack, Dodge, and AC, but heal double from health power ups.

Monk’s Gem of Forethought
To some, being prepared for any situation is the very essence of wisdom. While the world rewards those who excel, many warriors find that relying upon these rewards can lead to laziness and recklessness in battle. Only by bolstering one’s natural spirit can one truly master the art of shaping one’s Chi. This gem strengthens its wielder’s spiritual reserves, but it removes the temptation to rely on the untrustworthy whims of fate.
Stats- +2 to Spirit, less Chi Power ups.

Monk’s Gem of Fate
While it may not seem wise for one to sacrifice one’s spiritual nature for a gamble on fate’s table, one must certainty see the wisdom in entering a card game with a stacked deck. This gem rewards those willing to make such a sacrifice with more spiritual resources when it is needed most.
Stats- -1 to Spirit, Double Chi Power Ups

Monk’s Gem of Fortune
One who is content with water every day may never enjoy the taste of wine. Not every master finds wisdom in caution, and those willing to compromise their spiritual abilities with this gem often find chi power-ups
stats- -5 to Will Saves, double chi from power ups

Scholar’s Gem of Forethought
The conceptso of mental focus and distraction are mutally exclusive. Many believe that one cannot succeed in a mental capacity by always relying on the sublte wims of fate to fuel one’s success. This gem enhances the wearer’s inherent mental abilities while weaning the warrior from reliance on fate’s fickle favor.
Stats- +2 Intelligence, no focus power ups

Scholar’s Gem of Fate
It behooves one who seeks to strengthen one’s mind to consider the vagaries of fate in one’s actions. This gem aids in this experiment by tapping its wielder’s mental capacities in return for a greater chance that fate might restore the user’s mental endurance when it is needed most.
Stats- -2 to Reason Checks but more Focus Power ups.

Scholar’s Gem of Fortune
There are times in which raw mental power is not as important as the ability to summon reserves of such power when the time is right. This gem enables the user to trade innate mental ability for a greater chance of Focus power-ups.
Stats- -2 Intelligence, double focus from power ups.

Gem of the Incomplete master
The incomplete Master is not content to know just enough, when combat is upon him. “just enough” may be enough to survive, but it is not, however, truly enough. What good is victory if one does not evolve? Studying one’s opponent is at least as important, as winning the fight. But the Incomplete Master knows, that learning and fighting simultaneously is a double challenge. And so Ji Tei- a famous Incomplete Master of yore, created this jewel, which helped him learn far more techniques.
Stats- Lets you equip another 5 martial techniques.

Gem of the True Initiate
Fluff- WTF is this?
Stats- for the rest of the day you can count as a different specialist than you actually are.


Essence Gem

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