Spark (iconic)

A young kid who is trying to avenger the murder of his father, a companion of the avatar.


Male Human (???) Fighter 10
Temperament: Phlegmatic/Supine


Strength: 14
Dexterity: 22
Intelligence: 18
Adroitness: 10
Spirit: 8
Constitution; 12
Guile: 9
Wisdom; 15
charisma: 10

Weapon of Choice: Short Broad Sword (Sword of Defense) and hand Shield

Sword of Defense- this +1 Short Broad Sword provides the wielder with a +5 to their AC


He is undoubtedly one of the youngest companions to accompany the Avatar, claiming to be fourteen years of age when the Avatar first met him. At the time of Ultima VII, Spark was an orphan, his unnamed mother having died shortly after his birth.
Spark was first encountered in gameplay by his father’s house in the northwest corner of Trinsic. His character portrait initially showed a crying sullen teenager, as he was obviously stricken with grief when he first encountered the Avatar.

Spark explained that he was among the first to find his father’s ritually dismembered corpse, and was helpful to the Avatar in pursuing an investigation of the murder. Spark pointed out Christopher’s recent decision to leave the Fellowship, his sudden acquisition of wealth, and the presence of a hook-handed man and a wingless gargoyle fleeing the scene of the murder.

He then begged to be allowed to accompany the Avatar out of a desire for revenge against his father’s killers. Iolo, if present in the party, professed some doubt as to the wisdom of adventuring with a child, and was rebutted by Spark knocking an insect near to Iolo’s head out of the air with a sling stone. Ultimately, having Spark accompany the Avatar was optional

Death: Dies in the Final Keep, defending the back door against a force of Cyclops. He manages to kill five before dying

Spark (iconic)

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