Star Paladin Cross


Female Human (?) Champion (?) 12
Faction: steel Brotherhood


Weapon of choice: Duel Hammerers


Star Paladin Cross is the 3rd highest ranking Brotherhood of Steel member in the Citadel, but no longer works in the field. Instead, she now serves as Elder Lyons’s trusted bodyguard and advisor. It is well known that Star Paladin Cross has been technologically enhanced so that she no longer needs to eat or sleep, due to the fact she is a cyborg. This change occurred several years ago, after Cross was critically injured defending Elder Lyons while out in the field; Scribe Rothchild performed the enhancement operation that saved Cross’s life. Cross is also the Brotherhood of Steel soldier who helped save the Lone Wanderer’s life as a baby, serving as a guard at Project Purity prior to the birth. Cross helped James, the father of Lone Wanderer, get through the super mutants and escorted them all the way to Megaton.1

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Super Mutants

Star Paladin Cross

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