Badge of the Brave
This simple steel amulet was constructed by priests of Tempus for use by a warrior named Teln Graham. Teln was a powerful warrior, but he was easily unnerved in large battles. The badge, which he wore over his heart, allowed him to overcome his sudden panic attacks during important conflicts. It left Teln’s possession when the Tempurans decided that he was an unredeemable cowards, and Teln is believed to have retired from adventuring to become a farmer.
Stats- Courage 1/day.

Clasp of Bron’s Cloak
This small Talisman was the clasp of a cloak owned by the notoriously tough warrior known as Bron Balhon. On at least ten different instances during Bron’s life, he was reported as dead after getting himself involved in some horrible situation. Some enemies shot him full of crossbow bolt and pushed him into the ocean with lead and weight only to be killed by him a month later in a tavern four hundred miles away. On another occasion Bron’s cowardly companions abandoned him when they were attacked by dire wolves in the wilderness. Two weeks later, Bron swaggered into their camp wearing wolfskins. Whether all of the tales surrounding Bron are true or not, it is known that Bron is believed to have met his end in the Spine of the World mountains, fighting polars worms.
Stats- Damage Reduction 5

Harper Pin
A Harper Pin is a treasured item, signifying that the bearer is an honored and trusted member of the Harpers. It grants the wearer exceptional protection against many different kinds of attacks. They are not attuned to any particular person, but you will be hard pressed to find somebody that would lend such an item or even let it out of their sight. It is quite literally a badge of honor.
Stats- +5 saving throw against magic, immunity to electricity and Magic Missile, Non detection.
Brooch of Shielder
This appears to be a piece of simple gold jewelry used to fasten a colak or cape. In addition to this mundane task, the Brooch of Shielding can be activated with a touch to place an invisible field of force around the wearer, granting extra protection and immunity to magic missiles. A common defensive tool among wizards, these brooches commonly bear the symbol of Mystra or Azuth.
Stats: Shield 3/day

Crest of the Enforcer
All citizens of the Sharakhan Empire are asked to choose a Crest upon their graduation. The three Crests represent the three paths by which the yserve the Empror: that of the Guardian, that of the Enforcer, and that of the Redeemer
stats: Flame Weapon and Keen Edge 1/day (enforcer) Globe of Invulnerability and Shield 1/day (Guardian), Cure Moderate Wounds and Monstrous Regeneration 1/day (Redeemer)

Demonic Grappling Hand
This hand seems to have a life about it, it wriggles and writhes as you hold it, constantly gripping at your fingers. When properly thrown, it will latch onto nearby obstacles- provided there is soemthing it can grab onto. Upon hooking onto something, it will pull its owner over to it, and place itself back in its owner’s backpack. The Demonic Grappling Hand can also be used to manipulate some objects, like activating them, or pulling them closer to its owner
Stats- Can’t you read?



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