Pure Bitch Braid
Trademark of The Line, an ancient monastic order dedicated to preserving a purebred strain of mabari. There have been four “Pure Bitch” designations during the last century, legendary hounds each.
Stats- This collar gives +5 to attack, defense, and AC.
User- Barkspawn

Lord’s Hunting Jabot
A deceptively delicate kid-leather collar with sterling studs. Orlesians are quick to insult Ferelden ‘dog lords’ but hunters still consider a well-accessorized hound a novel and valuable tool.
Stats- This collar gives +4 to attack and defense.

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Blackmetla Torque
A primative lyrium-infused metal braid, hammered flat. Possible created by the Chasind, or one of the splinter groups that spread across what would become Ferelden following their destruction.
Stats- This Collar gives you +3 to attack, defense, and AC, but also allows you to deal 1D8 extra damage.



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