Viconia DeVir (Iconic)

A drow who came to the Surface and rejected Lolth....for Shar


Female Spider Drow Cleric 14, Church Inquisitor 3
AL: NE (Later TN)
God: Shar (lander Ibrandul)


Strength 12
Dexterity: 19
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 18
Guile: 14
Charisma: 8
Spirit: 13

Weapon Style: Medium Round Shield and Heavy Blunt Mace (as in the Dragon Age II Mace)

Equipment: Armor of Faith* (Scale Male 3, +1 to all saving throws), Amulet of Protection +1* Adventuring Cloak +1* (1 to all saves), Helm of Charm Protection* (Wearer is immune to charm, protection against critical hits), Bracers of Defense 1*, Boots of grounding* (50% electrical damage), Belt of Strength +1, Gauntlet of Weapon Skills* (1 on attack), Ring of Earth Control*, Ring of Charm (Charm person once per day), Medium Round Shield +2, Round Mace +3

*Items with history
Armor of Faith +3

Description: This was the armor of Seffer Ekr, and a sign of the goddess Mielikii’s favor. She had rewarded the ranger’s loyalty with the promise that he would never die in battle, and he defied death for many years, holding orcish hordes back from his home forest. A heart attack claimed him when his time was done, not an enemy’s blade.


Bonuses: +1 bonuses to all saving throws
Armor Class: 1
Weight: 15
Requires: 8 Strength
Not Usable By:


Viconia left her house and trappings as a priestess of Lolth after she failed to slay a baby in Lolth’s name. A rival killed the child in her stead and House DeVir fell out of favour with the Drow’s fell deity. Sacrifices of wealth and servants were no use, it seemed Lolth only wanted one thing from them: Viconia herself. Matron DeVir was desperate for Viconia to prostrate herself in front of Lolth, especially after a lesser house failed to destroy them after learning of their newfound weakness, but Viconia refused, sick of Lolth’s ways, somehow believing that she would still survive with her station intact. Her mother had her taken away to be sacrificed to the Spider Queen but her brother Valas, a powerful wizard, saved her and killed their enraged mother. For his actions, he was turned into a Drider by Lolth. Viconia was stripped of her clerical powers and fled to the surface while finding renewed faith in Shar. She was saved from a goblin attack by a Calishite caravan only to be used as a pleasure slave by its rotund owner. She quickly bent him to her will and bade the caravan go wherever she wished. However, one night, his heart gave out and the guards assumed Viconia had murdered him. Later, she bought some land on the outskirts of Beregost, not with the intention of farming it, but simply as a place to stay. She remained hooded at all times, even when conversing with her neighbour and awkward friend Roran Midfallow. When she finally decided to remove her hood, it was too late, Roran had already worked out what she was and had concocted a plan. He and his sons tortured her before burying her alive. She escaped and killed Roran and his sons then burned down his farmhouse before fleeing south to Amn. She’d had a few nasty run-ins before getting to Athkatla where again, she was recognized, this time by followers of Beshaba. Luckily, she recognized the Protagonist again in the Government District of the city and was once again saved.

How to Aquire: Save her from the angry mob trying to burn her at the stack.

Romance: She will romance any Male, though she will be extremely aggressive. In order to get her into a relationship she will be extremely abrasive, though if the PC is aggresive but firm in their beliefs, she will eventually become happy with the romance and become true neutral.

Personal Quest: She discovers a powerful priest of Shar is running an underground temple and wishes to become the leader. Over the course of the quest, they have to locate the temple, overcome the challenges, kill the High Preistess and eventually, She will realize that Shar is not the god for her and convert, killing the more fanatical part of her congregation. She will then have the rest leave or convert to Ibrandul. She will leave the temple in the hands of a loyal follower.

Approval: She will approve of any character who acts in an aggressive dominating way, and will disapprove of any action she sees as “weak” or submissive. She automatically holds mans in a lower regard at first

Rivalry: Submitting to her and letter her be dominate
Friendship: Standing up to her and forcing her to go along with the player.

Death: When the underdark campaign is falling apart, she stays behind to cover the retreat. She is able to slaughter and entire band of Drow Elites before being attacked by a leg of Spidertouched Drow lead by a high priestess. She is able to kill all of them and their male guards, however she was poisoned and died shortly afterwards.

Viconia DeVir (Iconic)

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