Tug’s Edge
A heavy weapon, the plain lade contrasted by a small disc of deeply engraved gold bound into the grip. It is probably a family crest, but it doesn’t look dwarven, and Tug has never dwelled on his past. Deceptively graceful in Tug’s hands, this weapon now strikes with brutal impact. Perhaps the rough alteration of the grip has affected the balance, or revealed a hidden enchantment. Or perhaps it is just the intensity of the wielder, driven by bitter loss. One thing is certain-this is a blade that wants
stats- This +3 Dal’Thanu gives +1 to AC, deals another 10 damage on critical hits
Asgarn, heir to house Astyth’s fortune, died when someone cleaved his head in two. Later, his sister Asdona accidentally dropped this axe down a mine shaft.
Stats- This +2 Dal’Thanu deals 4 extra damage.

An aura surrounds this axe. It’s either enchanted or haunted.
Stats- This +3 Da’Thanu gives lets you use Telekinetic at will and deals 2 nature damage.

The Axe of the Dead
This axe has spent decades passing through the hands of the Legion of the Dead. When one bearer has falls in battle, another Legionnaire has always been on hand to pick up.
Stats- This +1 to Dal’Thanu ignores 5 DR

The Veshialla
Although the elves of the Dales fought bravely against the Exalted March, defeat became obvious. The great elven general Rajmael hurled this axe at the enemy before leaping to his death over Forlorn Falls.
Stats- This +5 Dal’Thanu gives +2 to strength, and deals 2 extra nature’s damage.

Deygan’s Dal’Thanu
A fine weapons made by the Dalish smith Orahn, it was handed down to Deygan by his grandfather. The family legend is that long ago, the axe was used to fight in the service of Andraste Herself
stats- This +4 Dal’Thanu gives 10% nature resistance

This stained surface of this repurposed broadaxe speaks to the lives and legacies that have fallen to it. The shamanistic runes across the cutting edge are as ugly as the word it is called do.
Stats- This +2 Dal’Thanu is +4 vs. Darkspawn, gives +1 to AC, and +3 to Dexterity

Biteback axe
Familiar to the hand, but as far from a woodcutter’s tool shed as an axe can get. Worked by the best enchanter’s money can hide from the Chantry.
Stats- This +1 Dal’Thanu and deals an extra 3D6 on sneak attacks

Axe of the Grey
These rare, superior axes were forged by Khern, the dwarven smith who became a Grey Warden and fought at Garahel’s Side. They are highly prized, especially for their ability to cleave through darkspawn armor.
Stats- This +3 Dal’Thanu, ignores 2 points of DR, +6 vs. Darkspawn

Originally found in the tight grip of a skeleton caught in a giant spider’s web, this axe is rumored to bring the bearer a great deal of luck…well, except the original bearer, apparently. Rumor has it that whoever wields will become a the king of Ferelden.
Stats- This +2 Dal’Thanu, +4 against dragons, gives +2 to luck

Long ago, a soldier from Gwaren was returning home after twenty years at war. One his way, he met an old blind woodcutter sitting on a tree stump, and he gave the old man his last scrap of bread. The old man gave the soldier his axe in return. The soldier made his bed in a tree branch and held the woodcutter’s axe at his side to ward against beats and bandits. When the moon was high, he was awakened by the sound of weeping. ‘Help me’ spoke the three in which he’d been sleeping. ‘If you had any pity in you, you would cut me down so that my spirit could go to the Maker’. So the soldier took up his axe and struck the tree. The tree shattered when it hit the ground, and from the splinters rose a demon. The soldier was chilled to the bone, and could not sleep. In the morning, he found the axe burned like the blood of the sylvan. This simple axe is very hot to the touch, as if it’s been left near a fire. But holding it seems to make the air around you grow bitterly cold.
Stats- This +3 Dal’Thanu, gives Fire resistance 20% and deals +1 fire damage. You take an extra 5 cold damage.



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