Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice
The neo-orog captain, Sprawg, is the current instructor of general battle tactics for the new Legion of the Chimera recruits. As such, he needed a tool to keep his new recruits submissive and in line. Thus, the Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice was created. The Monkey Paw looks exactly like the name it describes. It consists mainly of a large, petrified monkey’s arm severed at the shoulder. At the shoulder joint, it looks like a one-handed grip was jammed into the bone and magically fused. At the opposite end, the paw is open and is the main dealer of pain. Once someone is smacked with the paw, aside from the considerable damage, there is a chance that the recipient of the discipline will suffer from heightened fear and/or confusion. Once these symptoms wear off, it is not likely that the recipient of the paw’s discipline will ever be a problem in the future, especially while class is in session.
Stats- This +5 club gives you two extra attacks per round, 15% chance to cast Fear on the Target, and 5% chance of casting Confusion

Memories of Kuldahar
This Huge gnarled tree limb is a broken bough from the great tree of Kuldahor, a might oak far from the southeast of Targos. The great oak is believed to be a gift of the God of Nature, Silvanus and it is an awe-inspiring sight , towering hundreds of feet into the sky and providing a great circle of warmth to all who live beneath its sheltering limbs. For many, the three represents as peaceful symbiosis between town and nature, and the three is revered as a holy site by druids throughout Faerun. When the town of Kuldahar was laid siege by the great evil from the Spine of the World Mountains in the Year of the Cold Soul, 1281 DR, the great of Kuldahar was buffered by the great winds and howling storms blasting the region, causing the circle of warmth to recede and snapping off several limbs from the top of the tree. These limbs were gathered up by the town’s residents after the Great Tree was saved and they were kept in many houses as a symbol of the town’s persistence in the face of adversity. Some of these pieces of the great tree have found their way throughout the Ten-Towns, and the limbs still carry some of the warmth and enchantment of the great tree within them, making them powerful weapons.
Stats- This +4 club gives 5 cold resistance, 1 Piecing Resistance and 2 Bludgeoning Resistance

Club of Confusion
The Club of Confusion was crafted by the ogress Shavauntea as a ‘gift’ for her husband, Grothak the Stupid. Her hope was the club could be used to “knock sense into empty head” Shavauntea was quite surprised to find that the weapon had the opposite effect when she brought it down upon her husband’s unsepecting head. The club was thought to have been destroyed in the battle between the two lovers after Grothak regained his senses, obviously this was not the case.
Stats- This +5 club has a 99% to deal 2d6 blunt damage, 50% chance of becoming confused, 1 point more of scoring a critical hit on target.

A powerful weapon created by the wizard retland of Westgate, Dazer was typically used by thugs in said wizard’s employ. Despite Retland’s high education, he was little more than a racketeering boss and thug. His gang, the Cobble Boys, intimidated and oppressed various neighborhoods of Westgate for a decade until a wizard in service of Tyr, Alistar Lavell (not that one), rallied his allies against Retland’s cronies. When Alistar defeated Retland and his gang, he turned Dazer over to the church of Tyr, where it was given to a traveling priest.
Stats- This +1 light club has a 5% chance of Stunning target, Concentration Check (DC 18) to disrupt caster’s spells.

Evil Spider Crusher of Doom
This weapon was made by a halfling priest of Brandobaris who was terribly afraid of spiders. The halfling’s name was Caligope and his greatest enemy was an evil elven wizard named Eil-Makar. The wizard’s tower was surrounded by a hedge maze filled with giant spiders. The elf’s tower was also filled with a variety of abnormal spiders. For over a year, Caligope refused to even look at the tower. Eventually, he decided to construct a club to deal with her fear. The resulting weapon was named the Evil Spider crusher of Doom. Caligope succeeded in his quest to rob Eil-Makar Blind, and he left dozens of dead spiders in his wake.
Stats- This +2 club is +4 against spiders.

A tough bartender in Westgate named Righteous Tad commissioned the creation of this weapon to deal with his rowdier patrons. Tad would normally pound the club against the bar if things got out of hand, but he frequently had to join the brawl to restore ‘order’. He is said to have clubbed so many thieves over the head with the stick that no major criminal in Westgate could honestly claim that they had never felt Peacekeepr’s string. One such criminal, a thug named Hellpin, took offense at the beating he received. Helpin trained his dogs on Righteous Tad one foggy night. Tad managed to kill more than half of the canines before he was overborne and done in. Hellpin kept the club as a trophy in his hangout as a warning to those who might cross him. The Night Masks did.
Stat- This +3 club gives immunity to backstab

Svian’s Club
A massive club, this weapon sued to belong to the powerful barbarian warrior Svian of the Elk Tribe. Svian was a grim man, tall and wiry who was known throughout the north for his dire disposition and serious who was known throughout the north for his dire disposition and serious manner. In battle, unlike his kin, he rarely became excited to panicked. He simply held his ground and destroyed everyone that came near him. It is said that when Svian was morally wounded, he simply walked over to a nearby rock and sate down, never indicating that he was suffering. It was several hours before his kinsmen realized he was dead.
Stats- These +5 clubs deal an extra 1D6 damage to wood based enemies.
Gladiator’s Club
Jorag Mithkik was the champion of the gladiator pits in Chessenta. His owner, a mage of dubious reputation, made certain that Jorag always had the latest equipment. He made this club as a gift when Jorga’s win made the mage a fortune in bets, Jorag eventually retired and became a teacher at one of the top gladiator schools in Chessenta. His club was a feared disciplinary weapon.
Stats- This +8 spiked club has 50% chance to daze for 2 rounds (DC 22)

Baton of the Holy
The Devout clerics of the forgotten Ashen Order made these clubs for neophytes. When the main hold of the order was destroyed by an infestation of zombies, most of the batons were lost
Stats- This +1 Baton gives an extra 1st level cleric spells and emits a dim yellow light

Ironwood Club
Ironwood is an extremely durable yet light type of wood that can only be found in the oldest and deepest forests. Despite its amazing properties it is considered a non magical material.
This +1 ironwood club is 40% lighter.

Tethir-Wood Cudgel
Encroachment on elven territory is not tolerated, though an exception is occasionally made for those who show proper reverence. Such is the case in the forest of Tethir, where a sect of druids have been welcomed and, on occasion, given special boons for their tireless work. While usually information such as a gift might also induce an elven-crafted item like this one
Stats- This +2 Cudgel deals 1D6 water damage.

Watchman’s Club
This was one of many such weapons distributed among a short-lived private militia in Waterdeep called the Watchmen’s Club (pun hell). No expense was spared for their equipment because the primary backers were a group of adventurous nobles who fancied that they were “taking the night back from hoodlums and roustabouts” The movement folded when the pursuit fell out of fashion. By which I mean, military coups.
Stats- This +1 War Club gives the bonus feat alertness, emits light, and gives a +2 to Spot and Listen.

The Angry Soul
In the early days of exploration within the jungles of Chult, a Calimshan expedition clashed with a small tribe after removing artifacts from a burial site. A local shaman named Gol’Kai killed a noble while trying to retrieve the sacred items, and the ‘civilized’ invaders retaliated. The tribe did not survive. Weapons such as this were found in nearby villages soon after, accompanied by a silent apparition of Gol’Kai, voiceless as his people.
Stats- This+3 war Club deals an extra 1D6 electrical bonus and has a 50% to inflict fear for 2 rounds (DC 14).

Will of the Lost
Strangely, the well-worn grip of this weapon is a furniture pattern from around 1200 DR, the club itself being a leg from the central table in a 500-seat fest-hall. The hall was the heart of a warrior can and the site of their last stand during the Year of the Black Horde. In the face of the overwhelming orc hordes they fought with whatever means they could, but were ultimately lost to a man
Stats- This +1 Club gives vampire regeneration 3

Bone Club
This vicious club was created hundreds of years ago, reportedly by a shaman on a quest for revenge. His family had fallen to undead, and so personal was his rage that he amputated his own leg, using the femur for the body of the weapon. Magical runes empower it, though it is likely the sheer force of his hatred have served on its own.
Stats- +2 club, +3 vs. undead.
Devil’s Due
This weapon has a black metal handle that seems to have grown into the narrow skull that is affixed to its top. The metal looks as if it has grown out of the skull, and spikes pierce through the eye sockets, jaw and from the skull cap itself. The ‘metal’ is not metal at all, but the remnants of a creatures forearm that punched through the base of the fiendish skull that now bedecks the head of this weapon. The Spikes have pierced through the skull actually appear to be some sort of quills form the creatures forearm. The common name of this weapon is ‘Devil’s Due” to who or what event it refers to is unknown, but it was obviously a painful experience for the two parties involved.
Stats- This spiked club is +2 for attack and +1 to damage. It also deals an extra 1D8 acid damage to the target and 1D6 acid damage to the wielder

The Nameless One’s Arm
This served arm is as hard as a wooden club. It looks like it was severed cleanly at the shoulder (most likely by a scythe blade) and though it looks many decades old, it is more petrified than rotted. It has an unhealthy gray pallor and is covered with scars. Intrinsic tattooed decorate its surface, spiraling up from the wrist all the way to the remains of the should. Upon closer inspect, you know for a fact that this arm is yours. How long it has been lying around waiting for you is anyone’s guess.
Stats- This +1 warclub is the Nameless one’s left arm

Corpse limb #985
This arm snapped clean off corpse #985 when it, uh, accidentally toppled. As much as the corpse knee was rotten clean through, it looks like the combination of thick applications of embalming fluid and rigor mortis has made this arm almost as hard as wood. If you needed to, you could either use it to shake someone’s hand from a distance or use it to bash their skull in
Stats- This Club deals double damage to zombies.

Fiend Femur
This tanar’ri femur carries the last traces of a balor’s essence within its marrow. Disgraced in battle and torn apart from its fellow demons in an ceremonial execution the bone has since carried with it a vengeful spite towards all of its kind. When the femur strikes any tanar’ri or baatezu, serrated teeth bristle up and down the length of the bone and causes tremendous damage to any the creature.
Stats- This +2 bone club deals an extra 3D8 damage to Devils or Demons, not usable by good characters.

Club of Nettles
This club seems to be made form some sort of prickly plant. Small thorns adorn the head of the club and can easily be broken off. This particular club is one of the more favored weapons of thieves. Upon making a successful hit on an opponent, tiny barbed thorns lodge into the skin and cause the victim to become disoriented for a brief period of time. This allows the thief time to safely rob and escape the victim.
Stats- This +2 spiked club makes the wielder make a spirit check (DC 16) or be effected by Confusion.

Root of the Problem
This enchanted club is said to have existed since the time of the fall of Netheril and the birth of the great Anauroch Desert. While the toll on civilization was great, the true victims were natures’s creatures, condemned to stand and watch as their homes decayed and died. As habitats receded, those that remained were invaded by displaced hordes of creatures, the more impatient of which marched on unspoiled land taking whatever they wished. This particular weapon is said to have come form a dryad’s tree, a final gift to nature’s cause from pain, as her wood might not have suffered so if it had not been so strong and lush. Less respecting scholars have since bestowed the item’s ironic name, though the humor is not appreciated among nature’s more devout followers
Stats- +1 Club deals an extra point of acid damage, +3 vs. unnatural creatures (aberrations, outsiders, undead)

This oak club is coated with darkened dried clots of a tar-like substance. Durin battle this substance glow black with an inner light, and becomes thick and fluids. When the club strikes an opponent it delivers additional acid damage from the liquid splashing over the victim
Stats- This +3 club deals an extra 3 points of acid damage

Club of Detonation
This crude wooden club burns with the raging spirit of a demon forever trapped within by the powerful enchantments placed on the weapon. Occasionally however, the demon’s wrath escapes in a fiery blast. The enchantments from the Ring of Fire Resistance makes the demon spirit trapped within this weapon easier to control, though the wrath of the creature may occasionally still be released without warning.
Stats- This +3 club deals an extra 3 points of dire damage, and has a 20% chance of dealing an extra 10 points of fire damage. There is a 7% chance that a fireball (caster level 10) explodes centered on the target. If upgraded it becomes +5 and deals 5 points of fire damage. There is a 30% chance that it will deal an extra 15 points of damage and a 5% chance that a Fireball is detonated by the weapon. Speed 3

Makal of the Pine, a devious druid, carved this club and bounded it with the spirit of his wolverine companion. Like that tenacious creature, Gnasher is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a skilled user. Wehen the clubs strikes, sharp splinters dig into the victim’s flesh, causing extreme pain and extra damage that continues for some time after the blow. Makal used the club successful on several occasions, earning the anger of orc loggers threatening his forests.
Stats- This +2 Club can make a foe suffer 2 points of damage for rounds after each hit. This doesn’t stack.

Mighty Oak
Fashioned from the hardest old oak from the high forest, this gnarled cudgel can fell an adult grizzly when wielded by a skilled warrior.
Stats- +2 cudgel that increases the wielder’s strength by 1.


Cudgel of Entry
A unique magical item which could be found amongst the belongings of the warrior Dorstag, the cudgel of entry offered no special benefits in combat, but rather allowed those who brandished it to deftly smash apart stubborn locks with ease, making it an efficient (if not precisely stealthy) means of entering sealed chambers. With such an artifact in their possession, an adventurer could largely dispense with lockpicks and spells of opening.
Stats- This +2 Cudgel can cast Knock at will



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