Bracers of Icelandic Pearl
It is said that these magnificent bracers were constructed in the Spine of the World Mountains, and not so long ago. On the coastline of the Sea of Moving Ice, there dwelled Prashnak, and Abjurer—and a as stubborn one at that. Apparently, Prashnak was having a great deal of difficulty fending off a relentless scourge of trolls, who no doubt were interested in nothing more than his dug out sell stationed bower. Prashnak used storms of acid to keep the trolls at bay, though there were many near misses. However, the young mage was tiring of the constant attacks and the trolls were becoming bolder. After several months of studying the various effects of wilting magic, elemental summoning, and magical methods of frosting, Prashnak was finally ready to try his experiment. After summoning a water elemental, Prashnak evaporated choice bodily components and then froze the hapless creatures. This lead to the creation of truly horrific sculptures of totems and reportedly fled the area. The experiment a gleaming continues his woeful studies to this day. What manner of thief took hold of the bracers is unknown, but they have been missing for several years.
Stats- +4 to AC, -2 to dexterity, 1/day Lesser Planar Binding, Summon Water Elemental 1/day, Cone of Cold 1/day, Horrid Wilting 1/day

Ravavik’s Bracers
The invoker Rakavik Savell was a man of few words. He kept company with thugs, brigands, murderers, and criminals of all sorts, men and women who valued strong action over a silver tongue. Rakavik was a clever man, and devised these bracers knowing that most people assumed bracers are for protection . When opponents thought Rakavik was out of spells, he never needed to pull a wand or staff to make quick offensive action. He simply made a non-threatening gesture with his arms and activated these polished steel bracers. Despite being over two hundred years old, the large sections of black enamel on the bracers are still dark and shining. Rakavik died in 1012 DR, when he his fellows botched an attempted burglary in Suzail. The bracers have passed through many hands since that time.
Stats-Magic Missile 2/day, Ice Dagger 1/day \

Great Lions of Arkamadis
Between 910 and 946 DR, the lands east of the Spine of the World mountains were often plagued by the minions of the archmage Arkamadis. Believed to have had contact with Arrakon, the would0be conquerer of Icewind Dale’s barbarians, Arkamadis was only slightly less dedicated to dominating the native people that surrounded his tower, Whitestone Talon. Arkamadis wore a pair of bracers during most of his time in the north. Regardless of the disguises he used, he always kept the bracers as an identifying feature. The bracers were made of thick, polished bronze. Though not elaborate, the top of each bracer featured a lion rampant in relief roaring towards his hands. Arkamadis lost his bracers when dwarves from Citadel Adbar crushed his growing empire and demolished Whitestone Talon with siege engines.
Stats: +5 to Defense, Bull’s Strength 2/day

Bracers of Blasting
Crafted by a powerful invoker, the Bracers of Blasting are dangerous tools for mages strong enough to use them. There are a number of sets of bracers floating around Faerun, but the number dwindles every year due to uncommon misfortune. The creator of these items has been lost to history.
Stats: Lets you cast Shout and Great Shout 1/day each. Every time great shout is used, there is a 10% chance of an explosion occurring dealing 5D10 damage to everyone in a 50 foot radius. This also happens if the wearer of the bracers is killed.

Silver Braces of Kedl
This mage, who made his home in Phlan, was known as “Kedl of the Three Rings” for it was said that he perfected a technique whereby he could wear three magical rings simultaneously. An enchanter of items, he was well known for his discriminating taste in clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. His polished silver bracers were a constant part of his wardrobe. Kedl eventaully sold his bracers when he needed the money for some powerful rings. Unforutnately, Kedl died in an orc attack on Phlan several years later.
Stats- +2 to Defense

Blessed Bracers
The willing sacrifice of a vast fortune in gold, combined with the holy veneration of the sanctifying ceremony, have convinced the blessed powers to transform these already formidable bracers into a force of awesome righteous power.
Stats- +10 maxium hit points, 1/day Cure Critical Wounds, and Resurrection

Bracer of Archery “The Dale’s Protector
During a dangerous meting with a rival ruler, the King of the Great Dale, requested the protection of his best archers in addition to his usual guard. The Archers, each equipped with an enchanted bow and braces, hid within the range of the gathering. As predicted, enemy troops attmped to seize the King and force their will over his rule, but none had anticipated the amazing accuracy and lethality of the hidden arhcers. The King was able to escape unharmed; in fact, none of the ambush members even lived to approach him.
Stats- +2 bonus to attack with range weapons
Bracers of Binding (Cursed)
Thse bracers appear to be Bracers of Specializations but when donned, bind the wearers wrist together, making it quite difficult to wield a weapon or cast a spell. These bracers are sometimes offered as reward for services rendered by the drow. The Recipient, believing them to be very powerful, will often don them before examining them. At this point, the drow find it amusing to conjure a hook horror.
Stats- +5 bonus to attack, -5 bonus damage, casting failure 75%

Bracers of Blinding Strike
Knight Wesic of the Most nOble Order of the Radiant Heart often said “Attack Swiftly and your enemy will be so overwhelmed that the battle will be yours”. He lived by this principle through these bracesr. Before engaging in righteous battle he would unlock the magic of the Blinding Strike and quickly rush at his enemy. More often than not his opponent would fall within the first few seconds of battle.
Stats- Improved Haste 1/day for 4 rounds

Bracers of Defense AC 3
Grining Glen, the Knight of Fools, Wore these bracers while competing in jousting tourneys. With his skill, charm and bravado-no man other than he would joust without armor- he soon became a favorite to the ladies that watched him. Too much of a favorite it would seem, for one afternoon he was caught frolicking with a knight’s betrothed. A challenged issued but in the rush Glen forgot to don his bracers. Glen died with a confused grin on his face as the knights sword struck him, never knowing his own folly.
Stats- +6 to AC

Bracers of Defense AC 4
Sometimes known as Gauntlets of Chain Mail, these Braers were first worn by Tapid Gornoak. He was still an active warrior at the age of seventy-five, but the weight of his armor was getting harder and harder to bear. A companion, the sorceress Nadaalarin created these bracers for him. She also cast a permanent illusion over him so that his men would think he still wore his heavy chain. Tapid died twenty years late,r his hands wrapped around the neck of an orc chief when old age took him
Stats- +5 to AC

Bracers of defense AC 5
Baron Tiri of the North Commanded ten of these bracers to be made, one for each of his bodyguards. The Baron though it amusing when bandits-thinking them easy targets for they wore no armor- would attack him and his men as they made excursions across of the land. The Guards of Tiri swiftly dealt with the would be attackers. Of course, the Baron himself never wore a set of bracers and it was this unfortunate oversight that led to his death at the hands of an assassins’ poison dagger
Stats- +4 to AC

Bracers of Defense AC 6: Bracers of Death
These bracesr were held for decades by an undefeated gladiator, and found extensive use in area combat. The death of this cimpaion marked the disappearance of this magical item, but rumors persist that they are used to this day in competitive combat across the lands.
Stats- +3 to AC

Bracers of AC 7
Normally bracers are used to add support and protection to forearm area of the body. However these bracers have been magically altered so that the wearer receives armor like protection without the constraints of wearing armor. Bracers such as tehse are highly prized by wizards and sorcerers who must have complete freedom of movement to perform their magical arts.
Stats- +2 to AC

Bracers of Defense AC 8
Bracers are thick bands of metal or leather that are strapped, belted or tied to a characters forearm. Generally, the magic that is instilled in bracers is only good during combat, since most bracers help protect the wearer from injury or improve chances to strike at an opponent. Exceptions do exist, though such specialized items are rare at best
Stats- +1 bonus to AC

Paladin’s Bracers
Defenders of justice are ever eager to acquire another tool which may be used to thwart the machinations of evil. However, these particular bracers can only be worn by a warrior of the purest beart.
Stats- +10 extra HP

Tzu-Zan Bracers
Although monks traditionally shun armor, these gauntlets of Grand Master Tzu-Zan are highly sought after by practitioners of weaponless combat
Stats- +15 to maximum hit point total, +1 bonus to AC

Braced of Limited Functionality
Friskar Talisin was an eccentric mage who created a menagerie of magical items that were neither very good, nor really bad. For every useful power he would imbune the bracers with, he would ad something engative to balance their usefulness. In the end, Friskar was killed using his lost Ring of Endless Fireballs, which dropped small meteorites on the head of the person blasting his opponents with fireballs.
Stats- +4 to AC, 25 vulnerability to Acid, Fire, Magic, and Sonic

Bracers of Locking Grip
Henisevan Ie Daliya- a boyshish, effeminate noble- had the curious goal of becoming a master swordsman. To counter his limp grip (and avoid ‘unsightly muscle growth’), he had the court wizards craft several pairs of bracers, each locking hand-to-blade. All was well until a clever strike from the young noble drew the blood the blood of his opponent. Distraught, Henisevan spent his remaining days in an isolated tower- accompanied by only fresh fruit and fawning men.
Stats- Discipline +8 and grants Ambidexterity

Bracers of the Blinding Strike
Beyl Van Yoren was a young student in the monastery of the Dark Moon who was seduced away from her order by a local transmuter named Vergol. To punish Beyl for her desertion, the Order’s elder monks contracted a rival spellcaster to arm several of their best remianing students with these bracers, hoping the bracers would prove a match to Vergol’s haste-inducing spells. However, the Order did not foresee Vergol’s equal expertise with hindering spells, and the students have not been seen since.
Stats- Grants constant haste, +4 to AC

Bracers of the Dead
Cold to the touch, these bracers seem to gleam with a unnatural light. Pressing one of the gems in the bracers seem to enable a type of dark aura around the wearer.
Stats- DR/1, Death Armor 1/day

Bracers of Archery
These wristbands look like normal protective wear. The bracers grant the wearer deadly accuracy when using bows. They are likely from the armory ofsome disbanded elven militia.
Stats- Grants Point Blank Shot, grants +1 Dexterity

Bracers of Dexterity +10
Bracer of this type were likely developed in Kara-Tur to aid masters of the martial arts. Legends speak of visitors from the Far East bringing these items with them on their journeys, though details remain sketchy…and most likely racist.
Stats- +10 to Dex



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