Goblin Arrows
These arrows are known less for their damaging power than they are for their annoying summoning power. Invented by a black-hearted gnome named Turbar Talinbar, the Goblin Arrows are commonly found in the quivers of mischievous halflings and elves. Several adventuring companies use the goblins Arrows before launching any major attacks.
Stats- These +1 arrows will summon a level 1 goblin warrior next to the target.
Arrows of Ice
The arrow of ice is magically enhanced so as to burst into a rolling ball of ice and cold when fired. When the arrow strikes its victim, a shock of cold will travel through its body, both burning and numbing to the very core.
Stats- This +1 Arrow deals an extra 1D6 ice damage.

Arrow of Dispelling
The arrow of dispelling will remove the magical enchantments that is victim is surrounded by.
Stats- When it hits a target, it lets off a dispel magic.

Arrows of Detonation
This arrow has a particularly debilitating effect on its victims as, upon impact, it explodes into a huge ball of fire and shrapnel effecting all within the area.
Stats- This does the basic damage of an arrow but explodes dealing 6D6 damage

Arrow of Slaying
This arrow is twisted and black, almost radiating evil as if possessed by something larger then itself. It was made specifically to kill one type of creature and one type only. IN this case, the unlucky being is the Ogre Mage
stats- Slays Ogre Mage upon touch (DC 28)

Arrow of Fire
The Arrow of fire is a magical arrow that will burst into flames as it is fired at an enemy. The effect is similar to an arrow doused in oil and set to flame.
Stats- Deals 1D6 extra fire damage.

Everlast Arrow
These arrows were enchanted through magical means when they were created, AKA not by a formal magic item maker, but instead by the local magics of the region where they came from. And good luck finding where that is. They appear slightly straighter than the average arrows, almost alive as they effortlessly leave your bow ans streak towards their targets with deadly accuracy. Many scholars are still wondering about where these come from.
Stats- This +1arrow will always reappear in your bow if you shoot it.

Arrow of Biting
The arrow of biting was designed as a deadly compliment to the archer. With the barbed arrow tip coated in a nasty poison that will inflate the bloodstream of its victims causing agony and often times, death.
Stats- This normal arrow makes you do a fortitude save (DC 18) or you lose 30% of your hit points to depart at a rate of 10% per round for three rounds.

Holdfast Arrows
Employed almost exclusively by Eldathyn rangers in the western heartlands of Faerun, Holdfast Arrows are prized for their ability to subdue a target with little harm. The arrows are commonly used on rampaging animals, but are quite effective against malicious humanoids. They are typically adorned with blue and green ribbons and flowers to show that they were created by the peacekeepers of Eldath. Obviously they aren’t quite effective in combat.
Stats- These -1 arrows will cast Entangle on the target for 4 rounds.

Translocation Arrows
These potentially dangerous arrows are exceedingly rare, typically only appearing as individual items. As weapons, they are abysmally poor, as strategic tools, they are quite useful. These arrows were frequently used by melee fighters with competent bow skills. Once they had fired off their Translocation Arrow, they could enter melee and finish a protected target at close range.
Stats- These -3 arrows let the user transport next to the target.

Arrows of the Hand
Made during the golden age between the elves of Seldarine’s hand, and the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep. Any expert fletcher will find these to be some of the finest arrows ever made. They are weighted and balanced perfectly and can pierce through the strongest armor.
Stats- These +2 arrows ignore all non natural armor.
User; Kaylessa

Love Arrows
The pink-glowing love arrows are strange arrows that can only be found in Dungeon Despise in Ultima VII. In total, only six of these arrows can be found. It is unknown what special powers these arrows have, but they hurt an opponent much like regular ammunition.
Stats- These +1 Arrows have a chance of making the character unable to love (DC 25) for six days. This includes all personal forms of love, be it for family, friends, or loved ones.

Boarding Arrows
Having seen far too many clumsy buccaneers become entangled in the rigging while leaping onto enemy ships, the half-elven pirate, Darius Gulch, spent the bulk of his fortune on the development of teleportation-enabled ‘boarding arrows’. Sadly, loss of life seems just as prevalent among those using his new invention, as they tended to appear in the midst of well-armed naval officers, fragile longbows still in hand
Stats- This +1 returning arrow will inflict daze and can teleport the wielder next to them.

Arrow of the Vampire
No one knows when or where these arrows were made. It is rumored that each tip is made with a vampire tooth. That seems unlikely due to the number of quivers of thse arrows that can be found
Stats- This +1 arrow is 2 vampire
Burst Arrow
An area effect arrow. The arrow functions as a regular arrow, but upon impact, explodes into a thousand flying shards of death.
Stats- These +2 arrows explode for 2D20 damage for 30 feet.

Lucky Arrow
The green-glowing lucky arrows are similar to magic arrows. The difference is, that additionally to the increase in damage, the targeting is even superior to magic arrows. Essentially, a lucky arrow never misses. However, such a precision comes at a price: the arrows are rare, and therefore can only be found, not made or bought by adventurers. 
stats- These +4 arrows cannot miss and give the wielder a +2 luck bonus to avoid being hit.

Arrows of Petrification
‘Always like to give ‘em a taste of their own medicine” was the motto of famed basilisk hunter, Bliney Gratter. He carried these arrows, which he would use to destroy or slow the dangerous lizard before finishing them off the dangerous lizards before finishing them off with his magical warhammer, Shattermaster. Usually a very careful hunter, Bliney’s life came to a quick end when he accidentally nicked a finger on one of these arrowheads. But he is on display in the courtyard of his widow’s estate.
Stats- This +1 arrow costs Flesh to Stone Level 7

Serpent Arrows
Serpent Arrows are magic arrows from the long-gone Ophidian civilization of Serpent These arrows are even stronger than Magic Arrows and boast with the perfect accurancy of the Lucky Arrow However, the knowledge of their creation became lost with time and now only the arrows that have survived the centuries are still available, a steadily dwindling supply that is limited. This means adventurers should decide carefully, if they want to use these arrows in battle.
Stats- These +6 arrows deal an extra 1D6 damage



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