Battle Axes


The third instance of magic which I have disproven beyond the shadow of a doubt is the alleged existence of a magical axe called Deceiver. This axe is supposed to be found on a small island off of Stone Cove. The island, which can not be seen by land, is supposed to be reached by stones which rise above the water, only to sink again in a matter of moments. As I had no intention of going through those awful catacombs, I sailed to Stone Cove to investigate. I can assure one and all that there is no island off of Stone Cove and there certainly is no magical axe. Nor did I see any rising and sinking stones.
Of course, the stones were the only plausible part of this ridiculous story. I did think it quite possible for The Lurker to create just such a thing so that She may amuse Herself. So there you have it, dear reader. Irrefutable proof that there is no magic in the world other than that which the Titans have chosen to create. I realize that this book may take a little bit of fantasy out of some people’s daily lives, but if we are to better serve our Lady, we must all live in the here and now.
Stats- This +3 Two handed Axe deals double damage on crits.

Young Rage
This axe was crafted for a powerful young barbarian warrior named Hegelfden. He was born into the Tribe of the Elk and the Shamans prophesied that he would be a powerful warrior. Hegelfden grew up believing that he was special, important, and somehow better than those around him. By the age of seventeen, Hegelfden was an accomplished warrior. Huge, fast, and cunning, he was more than a match for both is kinsmen and invading orcs. On a journey into the Spine of the World, Hegelfden captured two dwarves that he came across in a cave. He refused to let the two workers go until they created a magnificent axe for him. The two dwarves reluctantly agreed, creating a stout battle axe with a keen blade and a thick handle. When the dwarves asked to be released, Hegelfden denied their request. He wanted to keep them as servants. The dwarves then laid a curse upon Hegelfden. They told him that the fruit of his abuse would be the end of him. Hegelfden laughed the dwarve’s claim and continued on with his life. The next day, in a battle with a rival tribe, Hegelfden went berserk with blood lust, salying every creature he came across. His kin, convinced that he had gone mad, cut him down where he stood. The axe was left on the field, when the warriors brought Hegelfden’s body back to the camp. When they arrived, the dwarves were nowhere to be found. With Tiernon’s guidance, the angry dwarven souls in the axe have been laid to rest.
Stats- This +5 battleaxe can inflict berserker rage upon the wielder if they want (upgraded) and renders the wielder immune to Hold Person.

Axe of Dead Illusk
A little-known section of ruined Illusk holds corpse after corpse from a barbarian invasion repelled ages. The clan is forgotten, but their surviving weapons seem to embody everything cruel and savage in warfare, and create fearful images in the minds of those who witness them.
Stats- This +2 battle axe will heal 3 points per hit and has a 50% chance of inflicting fear for 2 rounds (DC 14)

The Celebrant’s Blade
This beautiful axe was carefully made by Braiath Silverhand, a master craftsman and devoted worshipers of Moradin. Braith created the weapon to celebrate the completion of a glorious monument to his god, the father of the dwarven race. He paced it in the monument should a hero need it to liberate Dorn’s Deep at some future date.
Stats- This +4 battle axe lets you cast Dreaded Wave 1/day, good users only.

Edge of Oblivion
When its power are awakened and its name known, “Edge of Oblivion” becomes entirely black…where once the edges were ebony, now the blackness has spread across the entire blade. The chill of the blade radiates has increased ten-fold, so much so that it is painful to hold it for too long. “Edge of Oblivion” does disintegration damage every time it strikes an opponent…for every wound it causes, it also disintegrates the flesh around the target area, simultaneously cauterizing the wound as it strikes. There is some speculation that a Sphere of Annihilation has somehow been encaged within the axe itself, but against this is only speculation. Given that the planes are infinite, anything is possible.
Stats- This +1 battle axe deals 1D6 cold damage

Blackriver Axe
You took this axe from the corpse of a nefarious Blackriver Bandit leader while in Neverwinter
Stat- This +2 battleaxe deals an extra 1D10 damage on crits.

Lonesome Road
This was the weapon of a cursed soul, doomed to wander the length and breadth of Faerun for his crimes against the elves of Myth Drannor. Denell Harband was a human involved with the creation of the ‘Halfae Trail’. Under the orders of his commander, Halvan the Dark, he forged ahead through elven forests despite protests and repeated attacks. When he was finally captured by the elves, he stated emphatically that he was free of guilt because he waas just following his orders. The elven council deemed that Denell be placed under a High Geas to carry his axe from the Sword Coast to Faerun to its borders in the east, and from the Great Glacier to Lurien. It took Denell thirty years to complete his task. When he finished, he was an accomplished warrior, weathered and beaten by years on foreign roads. On his way back to his home, he passed by Harrowdale, and saw a wooden statue of Halvan the Dark raisedp roudly in a small town square. With a single-handed blow, he lodged his huge axe into Halvan’s forehead. Never breaking stride, he returned to his hut where he lived out the rest of his days as a reclusive farmer.
Stats- This +3 battle axe gives +1 to Constution.

Clangeddin’s Wayward Axe
The Dwarven faithful of mighty Clangeddin have long fought with their gods’ might on their side. When his followers began to appear in greater numbers of the surface, wise Clangeddin created few of these axes to give his champions power over the skies and clouds of their new land. A dwarf who comes into possession of one of these special boons is blessed indeed, for they are truly few in number
Stats- This +3 shocking axe deals an extra 4 points of Electrical damage

Deepstone Progeny
Torgin of the Light was a respected and prolific slayer of undead, which made his eventual descent into vampirism all the more tragic. His still-living companions saw the change as an insult of the life he once cherished and vowed to destroy his undead form. To this end, they crafted the Deepstone Progeny, adapted from the weapon that had previous served Torgin as well. History does not record the outcome of the battle between Torgin and his friends, but their axes are found across Faerun
Stats- This +2 battle axe makes you immune to Death Magic

Short even by dwarven standards, famed Pirate King Kjell Kristofferson had an almost pathological hatred for tall-masted ships. When ever he captured one at sea, he would immediately chop down the mainmast and order his tireless crew to row her back to port as if she were a dwarven longship Despite his noble reputation, mutinies were common
Stats- This +1 battle axe deals an extra 1D6 fire damage and 1D10 damage for crit

When he heros of neverwinter became famous, the dwarven smith of Neverwinter crafted a special axe in honor of their deeds. During the crafting of this weapon, a fever consumed the smith and drove him to work such magical forces as he had never crafted before. Afterwards he claimed that a god had come upon him and blessed his work. Mysteriously, the weapon disappeared while on display in the Halls of Justice and has never been seen again.
Stats- This +8 battle axe gives a +6 to listen and spot, True seeing 2/day, emits low light ten feet.

Mordan’s Withering Blade
These barbed and jagged blades have their origin in the personal armory of Mordan the Cold, 944-1021 DR, and each specimen is to be feared and respected. Even the slightest wound inflicted by one of these scourges requires quick attention or the victim will bleed to death. It is said that Mordan’s soldiers moved through a battlefield striking only once and the whole legion fell dead in their wake.
Stats- This is a +3 wounding battleaxe

Silvermane’s Axe
Silvermane, heroine of the dwarves, had a jealous stepsister, Slearna, who she killed in battle. Selarna’s spirit became trapped within the killing axe. From her vantage point within that blade, Selarna took her vengeance by provoking many subsequent wielders to kill their siblings. The curse was broken by the dwarf Skarlin upon the killing of his brother Njal. Freeded from selarna’s influence, the weapon has since been able to give life as well as to take it
Stats- This +1 battle axe gives regeneration 1 per round, and Raise Dead 1/user.

Battle axe of Mauletar
During the Tethyr civil war, the Battleaxe of Mauleter was in the possession of the house of Ormynd. This family was betrayed while trying to flee the country, and Mauletar, lead guard and personal friend, took up the axe and sacrificed himself to buy enough time for his companions to flee. His battle cry was favored by the gods and was echoed across the lands as the symbol of devoted friendship and loyalty Thus the magical axe was used to uphold these virtues, to be used against those who lacked honor and courage
Stats- This +2 battleaxe gives the wielder an extra hit point.

Faith Killer
This deceptively mundane looking battle axe has a short but strange history. According to philosophers of magic, Faith Killer was enchanted by the non-belief of its owner, the warrior Eron the Skeptic. A rarity in Faerun, Erion was a man who denied the existence of holy magic and the gods themselves. He was known for his attempts to prove that priests were charlatans, and holy magic was, in actually, a different form of standard magic. Sages believe that Erion’s intense opposition to holy men and women actually generated sympathetic magical powers in his weapon. Priests of Selune in Westgate confiscated the axe when they killed Erion in self-defense. It is currently believed that Erion is one of the unbelievers used as a building block in Myrkul’s Bone Castle.
Stats- This +2 War Axe grants 5% magic resistance (10% against divine), 5% chance to dispel magic on a successful hit.

Echos of Dorn’s Deep
Among the many weapons forged in the shadow of the Spoine of the World, several bear the mark of dwarven smiths. This magnificent axe is no exception. Its steel and balanced are testament to the work of a caring weaponsmith, and the axe’s edge is woven with the enchantments that allow its its wound even supernatural creatures. Like many weapons of dwarven manufacture, the blade is light, allowing the user to swing the blade more quickly and the never dulling edge ensures that the cut is always a clean one. The warven runes along the haft spell out the word “Dorn’s” not doubt a smith’s mark indicating where the weapon was made.
Stats- This +2 War axe is +3 against giants.

Axe of Hrothgar
This axe was wielded by an adventurer who lived within the town of Easthaven in Icewind Dale. He died about a century ago trying to rescue his town from Frost Giants serving the ancient Devil Balhifet
Stats- This +3 War axe gives a +1 bonus to Charisma and Wisdom.

Guktok’s Chopper
This huge axe belonged to Guktok, an orc chieftain. Guktok was infamous among his kind for his victories against several dwarven outposts in the north. He was also known for his extreme cruelty that he expressed if any dwarf was unlucky enough to be his captive. He met a horrible end when the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep Ambushed and annihilated his clan. They captured Guktok, beheaded him, and placed his head on a pike as a warning to any orcs entering the region.
Stats- This +2 Cleaver axe is +4 against dwarves.

Axe of Cagd Souls
like many prominent dwarven weapons, this axe was enchanted by the prayers and devotion of the dwarven priests. The Axe of Caged Souls was created as a defense against the resuscitated corspes of their foes and allies that dark elven sorcerers and priestess would continually drive at the dwarven defenses. It was used in combat by Jamoth Stonetree at the Battle of the Dead, where a gropu of twenty veteran dwarven warriors held off ten Drow Mages and their armies of zombies, ghouls and wrights. An inscription along the eternally sharp blade reads “with each stroke, liberation”.
Stats- This +3 Waraxe is +5 vs. Cadaverous Undead.

Beside its superb craftsmanship, tiny runes of power can be seen etched all along the surface. It’s obvious a lot of time and effort went into its creation and although not apparent at first, a slight blue glow can be seen emanating from the runes.
States- This +2 war axe gives 10% Missile Resistance, target must make a DC 16 Will save or become Confused.

Axe of the Unyielding
This axe was last seen in the gnarled fists of Glimred Heavyhand, an aging dwarven hero who disapperared in the deepest caverns beneath the marching Mountains. Enhanced by the magic of the Baalor’s Claw, the Axe of the Unyielding is the most fearsome of weapons, a vorpal edged axe capable of severing an opponent’s head with a single blow.
Stats- This +3 war axe regenerates 1 hit point per round and adds +1 to AC. If upgraded, it becomes +5 Vorpal, regenerates 3 hit points per round, and adds +1 to Con

Gulen Rock fire, Slayer of Undead, crafted this powerful throwing axe expressly for reinforcing his claim to his namesake. Blessed by a cross-section of gods, this weapon does phenomenal damage against creatures unwisely rebelling against their deceased status, and can potentially destroy them in a single blow. Obviously Gulen no longer carries Azuredge, and it is rumored that he died fighting a powerful vampires years ago, only to rise as one himself. This may have softened his stance regarding the undead, at the very least prompting a change of name
Stats- This +3 returning Throwing Axe deals an extra 1D6 +4 extra damage to undead, and it counts as a disruption weapon.

Bala’s Axe- Wizard Slayer
Bala was a foul-tempered prince of a gully dwarf clan, which was enslaved by a cruel elven mage in Thresk . Though Bala managed to escape the more cowardly traits of his race he was eve more filthy and obnoxious than the average gully dwarf. Sickened of his enslavement, Bala crept into the mage’s lair and cracked the elf’s skull open. Although rumor has it that it was the dwarf’s stench that overcame the damage, it was, in fact, his enchanted axe that dispelled the elf’s magical defense. It is obvious from the poor workmanship that Bala himself crafted the axe. The mystery lies in where its power originates After a lengthy career of mage-slaying, Bala died, never having revealed his secrets to those who were willing to risk a lice infestation by approaching him. Some say the axe was powered by Bala’s intense hatred of wizards. That axe gives the owner the ability to dispel magic once per day.
Stats- This +1 Waraxe can cast Dispel magic 1/day and any enemy it hits is affected by the Miscast Magic Spell

The Axe of the High Dwarves
This is the axe of Bruenor Battlehammer, and a fine weapon it is. It has a formidable single-edged blade and handles with the efficiency of a hand axe despite its size
Stats- This +3 mithral double bladed battle axe ignores all damage reduction and magical defenses.

This was the axe of Illgarth, a Frost Giant that terrorized northern communities long ago. It is not known where he acquired the weapon, but he took perverse pleasure in unleashing it upon small folk, particular halflings. Ice and acid maimed those not killed, and the giant would laugh coldly if he recognized his handiwork from a previous visit. Ultimately a group did manage to kill him, and at the request of his victims Forestreaver was buried with him.
Stats- This +3 broad axe deals an extra point of acid and cold damage, and counts as +4 vs. halflings.

The Stonefires were an old lineage of dwarves, and the eldest male of the line carried this axe, an heirloom of utmost importance. Unfortunately they were decimated in 1150 DR, falling in a mere two years to a mysterious plague. Ulgan, keeper of the axe, fled in the hopes of escaping the inevitable, but he died several weeks later. His body was found in the Cloakwood Forest, but the axe was missing
Stats- This +3 broadaxe deals an extra 2 points of fire damage to the target.

Hangard’s Axe of Hurling
If this weapon had a lofty beginning, it has been overshadowed by the exploits of its most famous owner, Hangard the dwarf. Hangard made a habit of trying to knock melons and apples off the heads of comrades. He missed more often than not, due in part to an unfortunate fondness for ale.
Stats- This +2 returning throwing axe also can count as +1 handaxe

The origins of this throwing axe are known only to denizens of the Underdark. What is known is that the clans of duergar have gone to war simply to possess this artifact.
Stats- This +4 returning throwing axe makes every opponent hit make a constitution Check (DC 14) or be knocked down taking 2D6 extra damage.

Rifthome Axe
This axe of Hurling is one of the most heavily enchanted weapons of its type. Its markings are vaguely dwarven ,but not dwarf yet encountered on Faerun has claimed a kinship with the maker. This causes some to speculate that it may not be the product of a terrestrial dwarven hand, rather some extra-planar variant. Dwarves laugh this off, of course, claiming the maker likely has no time for nosey scholars.
Stats- This +3 returning throwing axe gives the wielder immunity to Plane shift

Ascension is one of the finest weapons created at the Great Foundry, the home of the Believers of the Source. It is one of three weapon called the ‘Triad of Test’, including the hammer ‘Reason and the dagger ‘Enlightenment’. The symbol of the faction is engraved on the axe head, and the edge of the blades are so sharp that they could split a hair lengthwise. Are you are first to bear this weapon.
Stats- This +2 Winged Double Bladed Battle Axe, gives a +1 to Charisma and AC and can only be usable to Godsmen.

Axe of Celestial Fire
“Celestial Fire” is the only object that Trias had left to remind him of the Upper Planes. The blade became an axe in your hands. It is warm to the touch, and flames have been carved across the surface of the head. The intricacy of the carving is breathtaking; they are done with such skill that the axe seems to be burning with metallic flames…someone must have spent several centuries rendering them. The metal of the axe is unfamiliar, it is heavy but it shines like silver. The axe looks several millennia old. A faint hum can be felt within it, and the vibration becomes stronger when it touches human flesh. Not surprisingly, “Celestial Fire” can be wielded only by those with sufficient strength and purity of heart. When used in combat, “Celestial fire” bursts into a holy radiance that burns any evil creatures it strike in combat.
Stats- This +3 hand axe +2 to AC, +10 to Fire Damage, DC/5 to slashing attacks, Lawful Good users only.

Edge of Oblivion
When its powers are awakened and its name known, “Edge of Oblivion” becomes entirely black…where once just the edges were ebony, now the blackness has spread across the entire blade. The chill the blade radiates has increased tenfold, so much so that it painful to hold it for too long. “Edge of Oblivion” does disintegration damage every time it strikes an opponent…for every wound it causes, it also disintegrates the flesh around the target area, simultaneously cauterizing the wound as it strikes. There is some speculation that a Sphere of Annihilation has somehow been encaged within the axe itself, but against this is only speculation. Given that the planes are infinite, anything is possible.
Stats- +2 Battle Axe gives 50% resistance to cold, ands +1 to Defense and deals an extra 1D6 cold damage

Final Judgment
This archaic double laded axe is reminiscent of an executioner;s axe, the head has been forged onto the symbol of the Mercykiller Faction (a red Dragon with its wings outspread….The outstretched wings have been shaped into the blades of the axe). The Axe itself is huge; even wielded two-handed, it would require tremendous strength to use effectively. For a spectral entity, Vhailor must be extremely strong. The axe is as much a part of Vhailor as his armor, and the axe itself carries part of Vhailor’s essence within it. As a result, it is utterly devoted to justice and will not allow the user to rest while “judgments” are left to be delivered. The considerable damage it causes to an opponent is doubled if the axe strikes a guilty or chaotic creature. Furthermore, the axe itself lends some of its strength to the wielder, giving him added protection from attacks.
Stats- This +3 Archaic Vorpal Cleaver Axe deals an extra 1D6 Fire Damage. Counts as +5 against Chaotic or Evil creatures, and deals double damage to creatures who have committed an evil action that they haven’t been punished for in the last day. It also gives the wielder an extra +2 strength and a +1 to Defense.
User- Vhailor

Hatred’s Gift (cursed)
It is not exactly clear in the annals of known planar history when Hatred’s Gift” was created, but by the bloody trail it has left across the planes seem to have finally reached you. The axe exists to inspire hatred in one’s enemies and fill its wielder with a berserker rage. When entering combat, the skulls along the shaft come alive, chitterling their teeth, and the teeth (remnants of fiendish victims absorbed into the axe blade) extends outwards, biting and tearing into opponents with each strike.
Stats- This cursed +1 Danish axe gives the wielder the Berserk effect, and deals double damage against Fiends. Can’t be used by Good Characters

A single teardrop of the wielder’s blood, applied at the border where the axe blade meets the handle, is sufficient to awaken “Heargrinder”. Once applied, the drop of blood freckles across the blade and handle, giving it a dull red radiance. The glow from Heartgrinder pulses, matching the heartbeat of its wielder. No matter what the target, Heargrinder is a powerful weapon, capable of tearing through nearly any defenses. Against targets with blood running in their veins (whether their own or another’s—vampires beware), Heargrinder inflicts additional damage.
Stats- This +3 battle axe counts as +4 against creatures with blood, and all critical hits are doubled

Axe of the Jester
The person who created this axe must have been mad or a genius. Only the most skilled of smiths could have forged a weapon using Chaos Matter, the most unstable and unpredictable element in all the planes. 
Stories of this particular axe have been told and retold across the planar universe. Heroic deeds of men defeating creatures of immense power simply by touching the axe to the creature and of these same men dying horrible deaths while doing simple every day tasks.
Zaknar the Simple – Defeated a devourer with a single swipe of this axe. Crushed to death by a falling boulder in the vast plains of Tabor.
Garkon the Righteous – Struck by a mysterious discharge of energy while fighting a cranium rat.
Kannas – Tradesman by profession. Buried alive as the stone wall the axe was mounted on collapsed on him.
Kvry Matterson – A child of only nine seasons, was not only able to ward off a group of marauding fire bats, he even managed to kill 2 of them!
The list of tragedies and deeds goes on and on.

Stats- Randomly makes one state 18, +2 to another and +1 to another, while another state is randomly reduced to 3, with a -2 and -1 to another stats. The Axe can be anything from a +1 to +5 bonus. All effects last an hour.

This magnificent axe, known as “Blindsider” is truly one of a kind. It is rumored that it was the creation of one Akyzum Yar, chief metallurgist of an ancient empire on the Prime Material Plane. The Emperor whom Yar served, a vain and wicked man, commissioned the creation of “a weapon of unsurpassed beauty.” After years of Toiling, Yar succeeded and presented the Emperor with “Blindsider,” whereupon eh was promptly put to death so his work could never be reproduced.
Stats- This +1 Crescent Axe gives a +2 bonus to AC and immunity to Blindness, Flash 1/day

Butcher of Innocents
This giant, axe like cleaver earned its nickname while in the hands of Oswell Breck, a butcher who once serviced the Clerk’s ward of Sigil. The chant is that one day this affable and well-respected citizen suddenly went on a murderous and bloody rampage that lasted tend days and nights. Clever in hand, Oswell stalked the streets of the ward, brutally hacking down every man, women, and child unlucky enough to cross his path until the Lady herself intervened. It is rumored that he suffered from a strange disease that slowly caused his body to waste away, and it was this disease that eroded his sanity and prompted the murder spree. The origin of this instrument of carnage is shrouded in mystery. However, the various wizards and scholars who examined the discarded weapon after Oswell’s mazing has catalogued the nature of its enchantment. The clever seems to feed upon its victim, sucking the very life force from them and bestowing a portion of it upon its wielder
Stats- This +2 unholy Clever axe deals an extra 1d4 points of damage and gives it to the wielder.

The Eviscerator (artifact)
This unholy weapon is obviously intended for Quality Assurance to massacre any creatures in their path as quickly as possible. Closer examination of this weapon reveals a strange symbol, very faint, on the surface of the axe head. Tracing it with your finger, there is a sudden change, and the axe changes before your eyes into a silvery-looking metal. The edge is incredibly sharp, so much so that it looks like it could hack through stone if necessary. The symbol you traced on the weapon is now glowing brilliant, and if anything, the axe has become even lighter than before, so much that you can wield it one handed.
Stats- This +9 Infernal Battleaxe gives a +12 to AC, sets all stats to 25, and grants an extra 20 to hit points, and deals an extra 1D100 damage, and is weightless.

Axe of Fire Doom
This ultra-powerful, jeweled Axe is a weapon that really screams ‘overkill” Each time this axe is used, it engulfs everything surrounding the wielder in a sea of flames- a tactic that is as devastating to the wielder as it is to enemies. Theo only hope of using this weapon without committing literal suicide is to find some means of becoming immune to fire damage. This enchanted weapon could be found amongst the treasures of the secure vault which the magicians of Scintillus had suspended in the Ethereal Void. Studded with jewels, the finely crafted axe was able to summon a sea of flames when its wielder swung it, engulfing everything around it in deadly fire. So potent was this weapon, that its user was at risk of being consumed within the inferno it created, making it wise to employ flameproofing magic or armor when brandishing it.
Stats- This +6 Waraxe will have a ¼ chance of targeting a fire ball (spell level 30) casted targeted upon the person hit.

The Battleroarer family maintained an inn alongside the river Delimbiyr, frequented mainly by adventurers. A trio of red robed Thayan wizards blasted the inn and all within it to dust over a disagreement resulting from the Battleroarer’s refusal to offer service to the distrustful wizards. Hagan Battleroar, just a young dwarf at the time, was tending to the family’s herd of sheep on a nearby hill and saw the massacre. Hagan abandoned his family’s peaceful ways and with steadfast perseverance became a dwarven defender. He crafted this weapon to aid him in a vendetta against all users of magic, specifiably Thayans. His clan recently began asking for news of Hagan’s whereabouts, after he disappeared recently tracking several red wizards near the mouth of the underdark.
Stats- This +6 war axe, if it hits it has a 5% chance of silencing the target for 5 rounds and gives a -4 to int.


Battle Axes

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