Sarav (Iconic)

A veteran trying to find his way in times of peace.


N Urban (Ebberon) Elf Ranger 8/Extreme Explorer 1
Color: Green
Faith: Arwon

Equipment: Leafweave armory, Composite Longbown (Silver Bowstring) duel half swords

Weapon of Choice: Duel Half Swords


Growing up in the wilds of Aundair, near the Eldeen Reaches border, he learned the skills of a ranger. After serving briefly in the Last War as a scout for the Aundairian forces, but he eventually lost his taste for the conflict that had torn the great kingdom of Galifar apart. He decieded to get as far away from the front as he could manage, and eventually he made his way to the wondrous coastal city of Sharn. There, he joined forces with a dwarf artificer and a warforged fighter. As their fame grew, the adventures earned enough money to fund an expedition to the mysterious continent of Xen’drik. Though each of the company’s members has something to gain from such a journey, Sarav is worried that he might also learn something terrible about his heritage on the secret continent.

Personal Quest: Help him find and decipher an ancient elven text.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Death Giants.

Sarav (Iconic)

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