Tam (Iconic)

A changling rogue who decided to go straight


CG “Female” Changeling Rogue 7/Investigator 1
Faith: Olladra


Charisma: 18
Dexterity: 18
Adroitness: 17
Guile: 16
Spirit: 9
Strength: 12
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14

Weapon of Choice: Saber


Tam grew up in the lower wards of Sharn. An orphan, she found a home with the Dark Tower Gang, a minor changeling crime famimly operating in the underbelly of the City of Towers. She was well on her way to a life of crime and showing promise as a rogue when Tam’s life took a new direction after young Constable Dolom of the City Watch arrested her. He decided not to send her before the Justice, and instead kept her in a holding cell for a few days. As the days passed, Tam and the constable discussed law, the city, ethics, and other topics. He did not preach to her but through conversations and open discussion he began to make the changeling reconsider her role in the society of Sharn. When a perplexing murder case wound up in Dolom’s jurisdiction, Tam listened as Dolom and the rest of the Watch dicussed the situation. One night, when the watch tower was mostly empty, Tam used her skills to free herself (It wasn’t really designed to hold an acomplished rogue). She left Dolom a note, telling him which supsect was the murderer (based upon her own investigations). Then she resigned from the Dark Tower Gang and went into buisness for herself as a freelance inquisitive. Dolom, now a sergeant, likes to give the changeling a hard time, but he is also proud of the life she has built for herself- a life on the right side of the law.

Personal Quest: Dolom has been arrested, help clear his name

Death: Discovers a group of soldiers are changelings spies and exposes them, but is killed by them before she can warn the others, though she kills three of them.

Tam (Iconic)

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