Varric Tethras (Iconic)

A dwarf who has lived on the surface all his life, working the storytelling/spying/combat head of a merchant guild


Varric, Male Surface Dwarf Thief level 10
Deity: ???
AL: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Sanguine/Phlegmatic
Color: Red/Green

Weapon of Choice: Automatic Multishot repeating Crossbow….only one in the world.

+6 Automatic Multishot Repeating Crossbow

Varric’s crossbow is a marvel of dwarven craftsmanship, clearly the work of a master. However, she bears no smith’s mark.
When asked how he procured the weapon, Varric has a few claims. He could have won it in a game of Wicked Grace against Paragon Branka, it could’ve been a gift from a mysterious old beggar who disappeared into thin air, and it’s possible he bought it off a crooked merchant in Lowtown with the previous owner’s hand still wrapped around the trigger.
None of those explanations is very likely and continued questioning simply results in Varric grinning and walking away.

Cuirass of the Wind
+1 Padded Armor, +2 Cunning

This piece of armor is something of a legend for the sea-faring folk of the East.
According to the tales, it was created by a Rivaini seer who lived high on the cliffs overlooking the Amaranthine Ocean. The woman took inspiration from the harsh winds and stinging rain that buffeted the coastline, and fashioned a cuirass that was as beautiful and cruel as the storm. As a finishing touch, the seer plucked the howling wind right out of the sky, and bound it within the armor. It is said that the winds of the Amaranthine Ocean will always favor any who possesses the cuirass.
This story may be true, or it may be a complete fabrication. However, one thing is certain—plenty of superstitious sailors have fought and died over this legendary object, risking everything to be able to bend the wind and the sea to their will.

Ancient Elven Boots
+1 Constitution

Before the fall of Arlathan, even before Arlathan itself, the civilization of the elves stretched across all of Thedas like a great, indolent cat. This armor was made for temple guards in a time when the Creators still spoke to the elves. The techniques of its forging, even the name of the metal it is forged from, have long since faded from memory. The plates that sheathe these boots mimic the shapes of leaves. When equipped in a set with ancient elven armor, helm, and gloves, the character gains a bonus to defense.

Spirit of the Woods
30% resistance to all elemental damage

Legend says these gloves were crafted by a spirit forced into the service of a mage. In all likelihood, they were crafted by one of the Tranquil.

The Wicked Oath
+1 Plate Armor Penetration, Double Back Stab damage

Countess Luciana of Antiva lived as a virtual prisoner in her husband’s castle until an elven slave offered her a way out. The slave magically bound a small amount of the countess’s blood into a ring in return for a promise of freedom. The countess agreed, and the count was found stabbed soon afterwards, this ring lying beside him. Neither Luciana nor the slave were seen again.


Born on the Surface, Varric is actually quite happy to be on the surface and finds the whole thing to be a great place to live, never wanting to go below ever again.

Special notes/Character Traits

Varric will flirt with people, but he will never pursuea any romance or sleep with anybody.

He will not use any weapon other than Bianca, his crazy as fuck crossbow.

He will never equip any other armor

He is the most strong advocate of party banter initiating sarcastic conversations with literally every party member if he gets the chance, with the exception of Death’s Hand

He is actually the strongest advocate of party unity, and is the one who spends msot of his time trying to get the party to work together.

He is also the most supportive of other party members, trying to use his connections to make sure the rest of the party is happy, though he teases them constantly.

Death: Dies on the great stairwell as it fell, launching a massive personal attack against the enemy until he comes up against the Shadow Thieves, and is able to kill about a dozen of them before going down.

Ring of Resistance
+1 Agility, +1 Vigor
Made for First Enchanter Irving by the Formari, this heavy domed ring has an otherworldly shimmer.

The HIgh Regards of House Dace
+3 Cunning, +3 to Back stab magic, 50% chance to avoid missile damage
This amulet was given to an esteemed friend of the noble dwarven House Dace for recovering the lost knowledge of Amgarrak.

Girdle of Kal’Hirol
+3 to AC, 10% resistance to Cold/Fire damage
This girdle, worn by Paragon Hirol himself, remained in its shrine for centuries.

Varric Tethras (Iconic)

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