Sharwyn (Iconic)

A half elf bard who seeks after good ballads


Female Half-Elf Bard 13, Warrior Skald 2
Color: Red/Yellow
Temperament: Phlegmatic/Supine


Charisma: 20
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 15
Dexterity: 17
Adroitness: 16
Spirit: 10
Guile: 14
Strength: 13
Constitution: 9


Magic bag 4 (80%)
Harp of Pandemonium
(Confusion 2/day)
Like their namesake plane, these instruments produce shifting, disconsolate tones that seem to penetrate the ear and confuse the senses. When strummned by a talent, these random notes coalesce into fields of pure chaos, turning dedicated enemies into dazed idiots.

Sword of Bao
+1 Bow sword, deals an extra 1D6 fire damage
These swords were designed for an elite group of guardians meant to stand to stand forever over the tomb of their unnamed master in a display of utter loyality. ne of these stalwart fellows would later drunkenly admit that the core of the group left before the dust ahd time to settle on the door. These weapons have indeed seen heroic use in thir day, but not at the hands of their original owners.

Cloak of Protection vs. Evil
+2 AC vs. evil creatures

Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun spent several months teaching one of his apprentices to make these magicla cloaks. The cloaks were then given to memebers of the Waterdeep militia. The fashionable yet pratical cloaks were so population that the apprentice has opened his own shop, making different styles of the same designs.

Belt of Guiding LIght
Charisma +5
This leather belt appears innocuous enough, its true power not evident until it is actually worn. There are small inscriptions embedded in the leather throughout the item, its language unknown and the true history of the item unknownable.

Boots of Hardiness +3
+3 to Dodge, +3 to Constitution
Having explored the northlands extensively, a druid named Aawill commissioned the creation of thes comfortable boots. Knowing he was heading for the sometimes dangerous domain of the Neverwinter woods, Aawill was looking for something helpful in combat to lighten his need for armor. Since becoming the archdruid for the neverwinter wood’s druid’s grove, Aawill has commissioned several more powerful verison of his original boots.

Ring of Scholars
Lore +5, produces white light for 15 feet
Scholars and sages across the known world covet these rings and their cousins, the famed Rings of Insight. The Scholars ring introduces an innovation to the orginal design, adding a light source for hand free reading in the dark of a basement library or in a dungeon

RIng of Invisibility
Can cast invisibility 3/days

Though there are numerous examples of such rings, this one may have come form a set once owned by a master thief that worked Waterdhavian crowds in broad daylight, replacing purses with bags of sand. Once thought retired, it is now suspected that the so-called “Sand Thief” was eventually killed for not joining a local thieves guild, and taht his rings were seized by a group that abused his methods liberally.

Bracers of Archery
Automatically gives Point Blank Shot, +1 Dexterity

These wristbands look like normal protective wear. The bracers grant the wearer deadly accuracy when using bows. They are likely from the armory of some disbanded elven militia.

Gloves of the Minstrel
+3 to Perform Checks
Lendoku Mar’hael was reputed to be one of the best performers of his generation. When his son, Gardoku, proved tobe of only middling talent, Lendoku commissioned the development of these performance enhancers. The amge who developed the gloves heard of Garkoku’s success and began selling similar gloves to Gardoku’s competitors. The Mage died shortly thereafter, outside a pub owned by the Mar’hael family.

Greater Mask of Persuasion
+2 Charisma, Persuade +5, COncentration +1, Low Light Yellow (10 feet)
In his batlte to deflect the attention of the god Maks, the Drow deity of thievery Vhaeraun, granted his followersthe knowledge to create these helms. These speical helms not only mask the faces of his followers, but they make infiltration into enemy camps, such as the Church of Mask, far easier. With these helms Vhaeraun’s dedicated followers are some of the most effective and deadly spies in the realm.

Golden Circlet
Immunity: Mind-Affecting Spells, +1 to Will saves, +1 to Concentration.
Creatures that attack the mind are the stuff of nightmares so it is not suprising that item protecting against them might acquire some of their disrepute, Golden circlets, for example, have been linked to a claim that when the drow first retreated underground they fed on intellect devourers, and that eating such a creature producing a mind flayer. That is all of course, nothing more than superstitious tavern talk.

Pendant of the Elf
+4 Dexterity, Immunity to mind effecting spells
Frustrated with non-elven adventures who couldn’t keep up with him on his underground adventures, the elven mage Liadon created a pendant that inbued the adventure with low-light vision and increased his/her dexterity. When he finally retired, LIadon asked that the amulet be kept by elves and only given to trusted adventures who proved themselves to be true friends of the elven people.

Doran’s Mistake
+2 AC, +3 to Fortitude saves, weight reduction 80%
Doron was a master dwarven smith, but even masters make mistakes. While disassembling a suit of “worthless elven chain”-for research of course- he accidently dropped several links into his forge, and that trace amount of mithral tainted everything he made until he could scour the thing from top to bottom. Ecah suit made during this time was infused with strange magic, but Doron threw them all on the trash heap, and was known to slap anyone he saw wearing one.

Wooden Eye
Can use sleep 1/day
Something about this wooden eye is creeping you out. You wonder how many pirates it’s belongs to…

Vix’thrite Tome
Cast use curse 1/day
“the Priesthood of Vix’thra shall make its home above, both in the world and of the world, that it might lure more believer to the divine light. But below shall dwell the Elders, those who serve Vix’thra for all eternity, enither in the world nor of it, for they shall be undying. To them shall sacrifice be made in blood. To Vix’thra shall it be made in bone…”

Signal Mirror
Use Clarity 3/day
By Reflecting the Light of the sun, this signal mirror allows ships to communicate over quite a distance

Blessed Lock of Hair
Charm person 1/day

A lock of hair, often given to sailors by their lovers to serve as a memento while at sea.

Rod of Beguiling (50 Charges)
Use Charm Person (2) 1/charge use, Dominate Person (7) 2 Charges/use
These devices are pleasant enough to look at, crafted of solid oak and highlighted with a modest gem, or two. More importantly, the rods are potent magic items, captable of calming even the angriest of souls. In the hands of one with a quick tonque, the rods are more than worth their weight in gold.


Seeking fame and fortune in her hometown, Sharwyn can be found in any of the local establishments, often singing a new ballad or strengthening her contacts with the more nefarious elements of the city.

She later traveled to Waterdeep during the attacks. She can be found near the coloured pillars.

She is an skilled fighter and a magician with use of bard song.

Personal Quest

In the original campaign, Sharwyn gives the player a belt for completing her quests. These quests involve retrieving items:
Chapter 1: Celestial elixir (found in a chest in Lady Tanglebrook’s estate)
Chapter 2: Lock of Nymph’s hair (found in a closet in south-eastern part of Nymph’s home in Neverwinter Woods)
Chapter 3: Tamorlyn’s song (found in a sarcophagus in eastern part in Creator Race ruins near Fort Illkard).
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Death: Dies fighting against of a band of

Sharwyn (Iconic)

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