Whisper is a dagger with a long and often tragic history- however, due to the insidious whispers of the small balde, which endlessly seek a more powerful wielder, this history will likely never come ot light. Whisper can be found on a corpse hidden somewhere in the wilds. It is silent outside of combat, but will often give you less-than-helpful advice while you’re fighting for your life. “Perhaps you should surrender, I’m sure that these charming creatures will be gracious enough to show you mercy
Stats- This +1 dagger deals 5 poison damge per round (4 rounds) and casts miscast magic on target.

Presio’s Dagger
Presio’s dagger was obviously only for ceremonial use functions, as her unholy vows prohibited her from using edged weapons in combat. She received this weapon as a gift upon attaining the rank of Most Debilitating Holiness. The blade has been enchanted to make it especially sharp and venomous.
Stats- This +2 dagger will poison the target (DC 14) to lose 1 Constitution every hour, max 4 con.

Lover Fehll Brownbrairs was a half-elven thief of notoriety in Waterdeep. His list of conquest, both romantic and larcenous, was too long for even bards to recite. The dagger he kept at his side wad decorated with a ruby heart and it became coeted by a small gropu of rivals in the great city. Fehll was eventually mrudered at the hands of a seductress so clever that not even the presient half-elf could see her malicious intent. The woman, Prespera of Orlumber, sold the dagger for a hefty sum and disappeared into obsecurity.
Stats- This +4 dagger also works as a returning throwing knife.

Dagger of Venom
The dagger of venom is a potent blade favored by assassins all across the Realms. This particular dagger of venom was created for use by the Shadow Thieves of Amn. Every time it this an opponent it secretes a venom into the blood stream of the creature. The venom works quickly and efficiently.
Stats- This +2 dagger has a DC 16 fortitude save poison that deals 6 damage per round until it reaches 15.

Breath of Auril
Kontik, servant of Auril, once wielded this blade. It has been enchanted with several beneficial magics.
Stats- This +3 dagger gives +1 to intelligence, Cone of Cold 2/day, immunity to cold, takes double damage from fire, 1 to Charisma.
Ol’ Withery
The original name of this odd blade is lost in the murky depths of the Sea of Swords. Crafted of magically-strengthened sahuagin bone, the weapon is believed to have been used by kuo-toa in bizarre rituals. The handle is crafted from coral wrapped in sahuagin skin. At one time, it was owned by Lockhart, a prominent adventuring thief and smuggler on the Sword coast. It was he who have the blade its current nam.e
This +2 dagger has a 2% chance of casting Finger of Death on the target.

Apsel’s Dagger
This dagger was created by Apsel the Scrimshaw, a resident of Easthaven. The dagger has a keen edge and the grip is made of intricately carved Knucklehead Trout bone.
Stats- This +1 dagger deals 1d4 extra damage against fish enemies.
A small steel dagger with a shadowtop handle, Applebane was once owned by the halfling thief Peliwen Redgrass. Peliwen was a kind but morose individual who spent most of his time sitting in a large rocking chair that he took with him on adventures. Before important adventures, he would just sit in his rocking chair and eat apples with the aid of his dagger. Peliwen’s blade was so rarely used for combat that his comrades starting calling it ’Applebane”
stats- This +1 dagger deals an extra 1D6 damage to plant enemies.

the halfling warrior Ket Stillpond was known as an upright man who kept his wits about him at all times. Bards sing about the various near-death experience he escaped from in the simple, if long-winded, tune, “The one Hundred Lives of Ket the Keen.” He was also known for two of the weapons he carried. One was his short sword, Bloodfarmer. The other was his dagger, Reliance. It is said that Ket kept this dagger on his person for all of his days, never turning it over to any man, nor keeping it out of arm’s reach at any time. He was actually kicked out of the Cormyrean royal court for his stubborn instance on keeping Reliance, unbound, y his side. After he died, Ket’s extremely large family decided to donate the dagger to the church of Arvoreen. The church later gave it to a promising young halfling warrior. The warrior was killed later when he turned over the dagger upon entering a seemingly friend camp. His hosts turned out to be a pack of bandits, who killed the poor halfling on the spot.
Stats- This +4 Janbiya gives you immunity to surprise rounds.

FehllBrownbrairs was a helf-elven thief of notoriety in Waterdeep. His lists of conquests, both romantic and larcenous, was too long for even bards to recite. The dagger he kept at his side was decorated with a ruby heart, and it became coveted by a small group of rivals in the great city. Fehll was eventually murdered at the hands of a seductresses so clever that not even the prescient half-elf could her malicious intent. The woman, Prespera of Orlumbor, sold the dagger for a hefty sum and disappeared into obscurity.
This +4 Janbiya serves as a returning throwing dagger .

Fang of the Gloomfrost
One of the collections of Gloomfrost weapon, this is the least used of the lot.
Stats- This +4 dagger gives 10% fire and cold resistance Storm Shell 1/day, Anti-Magic Shell 1/day

Dagger of Safe Harbor
The mage Gullwyn was a seafaring merchant who always respected the mighty power of the ocean. He had seen many of his crewmates go flying overboard during horrible storms, lost in a split second of fear. For that reason, he developed his now famous blade, the Dagger of Safe Harbor. The weapon saved Gullwyn’s life on at least three occasions. When he retired from his life at seas, he gave the weapoin to a friend from Mintarn named Valkur.
StatsL This +3 dagger can cast Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 1/day

Bone Kris of Black Ichor
Oddly enough, this shard of bone is shaped in a form similar to a Kris. What is even more unique is that the hilt of the Kris will occasionally secrete a black poisonous ichor.
Stats- This +2 Kris has a 20% chance of inflicting 1D3 con damage poison. 1 hour.

Mage Dagger
These daggers are used to help mages protect themselves both by giving them increased magical power and giving them the option to stab people….its pretty fun.
Stats- This +4 dagger gives +2 to AC, 1 extra 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells, +3 save vs. spells, 15% magical Resistance, 20% Fire resistance,

The ghastly name of this weapon is taken from its first owner’s fondness for burying it in the back of his enemies. The long stiletto blade of this weapon was designed specifically to punch through armor. The assassin Beledor of Calimport used this weapon to kill dozens of people before he succumbed to the poison of an easily bribed servant.
Stats- This +1 stiletto deals an 1D4 on a backstab.

The Salamander’s Tongue
A wicked-looking dagger with a dark history, the Salamander’s Tongue is prized both for its use as a weapon and its hidden magical powers. The blade appears to be an exotic looking dagger with a kris-like wavy blade, ending in two small points. A small portion of a slimy, brig red living salamander’s tongue is somehow embedded in the heart of the blade, near the grip. It pulses and writhes randomly without intervention from the owner. The exact origins of the blade are unknown, but it is believed that the first owner of the weapon was respected and feared gnomished thief and assassins from Westgate named Turlam Shallowhill. Turlam was killed in a fight with a rival, a halfling called Deder Seven Fingers. Deder kept the weapon as a trophy, not knowing its power until after it was stolen by an underling, a fellow halfling named Kreshinal Blackhound. Kreshinal fled to Selgaunt with the dagger for five years, relying on its power to hide him from divination. Kreshinal lost the dagger in a botched gambling scam, and was killed by Deder’s agents within the month. Deder attempted to reclaim the dagger from the Sembian criminals who had captured it. He succeeded at routing the thieves and reclaiming his dagger, but he focused so much attention on the blade that he didn’t notice that the Sembian criminals had employed a priest of Mask to infiltrate and break down his interests in Westgate. The ensuring war between Westgate and Selgautn factions ended when the priest of Mask, Pieter in the Feeble, made the two sides so paranoid that they ate themselves away from the inside. Pieter grabbed the dagger when he had the opportunity and escaped to Hillsfar, confident that the unorganized demihuman supporters of the late Deder Seven Fingers wouldn’t follow him to a place so hostile to their kind. In yet another scam, Pieter sold the blade to a Mulmaster Hawk, while luring other potential buyers to an auction in Hillsfar. Pieter and his associated murdered the buyers at the face auction and made off with the cash, hiding under the cover of an Amulet of Non-Detection. The Mulmaster Hawk who purchased the blade was supposedly killed by priestess of Umberlee who were angry at the assassin’s refusal to pay tribute to the Bitch Queen. Years of factional fighting between the Umberlant are believed to have transported the blade as much as three thousand miles away from its humble beginning in Sembia. The whereabouts of Pieter the Feeble and his goons are currently unknown.
Stats- This +3 daggers gives 10% Fire resistance, +3 save vs. poison, constant effect of Non Detection, and 20% chance to do 1D4 fire damage.

Nym’s Dagger
Nym had this dagger made with nineteen others just like it when he brought a bundle of unicorn horns, or alicorns, to a powerful dark elf enchanter in Menzoberranzan. The dark blue blade has no hilt, bu the pummel is a large silver skull. Dyed black illithid skin is wrapped around the handle, and small sapphires are set into the skull’s eyes.
Stats- This +2 dagger

Fire Kiss
This thick blade was originally crafted by derro deep beneath the surface of Faerun. Owned by Savant Dabant, First Kiss are rarely put to use. Debant relied upon magical traps and torture to amuse himself instead. Eventually, Dabant was killed by a mob of hook horror who kept the dagger in a pile with all of their other refuse. Thirty years later, minded flayers destroyed the hook horrors and took the dagger back to their community. The merchant Nym traded deep gnome slaves to the mind flayers in change for the dagger, which eventually sold to Malavon.
Stats- This +3 dagger has a 5% chance of inflicting Shroud of Flame to the target.

Korghin’s Fang
The Avatar found this magical dagger more or less by accident when looking through Mythran’s storage room inside his house. Since the Avatar had gotten permission of the old sage to take everything needed from his house, the hero took the weapon. However, it never got explained what this weapon exactly is or where it came from.
Stats- This +5 dagger gives a +4 to dexterity and gives a +1 to AC

Blade of the Immortal (Legendary Artifact)
This strange weapon that the iron golem forged using a drop of your blood. It is an ugly looking weapon, shaped so it resembles one of the symbols on your left arm. Black veins worm their way across the surface of the metal, and the edge looks so dull it wouldn’t even cut warm butter. It pulses slightly as your hold it, like a heart. The golem claimed this “blade” could slay even you- provided it was used in a place that was cut off from the rest of the planes
Stats- This +1 Ceremonial knife (deal 1d3 damage) can kill anything. Literally any creature, including gods.

This weapon is thoroughly evil, a quality undiminished by the number of duplicates that have been found in the past. It pulses with a sickening energy, and its moist and yielding grip seem almost alive in the hand. All of this adds to the discomforting thought that it may have been grown, not forged. There is no indication what the source of these items might be.
Stats – This +6 dagger has vampiric regeneration 6

Courtesan Blade
Courtesan assassins were famous for using their wit and charm to infiltrate the intimate chambers of the enemies by the most disarming methods imaginable: they were invited. The practice became infamous which is likely why it is used so infrequently today
Stats- This +2 dagger can cast invisbility1/day and on hit stun 50% DC 14/2 round

Ice Talon
Weapons of this type are technically impossible, since their blades are made of nothing but razor-sharp ice crystals. Most sages agree they are kept frozen by some sort of link to the inner places, but this is ultimately just speculation. Ice Talon daggers show a jagged blade and may have been part of a single larger weapon at one time, though the force required to shatter the magic blade must have been enormous indeed
Stats- This +2 dagger deals an extra 1D6 cold damage and gives immunity to Frostbolt

Pixie Lance
Necromancers have very little tolerance for jokes at their expense, so the reaction of Lord Agorn Deathknell to a precariously perched bucket of chum above his laboratory door was entirely predictable, as was the death of the pixie responsible. The surprising part, especially to Argon, was the retaliation of dozen of outraged fey folk, who never suffer a poor sport. A number of their blades were recovered form Argon’s carcass.
Stats- This +2 dagger gives the wielder immunity to sleep and can inflict sleep 50%/2 rounds

The Sophic Society of Assassins have only a single symbol marking one of their order. The Ithari is a poisoned dagger that causes a brning sensation when it touches bare skin, and drains the strength of those who are injured by it. Whoever left this dagger here belonged and deadly organization in Valratha.
Stats- This +1 dagger drains 1D2 int and Con (DC 14) for a day.

Damien Oneknife, an assassin of great skill who traveled the breadth of Faerun to claim his targets, refused only one quest. A man known only as the Dockman, sent him against the legendary Drizzt. Damien knew he was not the equal of the famed drow and declined. The Next day, Damien received this dagger from the Dockman as a gift with the gentle request to reconsider the offer. His facilities clouded by the dagger, Damien accepted this offer. He died, never even reaching Drizzt himself, instead falling to the rangers loyal companions.
Stats- This +8 dagger gives +10 to Hide and Move Silently, -4 to Wisdom and Int

Tagget’s Talon
Tagget Coldspring was a smith and tinker who specialized in automated guardians. He did a brisk business in the rich southern lands of Amn, earing the praise of nobles and government institution for his low-maintenance fortifications. His masterpiece was a griffin-shaped golem with talon that held their edge no matter what they struck. It was eventually recycled, the individual blades sold to finance a new creation.
Stats- This +1 keen dagger can backstab constructs.

The Nightthief’s Nimbleknife
The Nightthief was a vicious assassin who specialized in fighting with two daggers. His Nimbleknife was the weaker of the two items, but it granted him greater abilities in combat. One merchant in Sembia, discovered these abilitites when he laid an ambush for the assassin. He found all twelve of his guards dead and the lure, a two pound diamond, gone
Stats- This +1 dagger grants Ambidexterity, +2 to tumble

Venom Dagger
The assassins tool. This shimmering green dagger is actually the enchanted tooth of a poisonous sea serpent, joined to the hilt of a regular dagger. Its envenomed blade injects the slow poison into its victim, but it frequently breaks. It is the perfect assassination weapon (see Alagners History, Assassination of Baron Johann IV 
Stats- This +1 dagger has a 90% of poisoning the target for 10 rounds, 1D4 damage per round, DC 17

Great Dagger
A great idea but shy of a wonder. This dagger is perhaps one of the most ingeniously economical items ever produced. It appears to be naught more than an ordinary dagger, save for large, red stone for a pommel. However, when one strikes with it, it is magically transormed into a two-handed sword. It hides well, and is light on the belt, but no more dangerous that an ordinary two-handed sword (which, of course, is in no way feeble).
Stats- This Dagger counts as a +1 Greatsword for the purpose of damage.

The second weapon of the Godsmen’s “triads of Tests”- “Ascension” and “Reason” are the other two weapons in the triad- this dagger is slim, perfectly balanced, and light as a feather. The symbol of the Godsmen is engraved along the blade, and the entire weapon seems to shiver as if in anticipation. You are the first to bear this weapon.
Stats- This +2 Dagger gives a +1 to Charisma and AC

Last Resort

Stats- This small dagger looks fragile, but a series of jagged teeth line the edge of the balde. The hilt itself is covered with dried blood, most likely the blood of users who held this weapon and were unable to release their grip. Research indicates that this cursed dagger has had many names, the most prominent of which was “Last Resort”. When equipped the wielder cannot release until death or the curse is lifted. This dagger is able to hurt almost any creature it strikes, no matter what the creature’s plane of origin or its defenses. One planewalker who freed herself from its curse actually choose to travel with it, figuring that in any instance where she had to use it couldn’t be worsened by having it in in her possession
Stats- This +3 dagger (1D2) is cursed to never leave the wielders hand and does damage to any creature it hurts, ignoring DR, magical protection, or armor.

Back Biter
Crafted specifically with the adept cross-trader in mind, this magical balde masks the approach of the wielder by muffling any sounds he or she might make in passing, thus improve his his or her chanciness of approaching the target by stealth
Stats- This +1 dagger gives the wielder an extra +3 to Sneak

Chaos Feather
This feather is ash-gray, fading into black around the edges. It is much larger than a bird feather and creates an unpleasant tingling feeling when held for more than a minute. Examination of the feather reveals that it is the feather from a Vrock, one of the many races of tanar’ri that fill the Abyss. The Vrock resemble hue vultures, and they are often used as scouts for the demon forces in the Blood War. This particular feather is believed to have been taken from a Vrock shaman, who is reported to have died by simply disbelieving himself. Possessed of a certain mental imbalance and with an odious habit of devouring his followers to gain strength, this barmy Vrock was rumored to be capable of causing others of his flock to behave erratically- much more so than normal demon. He convinced many of his flock to tear off their wings nad take up burrowing in the ground. Other times he preached the virtues of honesty as being more evil and destructive than any lie. When he disintergrated, only the feather was left behind as a testament to his fevered existence. Some of the shaman’s residue is believed to reside in this ‘Chaos Feather” . The Chaos Freather, when used in combat as a dagger, it inflicts a minor amount of damage and has the power to confuse any tartget it strikes. Creatures struck by the feather may be stunned, run away, or attack their allies. Most demons consider this feather to be a sacred object. Vrocks in particular will kill anyone possessing it in order to retrieve it.
Stats- This +1 dagger has a 50% chance of inflicting confusion upon anybody hit by hit.

Entropic Blade
This strange item was in your possession after you gave the Modron Cube to the iron golen in the Siege Tower. It looks to be a small dagger but it deals damage like the greatest blade.
Stats- This +2 dagger deals an extra 1D20 damage

Fiend’s Blood Dagger
Years of being embedded in the flesh of a fiend have imbued this once ordinary dagger with qualities best left with their kind. Blood of the fiend has infused itself with the dagger causing it to feel slightly warm to the touch. When in combat the user of this dager can hear the constant chitterling in the back of his mind causing him to lose all self-control making him unstoppable in combat, but vulnerable to spells. The history of this dagger is for the most part unknown. More than likely some berk perished while fighting the fiend, losing his dagger as well as his life. For now the name is but a description, it has yet to earn a proper title.
Stats- This +2 dagger deals an extra 1D8 damage and has a 50% chance per hit to cause the wielder to go berserk. It also gives them a 4 save vs. spells and has a 50% chance of inflicting poison (1D4 damage for 5 rounds) upon the target
Kaarlac’s Knife
The final achievement of one Kaarlac Cragenmoor, this enchanted knife is a boon to those who practice the mystic arts. Kaarlac, ever one to aspirt to greatness, sought to create a magic item that could retain an imprint of a portion of his memory—particularly the short term memory that contained his considerable psell repertoire. The theorized that, if successful, he could effectively double the amount of spell knowledge he could retain at any given time. Unfortunately, the enchantment was beyond his capability and in the midsts of his fervent casting, Kaarlac went mad and plunged the knife into his own chest. His sacrifice, however, was not in vain, for the knife possessed enough of the intended enchantment to besto upon its wielder the ability to memorize more spells.
Doubles the amount of 1st level wizard spells the wielder can memorize

Mad Splinter
This dagger shaped fragment is a stone taken from the statue of Gangroighydron. It bears a powerful enchantment—each time someone is stabbed by a splinter, they have a chance of being Cursed. It is most likely that the fell curse trapped upon Gangroighydron’s lips has soaked into the very stone of his petrified form, and ‘poisons’ those the splinter stabs with his malicious magic.
Stats- This +1 dagger has a 50% chance of cursing the target.

Phantom Dagger
As if of its own violition, this dagger seems to reach out to its enemies, instinctively finding the most vulnerable spots on any creature
Stats- This +3 dagger flies around on its own accord, and will attack people.

Porphayt’s Blade
The acids of Porphyates, the fith layer of Carceri, are dangerous to more than a body’s physical form- they tear at this mind and soul, eating away at his reason. Weapons forged in this heart of betrayal do the same thing to their owners, but too many believe that the acidic powers of a weapon created in Porphatys are worth the risk
Stats- This Cursed +3 dagger deals an extra 1D6 points of acid damage. It makes the wielder immune to mind effecting attacks but they can only focus on one target at a time.

Ravel’s Fingernail
This twisted fingernail of extruded night hag skin has got to be one of the ugliest things you have ever seen. Its mottled green, red, and black surface is almost a foot long, and it seems like it was used alternative as a starching aid, nose-picking tool and gardening trowel. Looking at it makes you wish that Ravel did chew her nails. Or at least had a nail file with her in the maze
Stats- This +2 dagger deals an extra 1D8 damage, automatically poisoning anybody hit by it, dealing 1D12 poison damage for 1D12 rounds. Makes the wielder immune to aging.

The Runeblade
Created by a legendary guild of battle mages known as the “Scarlet Seers” these enchanted blades were specifically designed as a defensive countermeasure against opposing spellcasters. The tiny runes etched into the blade are powerful ward that offer the wielder increased resistance against all types of magic. Unfortunately, with its empoahsis on magical defense, the weapon’s awkward design makes it virtually ineffective in physical combat
Stats- This dagger gives the wielder 50% magic resistance. It counts as +4 for damage but is -1 for attack.

The Silver Fork
This is a silver dinning fork. Its tine are especially sharp. Upon further consideration, it might be able to use as a dagger, though it most likely wouldn’t do any more damage than a conventional dagger. It might prove useful against creatures damaged only by silver weapons.
Stats- Deals 1D2 damage but deals an extra 1D6 against creatures weak against silver.

Silver Hairpin
Stats- Deals 1 damage, but an extra 1D4 damage against creatures weak against silver.

Sword of WH’YNN
The Sword of WH’YNN- also known as the Cheater’s Blade- looks more like an ornamental dagger than combat-worthy blade. Though not particularly well balanced, it has been enchanted with powerful magick. And is thus more effective in battle than more ‘common’ knife. The Sword’s greatest power is that it can take the wielder to one of the most dramatic location.
Stats- This +1 dagger can use Limited Wish 1/year.

Uhir’s Knife
This unremarkable, dirt-caked dagger has the letters ‘UHIR’ handle. Despite its shoddy appearance, the blade is well-balanced.
Stats This +1 dagger gives a +1 to luck.

Tempered with the lethal venom of the dreaded hook spider, the magical properties of this blade, known simply as “Windowmaker,” are much sought by practicing assassins throughout the Planes. The poison that has been magically and permanently infused into the dagger immediately infects those by it. Additional the wielder of “Windomaker” immediately develops an improved resistance to poison simply from holding the blade.
Stats- This +2 dagger and gives the wielder a 25% to resistance Poison.

Stiletto of Demarchess
Most who take up the trade of murder for hire do so for reasons other than personal pleasures, but not so the Lady Demarche. She took special pleasure in the torture of her targets which is why she made this dagger. With but one touch of its polished blade an opponent was rendered immobile, incapable of so much as screaming, yet the victim could watch and feel all that happened to them. While her opponent was t4hus held, the Lady would slowly bleed them, sometimes taking several hours before allowing her subject to succumb to the final agony of death. The Lady finally fell to her own evil; disarmed by a rival and struck by her own Stiletto her fate was soon sealed.
Stat- This +2 Stiletto has a 20% chance upon every successful hit to cast hold person.

Dynata Goldenhand, an elven ranged who wished to ridher homeland of its were-jackals problem, forged the dagger. She was killed by a tribe of orcs in Greypeak Mountain as she tracked the jackalwere leader.
Stats- This +1 silver dagger is +4 against lycanthropes

The dagger of Venom
The dagger of venom is a potent blade favored by assassin all across the Realm. The Shadow Thieves of Amn created this particular dagger of venom for use. Every time it hits an opponent it secretes a venom into the blood stream of the creature . The venom works quickly and efficiently.
Stat- This +2 dagger has a poison that will deal 6 points per round up to 15 points of damage.

This seemingly simple dagger, steel blade and bone handle, is an incredible powerful weapon. Forged by an unfortunate duergar smith centuries earlier, the handle was carved from a tooth of a black dragon and the blade was tempered in the blood of its creator. How it has made its way to you is anyone’s guess.
Stat- This is a +4 dagger.

Pixie Prick
The Pixie Prick almost appear to be a toy, so fine and delicate is the workmanship of the blade and handle. Yet when wielded and the command word ‘Sleep’ isintoned, the tiny dagger glow with a blue nimbus. Upon striking an opponent the Pixie Prick releases a surge of powerful magic, potentially inducing a deep slumber. Legends say that the ancient sprite knight, Alfonso de Noble wielded the Pixie Prick, not a dagger, but as a two handed sword.
Stats- +3 Dagger, or +3 two handed sword for pixies.

Neb’s Nasty Cutter
This is a vicious weapon used by Neb, a gnome child serial killer who was acompenied by the souls of his victims, and is covered with old blood and coated in a poison that is both quick-acting and extremely deadly. Only the truly evil would dare to usethis item on their own.
Stats- This +2 dagger has a poison that if the weapon is inflicted deals 2 points of damage for 10 rounds. Can be only wielded by evil characters.

Heart of the Golem
There are no records of this weapon creator, nevertheless, its existence can be traced back among thieves and murderers to be before Dalereckoning. Its blackened blade was apparently forged from the arcane metals of an iron golem, giving the weapon an appearance as dark as its history.
Stats- This is a +2 dagger that gives the wielder a +1 to defense.

Grave Binder
Also known as Longtooth, this dagger as discovered relatively recently by adventures in the south, the abilities of this weapon went unknown for several years. Magic tomes eventually revealed its extensive history as an assassin’s tool and it was dubbed the Grave Binder. It was stolen soon after.
Stats- This +2 and deals an extra 1D6 damage.

Dagger of the Star
Rumored to have been dropped from the Heavens by a careless lesser deity, this dagger is a favorite among thieves and assassins as it will sometimes magically hides its user from the victim’s sights. It can be upgraded.
Stats this +4 dagger also gives a +4 defense. When it strikes somebody, there is a 5% chance that the wielder will turn invisible. If upgraded, the dagger becomes +5, the chance increases to 15%, and deals an extra 1D8 fire damage and 1d8 electrical damage.

This throwing dagger is imbuened with magical fire and was supposedly carved from an extracted red dragon tooth. Tavern tales suggest that the beast is still aslive, her anger fueling the enchantment within the weapon. Though fanciful, the story is consistent, and it is said the dagger returns to the thrower ‘as though on wings’.
Stats- +3 returning throwing dagger, deals 1d2 fire damage.

Boomerang Dagger
Fullen Woolspinner, an ambitious Halfling from a well to do family, left his home to spend several years adventuring. During his travels he ended up staying with a family of dwarven weapon smiths. Much impressed by their throwing axes, which always returned to the hands of their wielder, Fullen sought to make a dagger that could do the same. With the help of this dwarven friends he succeeded, creating several of the famous Fullen Boomerand dagger.
Stat- +2 returning throwing dagger.

This seemingly simple dagger, steel blade and bone handel, is an incredibly powerful weapon. Forged by an unfortunate duergar smith centuries earlier, the handle was carved from a tooth of a black dragon and the blade was tempered in the blood of its creator. How it made its way to you is anyone’s guess
Stats- This +4 dagger is +5 against creatures related to Black Dragons (half dragons, dragonspawn etc)

The Bhaalspawn Dagger
This dagger was created for the Bhaalspawn
Stats- This +2 curved dagger deals double damage to vampires.

Throwing Dagger

Ysha’s Sting
Ysha’s Poisonfang was a minor but very successful assassin. She preferred to strike at her targets from a distant and relied on poison to deal the fatal blow. Ysha was an abused and twisted young women who enjoyed the suffering of others. She rarely used fast acting poison and reveled in the screams of agony as her victims slowly perished. After a series of successful assassinations she was given an enchanted dagger by her guild. She promptly named the blades Ysha’s Sting. She died not in an assassination but instead in a massive fire that gutted her city. The dagger has been used every since.
Stats- This +5 returning throwing dagger has a chance to poison the target (Fortitude save 17) or they will take 2 damage for six rounds

The Black Lamia’s Tongue
This wicked-looking throwing knife is part of a set items once belonging to Suhailah el Khaba- the Black Lamia- an infamous sell-sword from Calimport. The unverified rumors regarding her final fate are many, running the gamut from “imprisoned beneath the earth by a vengeful wizard whose niece she’d murdered” to ‘fell in love with a nobleman from Thay and went into hiding”. What is known for certain is that the murderous woman is long gone and her belongings have been found scattered here and there throughout the realms ever since. Forged of dull black steel, the bladei s engraved in the fashion of a barbed tongue while the handle is textured with minute scales. Because that enchanted dagger whips back to the thrower’s hand once it has struck a solid objects, its barbs can do tremendous damage to a target. Many a bravo were felled by Black Lamia’s Tongue before coming within ten paces of her, their last breaths escape through a burbling crimson hole in their throats.
Stats- This +2 throwing dagger deals an extra 1D6 damage when it is withdrawn from a living target, and deals 1 extra point of damage for 10 rounds.

Poison Fang
The Assassin Ysha had a second throwing dagger, because that is just how she rolled, and it might be a best time to mention that her nick name was “Ysha Poisonfang”. She proffered to strike at her targets from a distance and relied on poison to deal the fatal blow. Ysha was an abused and twisted young woman who enjoyed the suffering of others. He rarely used fast acting poison and reveled in the screams of agony as her victims slowly perished. It also helped that screaming targets mean they can’t escape (quick acting poisons are easier to cure). This dagger was her first purchase once she became a full time assassin, and since then she used it well, enjoying its effects so much she named it Poisonfang and took the name for her surnam as well. This whole dynamic which…yeah really freaked out her leadership. They sold it instantly after he untimely death
stats- This +2 returning throwing dagger has a 50% chance to deal 2 poison damage for 6 rounds (Fortitude save 19)



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