Iolo’s Bow
Created by Gwenneth, the apprentice of the famed bowyer Iolo FitzOwen, the triple crossbow was first developed in the midst of the gargoyle wars, albeit only as an experimental weapon.1 A very rare sight on the battlefields of the late Age of Enlightenment, this high impact distance weapon eventually grew in popularity over the next two centuries, and it was readily available from numerous bowyers by the early Age of Armageddon.
Stats- This +3 Triple crossbow will go through allies to hit enemies.

Varric’s crossbow is a marvel of dwarven craftsmanship, clearly the work of a master. However, she bears no smith’s mark. When asked how he procured the weapon, Varric has a few claims. He could have won it in a game of Wicked Grace against Paragon Branka, it could have been a gift from a mysterous old beggar who disappered into thin air, and it’s possible he brought it off a crooked merchant in Lowtown with the previous owner’s hand still wrapped around the trigger. None of those explanations is very likely and continued questioning simply results in Varric grinning and walking away. When asked about the story behind how Bianca got her name, he replies that it involves a girl and a promise, and that it is the one story that he can never tell. Bianca is the name of Varric’s unseen and mentioned dwarven lover. He has put the story to song, but will not sing it, instead humming the tune during battle.
Stats- This +7 Rapid Shot crossbow can have up to 6 runes.

Nodrom’s Crossbows
Nordom’s home plane of Mechanus is driven by great clockwork gears. Tending these gears and making sure they run smoothly are given to creatures called “gear spirits.” These gear spirits have the ability to turn themselves into almost any tool or common mechanical device… even crossbows. Nordom’s two crossbows are actually two gear spirits, and they seem to have willingly fled with him from Mechanus. 
Their duties are so essential to the smooth functioning of Mechanus that the modrons have officially assigned these spirits to the various gears. While the gear spirits love the gears they tend so much, their servitude to the modrons rankles them, making them somewhat disgruntled. As a result, there are tales of gear spirits that leave the great gears of Mechanus, leaving their duties for a while to sample the Planes beyond their own. Most likely, Nordom’s two crossbows caught this wanderlust, and they now piggyback along with him, peppering any hostile creature they see with crossbow bolts. The gear spirits can make endless supplies of these bolts, so there is never any need for Nordom to reload unless he wishes to fire new crossbow bolts.
The crossbows occasionally make small clicking and rattling noises. They seem to be talking to each other, but their conversation is indecipherable. They’re most likely discussing the finer points of crossbow mechanics.
Stats- These +1 mass bolt launchers have unlimited ammo

As their name implies, Feywarden crossbow were created for the sole taks of defending the wild forestrs of Faerun. Legend has it that at the dawn of creation, a druid was assigned to each of the forests of the world and these were the weapons they held. Sentiment aside, it should be noted that the ‘dawn of creation’ was an awfully long time ago, and these items bear design principle developed somewhat more recently.
Stats- These +2 heavy Crossbows are +5 vs. orcs

named for its ability o make its victims ‘push up daisies’ this crossbow was used by renowned mage-killer Vicalet Hawkeye. Vicalet was a half-elven mercenary who hired himself out to various adventuring companies as support. He would trail or flank his employers in dangerous environments, and shoot any and all mages he saw. A few mages even tried to use Projected Images to fool Vicalet, but the crafty half-elf always saw through the ruse. Vicalet retired a rich man, and opened vineyard for himself and his family. He later sold his crossbow to a young, cocky human mercenary. It is believed that the new owner was not as skilled or as crafty as Vicalet, and came to an untimely end.
Stat- This +3 medium crossbow gives you immunity to illusions, and deals 5 extra damage.

Bren Muller’s Crossbow
not much is known of the owner of this weapon, save that sages believe it is from another world, called ‘Eibrancha’. Plane-traveling wizards who have investigated life on the realm report that it is dull, commonplace, and ordinary to the extreme, a place were heroes are rare and the populace is, by and large, incredibly average. This might explain the virtually non existent body of recored information about the place. The only thing known about the weapon’s owner is that he was an educated man. The purple wood that the crossbow is constructed from is belied to be from a unique type of tree in Eibrancha.
Stats- This +2 Heavy Crossbow deals double damage to wood creatures. If upgraded can become +5 for two attacks 1/day, and deal an extra 2 damage.

Crossbow of the Seer
Taigen Bladekin became a master assassin in Calimshan when she proved to be able to anticipate where her competitors would be and how they would try to kill her. Though great at her job, her social skills were wear, since she never went anywhere without her powerful crossbow. Employers frequently wre too nervous to meet with her in person and sent contacts to set up jobs. The contacts would soon grow wary of meeting with the deadly young woman who stroked her crossbow as if it was a loved one, rather than a weapon
Stats- This +8 Crossbow grants true seeing and can cast premonition 2/day

Crossbow of Enchantment
The enchantress Lady Gracia was fascinated by the legend of a celestrial creature that fired love into a person’s heart with magical bolts. Attempting to recreate the story she fashioned several launchers to duplicate this effect, but a bolt that would confer the spell proved difficult, and test couples lost their fascination for each other within hours or days. Regardless, Lady Gracia enjoyed the effort, and kept on playing matchmaker until her dying days.
Stats- This +3 Crossbow can cast dominate person 5/day

Glorious Revolution
These crossbow were used by the leaders of the Glorious Revolution, a popular uprising against the tyrannical Duke Bogob in the year 1217 DR. The oppressed worker in the fields rose up when they heard the rallying cry: “you have nothing to lose but your chains”. Unfortunately, the duke’s well-armed knights were not fazed by idealism and oratory, and the rebellious peasants lost not only their chains, but their lives
Stats- This +2 heavy crossbow is +5, Spell Resistance 10

Graceblood Bow
Grace was a serving maid in the household of Thomas, a Cormyrian noble. It was her misfortune to fall in love with her master, who took advantage of her and then cast her aside, ordering her from the house. Enraged, Grace shot him through the heart with a crossbow, for which crime she was hanged. When the bow was later examined, it exhibited surprising properties and was eventually duplicated.
Stats- This+5 hasted Crossbow lets you cast Detect Magic 1/day

Crossbow of Affliction
This devastating weapon unfortunately draws its power directly from the wielder. Some bowmen have used it regardless, and many to great effect, but the drawbacks must be carefully considered. Its most famous owner, Guil de Lyons, made good use of it fighting bandits in remote areas of Faerun ,but ultimately he fell when he lacked the strengght to defend against a rare assailant that got within striking distance
Stats- This +4 heavy crossbow gives the wielder a -2 to strength

One of the most powerful crossbow in the realms, Firetooth has no need for ammunition as it automatically launches magical bolts of fire. The magical bowstring of Gond makes even the Firetooth crossbow’s enchanted missiles more accurate and more powerful. Firetooth will only fire these enchanted missiles so there is no need for ammunition.
Stats+ This +4 crossbow fires +2 fire arrows. If upgraded it becomes a +5 crossbow.

Flasher Launcher
This is Jan Jansen’s Crossbow, and as such its complexity is so great that only he can use it. Likewise, only he can make the special ammunition it is capable of fireing. Substantial tinkering on this launcher has made it especially accurate.
Stats- This +1 light crossbow shoots twice as fast and has special ammunition.

Giants Hair Crossbow
Though hard to verify, it is claimed that the bowstring of this crossbow is made from the hair ofa frost giant. Whatever the truth, the weapon is incredibily hard to draw, although its accuracy and subsequent damage are well worth the strain required.
Stats- This +3 Great Crossbow counts as +5 against humanoids.

The Guid
A favored siege weapon of King Shastir Longeve, crossbow of this type were designed for the systematic removal of defensive forces thought save behind the battlements of castles. Scants few of this weapons survive to this day, mainly due to the eventual annihilation of the king’s forces by a coalition of subjugated lands
Stats- This +5 heavy crossbow deals an extra 2 points of damage and ignores the first 10 points of hardness from a barrier

The Searing Crossbow
A marvel of engineering, this crossbow covers bolts in oil and stes them alight when fire. It is enchanted as well, likely to keep the mechanism working smoothly. It bears the hallmarks of the inventor’s god, Gond
Stats- This 1 heavy crossbow deals and extra 1D42 points of fire damage

The Army Scythe
A short-lived outpost of humans in the Frozen Forest unearthed this weapon, and many outhers, form the ruins of an ancient settlement depe within that cold land. Never knowing the names of their extinct benefactors, the colonists used these “tools” to carve a large territory for themselves, though in the end it was for naught. Crushed by a superior number of Hobgoblins, these unfortunate souls have joined the ancient in their anonymity.
Stats- This +1 light crossbow gives you an extra attack per round.

Necaradan’s Crossbow
Bower Necaradan crafted this masterpiece almost thirty years ago, lacing strong enchantments within both the wood and the string. It is said he only fired it once, just to see if it performed as true as he had hoped. He was reportedly not disappointed, but a local nobleman sought the bow soon after, and it eventually fell into the hands of bandits.
Stats- This +3 light crossbow has twice the range of a normal crossbow



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