Thondred (Iconic)

A dwarf Artificer exploring the secrets of Xen'Drik


N Male Peak Dwarf (Ebberon) Artificer 6
Color: Blue
Temperament: Sanguine/Melancholic
God: Aureon


Intelligence: 19
Wisdom: 16
Spirit: 9
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 15
Strength: 13
Adroitness: 18
Guile: 8
Charisma: 10

Weapon of Choice: hand axe


With the warforge named Azm at this side and a beltpouch full of magic items, Thondred explores the ruins of Xen’drik and braves the challenges of the continent of secrets. Thondred was born and raised in Shar, where he worked for House Cannith during the Last War, using his skills and talents in the warforged production enclasve. He lost his job when the treaty of Thronehold outlawed the creation of new Warforge. After the shock cleared and Thondred came to terms with his dismissal from the house, he met up with a displaced warforge seeking a life after the war, one of his own creations. Thondred called him Azm, a word meaning something akin to soul, which he had found in an ancient text. Meeting up with an elf ranger and a shifter rogue, the now four companions went to seek the fortune in Xen’drick, where they made a great deal of wealth and fame. The dwarf caries a wide array of potions, wands, and scrolls for every occasion. As impressive as his arcane mastery is, he may even better versed in history and secret knowledge relating to the mysteries of Xen’drik. He is the scholar, trap master, and item master of the group, and it is he who often chooses the new locations.

Romance: Thondred is asexual and lacks any interest in sexual relations. He may be romanced by any dwarf of either gender should they prove interested.

Joins: His party can be found in so called Chamber of a Thousand Perils. If he had been previously spoken to at the Sharn university, they will join the party after the completion of the dungeon

Approval: Intellectual studies, appreciation of his work, focus on discovery, and believing the warforge have a right to exist

Disapproval: Needless cruelty, destroying historical artifacts, treating warforge as machines, disinterest in the past, and fear of the unknown

Friendship: Love of Math, studying items in details, talkative, and appreciating knowledge.

Rivalry: Being anti war, feeling that weapons need limitation, opposing progress.

Death: Dies fighting against a lesser iron golem, though he weakens it enough for his companions to finish the job

Thondred (Iconic)

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