Valas Hune (Iconic)


NE Male Drow Rogue 10, Ranger 4, Fighter 2, Underdark Scout 5

Items: 3 keen shocking burst kurki, +3 defending kukri, +2 composite shortbow, 50 +3 arrows, +5 mithral chain of shirt of silent moves and nimbleness, belt of strength +4, bracers of health +2, vest of dexterity +6, ring of protection +3, Valas piwafwi (4 resistance, 10 to hide, resistance to the elements 10), the 9 pointed star, ring of natural armor +2, hand of glory, stone of alarm, ring of speed, The Nine-POinted Star (3 luck bonus, can teleport the wearer 760 feet) Heward’s handy haversack, brooch of mirror image 1/day, Double headed coin (+1 luck bonus once per day), brooch of Blurr, brooch of lesser illusions, amulet of protection from negative energy, brooch of detect invisibility, brooch of communication, ring of improved invisibility, ring of true seeing, ring of the Ram, ring of shield, ring of magic resistance 20%, ring of immunity to magic missile, ring of mind blank, ring of water breathing.


Valas Hune (Iconic)

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