HIgh Tyrannar’s Band
Previously worn by the half-drow Tyrannar Brutai Mar, this thick steel ring is pockmarked and scratched in many places. Other than its brutalized appearance, it has no distinctive features.
stats- +4 to Charisma and Wisdom

Howling Wolf Charm
This is a smallish silver wof charm fashioned by the Rhashemen shamans of the Tribe of the wolf, to summon an emergency ally for traders wandering alone in the bare woods.
stats- Summon Wolf 3/times per month

Periapt of Wound Closure
This magical stone looks exactly the same as the others of this ilk. The person possessing it need never fear open, bleeding wound because the periapt prevents them. In addition, the periapt doubles the normal rate of healing, or allowing normal healing of wounds that would not do so normally.
stats- Immune to bleeding, you regenerate an extra hit point from resting.

Lucky Knucky
This barely recognizable lump of fish bone has been carried as a good luck charm in Targos for almost twenty years. The item’s history started with the sailor Young Ned of Lonelywood. One one his fishing trips near Targos, his small boat capsized near the maer Dualdon shore. He held onto his prize catch, an “unbelievably massive” knucklehead trout, despite being charged by a hungry bear when he reached shore. The bear snatched the majority of the trout away from Ned, leaving him holding the poor fish’s tooth-severed head. Ned walked the rest of the way to Targos and kept the head as evidence of his encounter. Over time, Ned started to attribute his good fortune as a sailor to his ‘lucky knucky’. The brigand Marg the Tembler ‘won’ Ned’s lucky knucky away from him in a rigged card game. Ned was bitten over being cheated, but he wasn’t wiling to stand up to Marg to get it back. Marg later used the fish head as currency to buy supplies as he hastily fled from Targos. The man who received the piece of beon held on to it for a few months before handing it off to a friend at the docks. In the years that followed up to the current date, Ned’s “Lucky knucky” has been traded, won, or sold over a dozen people in Targos, and once, in Bremen
stats- +1 to to all saving throws, if upgraded becomes +2 to all saving throws

Sunfire Talisman
Fire can be the bringer of life, or the harvester of death. With the SUnfire Talisman, both scenarios are true. Crafted by an unknown, yet clever sorcerer, the Sunfire Talisman gave its wearer added protection against all sorts of of melee attacks and had the power to ignite a sunfire fireball once per day at surrounding would-be attackers. In addition, if the would be attackers tried to turn the tables and attack the sorcerer with their own fire weapons, the Sunfire Talisman would grant its wearer added resistance to fire.
stats – +3 to AC, Fire Resistance 15, Can cast Sunfire 1/day

House of Despana Insignia
This small obsidian and adamantite amulet has a metal hoop near the top through which a purple and pink ribbon passes. The raised surface of the amulet features the arrows and hexagon glyph of House Despana. Malavon Despana crafted the amulet for his brother, Ilmryn. Legends state that when Malavon and his allies in the church of Vhaeraun attacked the Lolth matriarchy, he had to face his brother, then the Weapons Master of House Despana, in a pitched battle. Just as Ilmryn gained the upper hand, Malavon uttered a secret word that invoked a magical barrier that protected him from harm. Since it as ostensibily a beneficial magical effect, Ilmryn’s natural magic resistance did not help him resist the amulet’s power. When the Weapon’s Master emerged from the protective sphere, he found himself fact to face with the most powerful demons he had ever seen. He died screaming, cursing his brother’s name.
stats- Blure, Melf’s Acid Arrow, and Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 1/day

Amulets of the Learned
Similar gifts are often bestowed upon talented apprentices that have finished or are close to finishing their apprenticeship with a mage.
Stats- Adds one 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells

Gohoin’s Charm
The kobold explorer Gohoin wore this lucky charm with him throughout most of his life. A rarity among kobolds, Gohoin was both brave and clever. He worked to undermine the efforts of the dwarves against his people for twenty years before being slain in a dwarven rush on his tribe’s home settlement. A luck would have it, the charm did not fall into the hands of the dwarves, but bounced away into an underground river. It was discovered decades later by a goblin hunter who wore it for the rest of his days. The nameless goblin is believed to have died in the spine of the world.
stats- +3 to dodge, regenerates 1 hit point every 10 rounds, can cast Improved Invisibility 1/day

Heart of the Snow Leopard Charm
Shamans of many barbarians clans have long looked upon the snow leopard as one of the most graceful and swift hunters of the frozen lands. Many times the warriors of these clans mimic the movements of the large, white cats during fierce combat. In addition, the barbarian shamans would sometimes create spells that would temporarily imbue the warriors with dexterity of the snow leopards. However, since these spells were temporary, often times the spell would wear off at inopportune times. It is said, however, that a group of barbarian shamans once congregated deep within the Dales to find a way to better harness the swift agility of the snow leopard. For nearly a year the shamans remain out of sight from their homes clans, busily focusing their attention towards the magic of the snow leopard. Then one day, the shamans returned to their respective clans, each holding a small necklace made of silver, with a pendant that resembled a snow leopard’s paw. the shamans gave this pendant to their strongest warriors of each clan. Once placed around neck of the warrior, the extremity of the snow leopard filled their powerful bodies, as well as immunity to the cold that surrounds the Dales. From then on, the HEart of the Snow Leopard Charm, as it became known would become one of the most prized artifacts within barbarian clans. Only the mightiest warriors wore the amulet, and it became the goal of all young warriors to one day be adorned with the charm.
stats- +2 to Dexterity, if upgraded becomes +4 to dexterity and Cold resistance 4

Kossuth’s Blood
The god of fire, Kossuth, rarely takes physical form in the Forgotten Realms. On those rare occasions when he ones, however, destruction lies in his wake. He was summoned in 801 DR by a large collection of faithful followers who plead that they needed their god’s aid to defeat a colossal octopus threatening a temple on the coast. Kossuth appeared in a gigantic bonfire and did battle with the enormous supernatural beast. The god’s avatar triumphed over the octopus, but the monster did manage to damage Kossuth’s essence. The divine fire raced through the creature’s body and lodged in one of the creature’s eyes, quickly transforming it into a bizarre black sphere lit by the flame within.
Stats- Casting Time reduced by 2, take 10 more fire damage.

Mirror of Black Ice
Wrapped with serpentine twine around its corners and tapped in place by Tiernon’s hands, this mirror of black ice may now be worn around the neck. It still serves the same function as the original black ice mirror, but feels much lighter now, and the reflections within the mirror seem both sharper and duller at the same time. The power of the Mirror of Black Ice lies in its ability to confound the sight of an attacker. Merely wearing it provides a boon to the wearer’s defenses, as attackers will discover the wearer suddenly isn’t where they thought he was when they first attacked. By concentrating on the mirror, however, the wearer may alter what others wee when they look at him, distorting his image to make him harder to hit, or splitting his image into several reflections of himself, further confusing attackers.
Stats- +2 AC against melee attacks, +3 against missile attacks. +3 vs. Spells. Blur and Mirror Image 1/day. Constant effect of True Seeing

Amulet of Intellect
This Amulet has been enchanted in some long ago elven empire whose name has been lost to improve the wearer’s learning capabilities, though how it was handled is unknown.
stats- +1 to Intelligence

Belib’s Multiple Tool of Fortune
Belib the Wary was a very bright gnome, and self-proclaimed adventurer, who believed in covering every angle of his tiny arse before leaving on grand quests. He created magical items that literally saturated the gamut of possible situations that could arise from his high adventures. These magical items would have been the envy of all adventurers, had Belib been successful in leaving his domicile with his equipment. After many years of creating his incredible inventory of enchanted do-dads, Belib finally gathered his wares into an immense backpack (naturally it was enchanted to carry far more than what would normally fit into a gnome’s pack) and set out to quest for the grandest quest. Unfortunately for Belib, one of his tiny feet tripped over his home’s threshold and he was summarily crushed under the enormous weight of his pack. The backpack burse open and scattered his enchanted wares all across his front yards. One would like to think that passing sentient beings would stop and help the crushed gnome, but the most that passerby did was loot Belib’s goods. one of Belib’s more popular goodies, especially with the vermin that make stealing and looting a career, was Belib’s Multiple Tool of Fortune. Disguised as an ornate amulet, this tool would help to make even the most inept rogue a master of lock picking and trap disarming As is usually the case with items that aid in the thieving arts, Belib’s Multiple tool has found its way into many greased palsm over the years.
stats- +2 to Open Lock and Search, +1 bonus to all saving throws.

Bile of the Dammed.
Fearles, ruthless, and reveling in the death and despair of others, the vile Dreadmaster of Bane spreads his dogma of hate and strife on the land. Nothing makes a cleric of Bane happier than if the strife within the land is caused by one of his disciples. To help a Dreadmaster of Bane better serve his tyrannical god, a special amulet, dipped in the spilled blood of the innocent victims of a Dreadmaster’s wrath, is (on rare occasions) made. This elixir, once worn by a Dreadmaster of Bane, blesses the evil disciple with increased strength and wisdom to better exercise his dark plans. No one is quite sure, except for very high-level Bane clerics, of all the ingredients that go into the Bile of Damned amulet-but those that did find out soon become part of the amulet itself
Stats- 2 to Strength. If the wielder is able to kill 101 people with their own hands while wearing this amulet, the states increase to4 to Strength and Wisdom, this sentient item tries to consume the wielder over time.

Circlet of the Tribe of the Wolf
This is a smallish, silver wolf’s head charm of the sort sometimes fashioned by Rashemen shamans of the Tribe of the Wolf. By gripping the charm tightly and howling towards the heavens, one may summon a fierce gray wolf to aid him or her in battle.
stats- Summon a True Werewolf (no class levels) three times per month

Cleansing Medallion
This circular silver medallion allows a good-aligned priest or paladin to draw upon the strength of their faith to heal the sick and injured. It does not appear to be tied to any faith or religion, but it does not radiate an aura of well-being and comfort.
stats- Cure light wounds once per day, good users only.

Flame Dance Talisman
Fire can be the bringer of life, or the harvester of death. With the Flame Dance Talisman, both scenarios are true. Crafted by an unknown, yet clever sorcerer, the Flame Dance Talisman gave its wearer added protection against all sorts of melee attacks and had the power to launch a fireball once per day at would-be attackers
stats- +1 to AC, Fireball 1/day

Amulet of Fire Shielding
The small red gem at the end of this amulet act like a heat sponge, protecting the wearer from heat or flame attacks. Whenever the wearer is exposed to fire, the gem draws some of the heat into itself, shielding its wearer from part of the damage. It is rumored that each of these amulets holds a tiny fire mephit inside, and that they are so starved for heat that they are so starved for heat that they will drink deep of any fire in the vicinity. This hs never been proven, mostly because nobody really cares to investigate the matter.
Stats- 20% Fire resistance.

Amulet of Spells
Amulets are usually magical devices that are commonly worn around the neck, suspended from a chain . The type of chain that comes with an amulet generally increases the item’s aesthetic value, not its magical properties. This one dates back to ancient Nethil
stats- 3 extra 1st level spells, 2 extra 2nd level spells, 2 extra 3rd level spells

Amulet of Cheetah
This amulet grants its wearer fleetness of foot. Not surprisingly it is popular among fleeing felons, travelers and cowards.
Stats- Increase movement by 2, Can cast Improve Haste 1/day

Amulet of the Seldarine
A reward from the Elven Queen Ellesime for saving the Tree of Life, this amulet protects the wearer against all forms of enchantments and spells.
Stats- 10% magic resistance +1 to all saving throws

Amulet of the Master Harper
This medallion is highly sought after by both thieves and bards, though for different reasons. In addition to providing powerful magical protection against physical attacks, the amulet increases the wearer’s proficiency in several rogue skills. But even more valuable, from the bard’s perspective, is the amulet’s ability to grant the wearer immunity to all form of silence.
Stats- +3 to AC, immunity to silence, +10 to Find Traps and Pick Locks

Scarab of Goodwill
This type of amulet take the form of a sculpted beetles, and is typically only found in around Mulhorand. This particular scarab was crafted by a priest of Nephtys named Ani
Halous. She used it in negotiation with local businesses and the general populace. Similar scarabs are believed be circulated in the Realms. Priest of Baukeen are particular fond them
stats- Lets you cast Friends 1/day
Selune Caress
This simple amulet has been blessed by priestess of Selune, goddess of the moon. It has the power to hold the curse of Lycanthopy in check, though not cure it.
Barrier Amulet
This powerful amulet was crafted by the enchanter Celemon of Calimport in 727 DR. He crafted ten such amulets on commission before jealous rivals killed him and attempted to duplicate the procedure. His colleagues were not as talented as Celemon, and destroyed their laboratory and themselves when a mishap occurred. The formula was destroyed as well. The particular amulet was owned by the elven warrior-mage Pelan Rainwind. It was lost when he was killed by giants in the Spine of the World somewhere around 840 DR.
stats- Lets you 1/day simultaneously cast Stoneskin and Minor Globe of Invulnerability.
Black Wolf talisman
This crude talisman appears to be nothing more than a flat piece of stone with a wolf’s paw painted on it. Despite its similar appearance, the Black Wolf Talisman contains powerful beneficial magic.
Stats- +1 to AC, 10 extra hit points, 10% cold Resistance, +1 vs. breath weapons.

Bone Talisman
These talismans are highly coveted among practitioners of necromancy. The charm is created from a piece of bone taken from the remains of a slain vampire. Usually fashioned into a necklace or ring, the fey magic contained within the talisman enables the wearer to drain the life force from any living creature he or she touches.
Stats- You can cast Vampiric Touch 1/day

Scarab of defense
This type of amulet takes the form of a sculpted beetle, and is typically only found in areas around Mulhorand. This particular scarab was crafted in Thay by Gulvak Anrak, a powerful enchanter of magical protective devices. Gulvak gave this scarab to an apprentice, Alik Banom, who was killed by Cormyrean soldiers in 1021 DR. According to sages, Alik started a fight with a Cormyrean knight who insulted Thay and the Red Wizards as a whole. Even though Alik was powerful, he was no match for the throng of Purple dragons that came to the knight’s aid.
Stats- +2 to saves vs. polymorph and petrification.

Symbol of Solonar Thelandira
This magical symbol of the elven Solonar Thelandira was given to many of the archer of the arhcers in the Hand of the Seldarine. Wearing it would increase the archer’s prowess to strike true on its target.
Stats- +2 to attack with ranged weapon.

Symbol of Shevarash
This magical symbol of the demipower, Solonar Thelandira was given to those who would do battle for the Hand in the dead of night. The wearer would give infravision stronger than normal elven eyes.
Stats- Grants perfect Darkvision

Symbol of Sehanie Moonbow
This magical symbol of the elven queen goddes, Sehanine Moonbow was given to those elves of the Hand of the Seldarine who exlpored various nearby areas. The wearer has the limited ability to cast divine magic, traps, and understand the moraltiy of allies.
Stats- Find Trap and Know Alignment 1/day each

Symbol of Labelas Enoreth
Created during the golden age between the elves of the Seldarine’s Hand and the dwarves of Dorn’s Deep. This ring was created to empower young wizards with focus to cast their spells more effectively. Although the elder wizard of the Hand were some of the most poweful in the realm, they were always involved in various research or experiments that prevented them from joining less critical battles or expeditions.
Stats- +1 to Intelligence

Symbol of Corellon Larethian
This magical symbol of the elven god, Corellon Larethian was given to many of the warriors in the Hand of the Seldarine. This symbol is a reminder of the epioc battle Corellon fought against Gruumsh One-Eye. Anyone wearing this will find special focus while battling orcs, due to the great fued between the two races.
Stats- +2 to all attacks.

Amulets of Dark Flesh
A horrible cursed item crafted by the Calishite necromancer Niri Eddin, the Amulet of Dark Flesh is a token of diseaes and slow death. Eddin gave the item to his secret enemies as gift and reclaimed it through his thief servant when the sickness had run its course. Niri is believed to still be ‘alive’ somewhere in the realms, despite the fact that he was a human born in 832 DR.
stats- This Amulet paraylized and diseased anybody who wears it.

Barirer Amulet
This powerufl amulet was crafted by the enchanter Celemon of Calimport in 727 DR. He crafted ten such amulets on commision before jealous rivals killed him and attmepted to duplicate the prodedure. His collegues were not as talented as Celemon, and destroyed their laboratory and themselves when a mishap occurred. The forumla was destoryed as well. This particular amulet was owned by the elven warrior-mage Pelan Rainwind. It was lost when he was killed by giants in the Spine of het World somewhere around 840 DR
stats- 1/day can simultaneously cast Stoneskin and Minor Globe of Invulnerabilty.

Amulet of Dark Influence
A horrible cursed item carfted by the Calishite necromancer Niri Eddin, the Amulet of Dark Flesh is a token of disease and slow death. Eddin gave the item to his secret enemies as gifts and reclaimed it through his thief servants when the sickness had run its course. Niri is bleieve to be still ‘alive’ somewhere in the realms, despite the fact that he was a human born in 832 DR
stats- Paralyzes and diseases the wearer.

Amulet of Metaspell Influence
Amulet of metaspell influence: ’The Amplifier”
Known for its ability to enhance spellcasting, the Amult of Metaspell Influence is highly sought after by magic practitioners. It was created by Elairdrin Mellwith who resided in the Star Mountains. His reasons for fabricating such an item stemmed from his womanizing habits, and to this extent the Amplifier served his purpose well. It was later taken from him by a mage with a more destructive intent, but records of detailing the change of hands vary widely.
Stats- One extra second level spell

Amulet of Magic Resistance
Commissioners working for the Athkatla city council often wear these amulets while searching for spell users. The amulets provides some small protection against devious mages who resist any efforts at being imprisoned or killed
Stats- Magic Resistance 5%

Amulet of Acid Resistance
Under the direction of Druxus Rhym, these amulets are created by the Red Wizards of Thay and are sold in their enclaves across the realms. The Cheap and easy to make, this magical protection from certain elements is a huge source of profit for the enclaves
stats- Acid Resistance 20
Variations: Cold Resistance, Electric, Fire, and Sonic.

Amulet of Health
Natnea Ches was one of the first priestesses of Kelemvor in the Moonshae Islands, and become known as “The Defender of the Dead”, when she helped stop a necromancer from raising any army of undead. As a gift fro her heroic deeds, Kelemvor gave her this amulet, along with the secrets of making copies for other clerics dedicated to the destruction of powerful undead creatures. Many a thief has since found these items to be invaluable in their line of work as well.
Stats- Immunity to Disease, Poison, Level Drain, Ability Drain, and Energy Drain

Amulet of Natural Armor
When old age forced his retirement from combat, the warrior Telenn became a tutor instead, instructing local youths in the fighting arts. His longtime interest in magic was rekindled and, a his skills improved, he began creating these amulets to prevent his students form injuring themselves. Eventually his work became so good that he gave up the quite life and resumed adventuring, amulets in tow.
Stats- +7 to AC

Amulet of Arcane Mastery
Ger’baza was an ancient lich who sought more power than a mortal mind can fathom. Fusing captured souls to make the Amulet of Arcane Mastery, Ger’baza was amazed at his own success and created countless variants. Common sense, however, failed him; while attempting to wear all of the necklaces in unison, Ger’baza was quietly erased from existence. The amulet’s miraculously survived.
Stats- An extra Wizard Spell Level 3, 4, and 5

Amulet of the Harmers
The mysterious semi- secret society called the Harpers make these amulets for their senior members. The amulets are fashioned from silver that has been magically treated to give it the hardness of steel and grant the wearer several magical protections.
Stats- Electrical Resistance 5, +5 bonus vs. Mind effecting techniques, immunity to magic missile. Only usable by NG/Harper Scouts.

Amulet of the Long Death
This Amulet is forged from black obsidian, with the image of an elogated skull etched onto either side.
Stats- +3 to Constitution, Spell Resistance 10

Amulet of the Master
Ciressa Gind’ra was a mage who inflitrated the Night Masks for the Harpers, before she was found drowned in a two-inch puddle outsider her residence. To Inflitrate them, Ciressa created an amulet that allowed her to mimic the abilities of a master thief. One night she used it to break into the Night King’s private quarters. She didn’t anticipate the Night King’s personal guard, who had a permanent detect magic spell surrounding the room. When the Night King was finished with her, he took the amulets and since it had qualities useful for any adventurer, he made copies of it, which he sold throughout the land.
Stats- Spell Resistance 16, +6 to Search, persuade, Disable Device, sneak and Lore

Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe
This simple amulet bears the symbol of a red tiger on its face and an Uthgardt tribal rune on the back.
Stats- Immunity to Fear, +3 Strength.

Amulet of the Silent Lord
This disc of cold black steel radiates a palpable aura of evil. The front bears the image of a cowled and faceless figure on the face. At first glance the back appears a blank void, but in certain light the hint of strange runes can be seen traced onto the surface.
Stats- Constitution +4, Immunity to Level and Ability Drain, Spell Resistance 10

Amulet of the Uthgardt
The interwined images of a lion, tiger, eagle, and elk are emblazoned on the front of this amulet. On the reverse side are the unique tribal runes of the four largest Uthgardt tribes, Black Lion, Red Tiger, Silver Elk, and the Golden Eagle.
Stats- Spell Resistance 12, Immunity to Fear, +4 Strength

Amulet of the Veil
Imbued with the runes of protection and warding, the Amulet of the Veil provides its wearer with minor protection both mundane weapons and spells.
Stats- +1 to AC, Spell Resistance 10

Amulet of Undead Turning
These neclaces are occasionally distributed among the faithful by powerful temples, to protect them in holy missions against the undead. Necklaces of this type are usable only by non-evil clerics and paladins. Amulets of this type are most commonly found in use among follower of Lathander and these pendants often bear the symbol of the Morninglord
stats- Grants Extra Turning, 1 extra turning attempt, non evil only

Amulet of Vitality
When Jacin Maltis, a petty lord in Sembia, paid for the crafting of an amulet to increase his health, he expected a tasteful necklace with a small but precious gem mounted around his neck and the diamond turned a gaudy blood red, he refused to to pay the wizard who created. The wizard simply smiled, and loosed a spell that instantly destroyed the noble. Copies of this amulet were found circulating months later in the distant city of Waterdeep.
Stats- +6 to Con ]
Amulet of Will
Jeraboam Cantor, a high ranking Harper, commisisoned the creation of thse amulets to help protect the minds and secrets of Harper spies. Unfortunately, Jeraboam was one of the first Harper spies caught wearing one, and when the amulet was removed, the bard’s weak willed mind revealed everything he knew.
Stats- +1 to Will, can be upgraded all the to +10

Arvoreen’s Amulet of Aid
This item is a three-inch diameter gold disk with the holy symbol of Arvoreen inlaid in platinum. It is designed not to be used by evil creatures.
Stats- Aid 6/day

Cystral of Undeath
An eerie pruple crsytal is attached to this otherwise indistinctive amulet. Your hand grows cold and claw like as it clutches the glowing crystal shard. In its purple light, your skin looks pale and gray, almost skeletal. Its power fascinates you but a part of you can’t help but question what it might be asking you in return.
Stats- -4 to Constitution, Dexterity, and Strength, Negative Energy Resistance 20, you can use Control Undead (20), Create Greater Undead (15), Energy Drain (17) 1/day, Shadow Shield (14) 2/day, Energy Bust (10) 3/day.

Dragon Tooth Amulet
The Dragon Tooth amulet that Deekan Wears looks very much like one of the artifacts that was stolen from your mentor’s home in Hilltop during your adventure involving Undrentide. When asked about it, Deekin merely shuffles from foot to foot and mumbles it was given to him but little more. Regardless of its significance, Deekin doesn’t seem willing to give it up to anyone…even you.
Stats- Regeneration 1, Bludgeoning, Slashing, Piercing Resistance 5, Fire resistance 10
User- Deeken

Dread Pirates’ Medallion
There be two types o’ pirates in the world. Noble Privateers grow up to be Pirate Kings while nefarious Buccaneers stake their fame and fortune on becoming Dread Pirates. This medallion be one that once belonged to the latter.
Stats- +3 Dodge vs. Lawful

Glittering Necklace
These necklaces are fashion items first, magic items second…and isn’t very good at either
stats- Light at will

Greater Amulet of Health
Natnea Chesh was one of the first priestesses of Kelemvor in the Moonshae Islands, and become known as “The defender of the Dead” when she helped stop a necromancer from raising an army of undead. As a gift for her heroic deeds, Kelemvor gave her this amulet, along with the secret of making copies for the other cleris dedicated for the destruction of powerful undead creatures. Many a thief has since found these items to be invaluable in their line of work as well.
Stats- Regeneration 10, Immunity to Disease, Level Drain, Ability Drain, and Poison

Jaboli Amulet
This powerful magic amulet was randomly lying on the ground…and nobody why.
Stats- +3 to AC, and 25 Magical Resistance

Ice Amulet of the Ulutiun
Several of these necklaces were magically hardened and preserved ice were created by a half-mad sorcerer who wandered among the Uluthiun tribes of the Great Glacier. The Necklace mounts four transparent acorn-sized crystals. The wearer can detach a crystal and hurl it at a distance. When the crystal reaches the end of it tranjectory, it explodes into a storm of ice storm.
Stats- 1/day Ice Storm

This slender chain bear a luckstone pendant of rough polished agate. Such stones come from the halfling homeland, Lurien. “The luck of the hin” is said to have rubbed off on the rocks and grants the luck to the bearers of such amulets.
Stats- +1 to all skills

Necklace of ireballs
once its true nature has been perceived this necklace appears as a golden chain from which hangs a number of golden spheres. The spheres are detachable y the wearer, who can easily hurl them over long distances. When a sphere arrives at the end of its trajectory, it bursts into a magic fireball. Different spheres, do different amounts of damgae, the bigger sphere deals, the bigger it is. Many such devices have been created by wizards across Faerun, and this particular device bears no distinguishing marks to identify its creator.
Stats- Fireball (5) 3/day, Fireball (10) 2/day, Fireball (15) 1/day

Necklace of Prayer Beads.
These Necklaces are occasionally distributed among the faithful by powerful temples, both to reward their folowers and entice new members to join. Necklaces of this type are only usable by divine spell casters
stats- Charges 50, Bless at will, Cures Serious Wounds 3/charges, Remove Blindness Deafness 1 charge, remove Disease 2/charges.

Necklaces of the Aquatic Elves
A tough cord of woven kelp passes a series of colorful seashell sand tide-smoothed stones. You find the amulet surprisingly lightweight and remarkably beautiful. As aquatic elves wear little clothing or armor, they tend to rely on enchanted jewelry to aid in them in times of peace and war.
Stats- +2 to Dex and +10 to Swim

Pendant of the Elf
Frustrated with the non-elven adventurers who couldn’t keep up with him on his underground adventures, the elven mage Liadon created a pendant that imbued the adventurer with low-light vision increased his/her dexterity. When he finally retired, Liadon asked that the amulet be kept by the elves and only given to trusted adventures who proved themselves to be true friends of the elven people.
Stats- Immunity to Mind Affecting Spells, +4 Dexterity.

Talisman of Pure Evil
These Sinister Talismans border on the power of artifacts. Only an evil being may wear one and even the most evil finds his dark soul being twisted and honed by the device as it turns him more and more fiendish with every passing day. Example of these items appear in many different forms, suggesting multiple creators at different points in history. They are thankfully very rare, with this one being a protype created for other evil castings to modify.
Stats- +3 to Wisdom and Charisma, Spell Resistance 12, Unholy Smite 1/day

Talisman of Pure Good
These holy Talismans border on the power of artifacts. Only a good creature may wear one, and even the most beatific finds his soul challenged and refined, as the device makes him more and more righteous with every passing day. Sadly they are very rare, but this one seems to be a prototype created for more advanced forms
stats- +3 to charisma and Wisdom, Spell Resistance 12, Holy Smite 1/day
Scarab of Protection +10
A scarab is a stone amulet carved in the shape of a stout-bodied beetle. This particular example shields the wearer’s person inside an invisible barrier. The strength of this barrier is determined by its power and the skill of the creator of the item and varies with each specimen. Scarabs are of a far south design, though the original source is lost to history.
Stats- +10 to saving throws (if fully upgraded)

Periapt of Wisdom
Although it appears to be a simple pearl on a light chain, a Periapt of Wisdom is a powerful item, used as meditative tools by high-ranking clergy of a faith
stats- +1 Wisdom (can be upgraded to +10)
Amulet of Ascalhorn
Found in an elven crypt, this item was once the treasure given to elven soldeirs who completed their training and successfully passed a dangerous challenge
stats- Piercing resistance 5

Amulet of Divine Radiance
Said to have been created by the hand of Lathander himself, these amulets shine brightly with divine power. The divine light streaming forth is said to paralyze or even destroy the the undead.
Stats- +6 to charisma, and against the feat Extra Turning, Paladins or good Clerics only.

Amulets of Cheetah Speed
This amulets grants its wearer fleetness of foot. Not surprisingly, it is popular among fleeing felons, travelers, and cowards
Stats- Increase movement speed by 10 feet, Improved Haste 1/day

Amulet of Power
This amulet bears the signature enchantments of Conster Damon, an archmage that fell in the Year of the Dragon Rage (1018 DR). The crispness of its etchings may have faded with fire and time, but it still echoes his famous defiant crimes. “Your magic is denied”, “I will be heard” “Defeat comes Swiftly “Take nothing from me”. It has seen much use, and changed hands many times through blood and battle
Stats- Magic resistance 5%, increase casting speed by 1, Immunity to Level Drain

Amulet of Protection :the Protector
The royal guard of King Pyronan, ruler of Impiltur, were given “the Protector” as an honorary show of status. Unfortunately, members of the guard had trouble coming to a consensus as to whom the amulet should go to. After years of internal hostility, the item was lost and the guards were replaced by less greedy individuals.
Stats- +1 to AC and Saving throws

Amulet of the Seldarine
A reward from the Elven Queen Ellesime for saving the Tree of Life, this amulet protects the wearer against all forms of enchantments and spells
Stats- 10% Magical Resistance, +1 Bonus to saving throws

Amulet of Spell Warding
A favorite item of protection for a mage entering a magical duel, this amulet provides protection against spells, but does not interfere with the mage’s own spell casting
Stats- +2 bonus to Save vs. Spells

Amulet of the master Harper
This medallion is highly sought after by both thieves and bards, though for different reasons. In addition to providing powerful magical protection against physical attacks, the amulet increases the wearer’s skills in several rogue skills. But even more valuable, from the bard’s perspective, is the amulet’s ability to grant the wearer’s immunity to all forms of silence.
Stats- +10 to Disable Device and Pick Lock, +3 bonus to AC, and immunity to silence

Greenstone Amulet
This amulet contains a greenstone embedded with a gold setting. When activated, the greenstone protects the wearer from all forms of mind attacks, including psionics (not total Psionic immunity however)
Stats- Immunity to charm, confusion, fear, domination, detect AL, hold, stun, sleep, feeble mind, and psionic domination.

Kaligun’s Amulet of Magic Resistance
This particular amulet has the initials KP on its back surface. KP, or Kaligun poonil, was the general of a small force sent into the woodlands to clear out Red Wizards. Being particularly fearful of magic he worn this amulet into battle to clear out Red Wizards. Overconfident in the protection offered by this amulet, Kaligun finally died when he foolishly ambushed three high level Red Wizards who lowered his magic resistance before destroying him with their spells.
Stats- 10% magic resistance

Metaspell Influence Amulet: The Amplifier
Known for its ability to enhance spell casting, the Amulet of Metaspell influence is highly sought after by magical practitioners. It was created by Elairdrin Mellwith who lived in the Star Mountains. His reasons for fabricating such an item stemmed form his womanizing habits, and to this extent the Amplifier served his purpose well. It was later taken from him by a mage with a more destructive intent, but records detailing the change of hands vary widely.
Stats- Memorize an extra 2nd level spell

Necklace of Form Stability
Dydaar’a of the Altered was a witch of great temper who rewarded the slightest insult with harsh punishment. Often this this meant several weeks transformed into some form of wild beast, which of course earned her many enemies. It is recorded that she once fought a mage named Maxell who previously suffered such a fate. For his return he had prepared this necklace, designed to prevent her changing his form, but he could not shield those around him as well. Apparently an impromptu army of farmers-turned-bears eventually overwhelmed him.
Stats- +5 bonus to resist polymorph.

Necklace of Missiles: The one Gift Lost
The naming of this necklace orginiates from its only owner, Ikaida Mournee who quested to regain his kidnapped daughter. Not many would help the determined father, but a kind and generous mage created this item on him to aid his cause. Alas, the necklace was lost when Ikaida dropped it into the Immerflow River while fending off bandits upon a suspension bridge. Fortunately, it is rumored that the item was not needed to reunite the family one again.
Stats- 25 charges, can shoot a magical blast that deals 6d6 damage

Periapt of Life Protection
A heart sized sapphire sits at the end of a thin silver wire. When worn this periapt radiates life energy, infusing the wearer with power. The inscription on the back reads: Against Death we all must fail, but with this gem we may still prevail!”
Stats- +3 bonus to save vs. death

Periapt of Proof Against Poison
This periapt is a large gemstone hanging on a thick golden Chain. Eunuchs from Kara-Tur would wear this particular periapt when sampling their emperor’s food
Stats- Cure poison 1/day, Immune to poison

Sensate Amulet
This amulet was made in the city of Sigil, where it was forged by the Society of Sensation. It was given out to the most loyal sensates, to protect them when they traveled the Planes looking for new experiences
Stats- +5 bonus hit points, +2 bonus to Charisma, Permanent protection from Evil

Shield Amulet
This amulet can be activated by a simple command word and a touch with each use acting as one charge. The effect is a duplication of the 1st level wizard spell “Shield”, 50 charges

Wolf’sbane Charm
A silver amulet containing powdered wolfsbane
Stats- +2 bonus against Lycanthropes

Amulet of the War Mage
This amulet was forged during the height of the ancient Tevinter Imperium’s power, a time when entire armies would flee upon seeing a Tevinter magister stride onto the battle field. While the name Cavellus remains engraved on its back, any memory of the magister who created has been lost to the mists of time.
Stats- 5% nature, spirit, electric, cold and fire damage

Aneirin’s Token
This teardrop-shaped pendant is a chunk of dried sap on a length of twin. It’s warm to touch, and the same pale gold as the rising moon. While equipped, it augments Wynee’s Vessel of the Spirit spell.
Stats- 10% electrical nature and spirit.

Apprentice’s Amulet
The cooper pendant on this chain once bore the emblem of the Circle, but generations of worrying hands have rubbed the design completely away. The smooht metal is oddly comforting to hold.
Stat- 5% fire and cold resistance, +1 to AC

The High Regard of House Dance
This amulet as given to an esteemed friend of the noble dwarven House Dace for recovering the lost knowledge of Amgarrak
stats- +3 to Dex, +6 to agility, if upgraded 15 extra stamina, 2 stamina regeneration 1 extra hit point, 1d8 extra damage on crits.
User- Jerrik Dace

Rivaini Grace
This silverite amulet is likely Kont-aar Rivaini, if only for what is conspicuously absent: it is devoid of religious symbols related to any personified god of Thedas, old or new.
Stats- You get +10 to Mana, can heal 7 hit points 1/day, -1 to strength.

Lightning Chain
A chain of white metal that numbs the hand when held, but enhances reflexes when worn for extended period of time and the enchantment ‘settles in’. Possibly Antivan
stats- +1 to Cunning, 1% for avoiding crits, 1 to strengthen

Deep Sawtooth
The tip of an improbably large serrated tooth set in veridium. One hopes that it was shed and not broken off by an even lager beast.
Stats- 5% fire and cold resistance, +1 to AC

Will of the Unyielding
The amulet was once engraved with a verse from the chat. The words are now illegible.
Stats- This gives +3 to will, Physical Barrier 15

Amulet of Accord
The pendant of this amulet is broken, the bottom cleaved away by some great blade. Scratched int the back, an inscription read, “They’ll never see me coming.”
stats- This amulet gives Physical Guard 10, reduces Hostility by 3

Spirit Ward
Seven gold disk, each bearing a star sapphire make up this necklace. The clasp bears the mark of the Formari. Shifting figures can be seen dimly in the depths of the gem stones.
Stats- 10% spirit resistance
User- Sketch

Rough-Hewn Pendant
This pendant is carved from the tooth of some animal. The chasind folk wear similar adornments.
Stats- 10 extra damage on sneak attacks, 1D4 extra damage on crits
User- Nathanial Howe

Pearl of the Anointed
This amulet once belonged to Emperor Kordilus Drakon of Orlais ‘The Anointed” the Amulet was torn from Drakon’s neck in one of the many battles he fought in order to spread the Chant of light throughout Thedas.
Stats- +1 to all attributes and +3 to Appraise
User- Sigun

Fox’s Pendant
After Andrew first escaped from the Circle Tower, he saved the life of a Bann Ferrently. This enchanted amulet was a reward for Andrew’s service and friendship.
Stats- +3 to Will and can heal 1D10 extra hit points.
User- Andrew

Blood of the Warrior
Flecks of blood has dried in the links of this necklace. The previous owner came an unfortunate ends.
Stats- +2 to Strength, Barrier 10

Wildstone Clasp
A roughhewn gems in a deceptively simple setting. Great skills was required to fashion this to look primitive yet still elegant. Morrigan has an eye for quality that defies her wild nature.
Stats- +1 to Spirit, DR 10
User- Morrigan

Warden’s Oath
All Grey Wardens receive these amulets after their joining. Containing just a trace of the darkspwn blood consumed in the initiate’s ritual, these amulets serve as a constant reminder of the Warden’s eternal vigil against the darkspawn.
Stats- +2 to Constitution, can deal an extra 4 damage against Darkspawn.
User- Ser Jory

The Spellward
Templars assigned to hunt the most dangerous apostates and blood mages treasure this amulet above all else. The circumstance throughout which it left Chantry control better left unconsidered.
Stats- +5 to Will, +6 to dodge, 30% magic resistance, Barrier 10, +6 to dodge against range.
User- Alistair

Smith’s Heart
Droplets of Molten metal that fall from the forges of the dwarven smiths are often collected and worn for good luck. This one is steel, roughly shaped like a clenched fist.
Stats- 20% fires resistance, 1 to dexterity.

Silver Cord
The central gem of this piece serves merely as clasp for the cord, a weave of silver almost ethereal in weight. It may be of mortal origin, but it is far too delicate to have felt hammer or tong.
Stats- 5% spirit resistance, 2% spell resistance
User- Finn

Shaper’s Amulet
This amulet sings softly to itself, its lyrium heart filled with ancient knowledge of the dwarven empire.
Stats- +2 to Will saves
User- Leske

Seeker’s Circle
A wheel representing the Maker’s unending patience and Andraste’s unquenchale passion. Simple and inspiration though uncommon outside the Chantry. A gift meant to be given without conditions.
Stats- +1 to Will, Magic Barrie 10
User- Leliana

Sailor’s Charm
Hangin on this chain of silver filigree is the tooth of a whale, covered in delicate carvings of a ship weathering a storm at sea.
Stats- 10% electricity resistance
user- Jowan

A simple amulet with a mirrored back aan archaic symbol of a Chantry on the front. Sometimes, when gazing into the silvered backing, there are fleeting glimpses of someone else: the face is familiar, and the smile is encouraging
stats- +1 Con, grants 15 extra hit points from any healing
User- Wynne

Pearl of the Anointed
This amulet once belonged to Emperor Kordillus Drakon of Orlais “The Anointed”. The amulet was torn from Drakons neck in one of the many battles he fought in order to spread the Chant of Light throughout Thedas.
Stats- +1 to all stats
User- Mage Warden

Par Vollen Willstone
A highly polished volcanic pendant, very light on its strand. It vibrates slightly, and the tips of one’s fingers are numbed if it is held in the hand too long.
Stats- +2 to Spirit
User- Brogan Dace

Mud Idol
A lump of unfired clay in the shape of a bird hangs on a leather strap. The clay is strangely warm, as if it were alive.
Stats- 10% cold resistance
User- Daveth

Mark of Vigilance
Not all maleficarm practice forbidden blood magic, but templars must constantly guard against the possibly that even an innocuous-seeming mage has delved into arts that permits him to control the mind of others. The mage-hunter are granted these valued amulets as rewards by the Divine. They are often entombed alongside the templar when he dies.
Stats- This amulet gives +3 to AC, 2% spell resistance, and +1 to Will saves.

Feral Wolf Charm
Chasind hunters favor charms like this. The hunters claim that they are enchanted on moonlit nights by scantily clad witches deep in the heart of the Korcari Wilds. But perhaps that is just wishful thinkings.
Stats- Regeneration 5, +1 to Defense, 15% nature resistance.

Magister’s Shield
One the very day that the final stone was set into place in the Grand Cathedral of Arlais, Archon Vespasian was assissinated. For three days, every magister lord the Imperium lived behind a wall of armored guards. When his successor, Hadarius, was finally named archon, the first enchanter of the Circle of Minrathous presented him with a gift: a silvery unadorned chain made form pure lyrium. Enchantments had been worked into the links of the chain so that donning this necklace was lik holding up a shield: blows struck at the wearer glanced harmlessly away. Unfortunately, Hadarius found that the shield did not protect him against poison nearly so well.
Stats- +6 to AC, +6 to Defense, 4% spell resistance, 10% nnature resistance.

No one knows for certain where this amulet came from. All we have is a legend: Long before the Golden City turned black, there lived in Tevinter Imperium a frail old magican in the court of the archon. He was the least among the mages of the court, the lamp-lighter. But he was only biding his time. One day, when all the magister of the Imperium were assembled, the lamp-lighter struck and the magister began to faill, one by one, until only the archon himself and the lamp-lighter were left, locked in a battle of magic and will. The Archon bombarded the mage with spell after spell, until at last nothing was left of the palace but rubble, nothing left of the court but corpses, and nothing left of the lamp-lighter but a golden pendant- this, the archon kept to remind himself that treachery could come form even the most innocuous sources. The emblem of the Imperium decorates this ancient golden torc. It is studded with garnets the color of blood and feels bitter cold to the touch.
Stats- Blood Mage only, doubles the mana gained from blood sacrifices.
User- Lucius the Blood Mage

Heirloom Necklace
A necklace made up of hundreds of wooden beads, each carved in the shape of an animal. Deer, hawks, wolves, and rabbits chase each other across its length.
Stats- 10% spirit resistance
User- Soris



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