Pharaun Mizzrym (Iconic)

A drow arcane ARTEST


NE Male Drow Wizard 16, Archmage 7


Intelligence: 23
Strength: 8
Constitution: 9
Dexterity: 18
Wisdom; 16
Charisma: 21
Guile: 17
Spirit: 10
Adroitness: 19
Wisdom: 12


Ring of Identification, Wand of Magic Missile (level 12), Wand of LIghtning Bolt (12th level), Wand of Firebolt (13th level), Wand of Fireball (5th level), Wand of Detect Magic, Wand of Grease, Boots of Striding, Ring of Flying, Ring of the Rapier (summons a dancing rapier), bag of holding, Ring of Sorcere (Ring of the Wizard IX, detect magic at will, Magic Resistance 30%), ring of flesh to glass, 3 Dagger, Ring of Protection from Psionic (Psionic Resistance 10), Ring of Mind BLank, Belt of Lightning Resistance 15, Robe of the Evil Archmage, broach of spell immunity (enchantment), Amulet of Demonic Domination, Circlet of Intelligence +2, Pharaun’s Piwafwi (8 to armor, +10 to hide checks), Ring of Spell Storing, Paraun’s Signet Ring (Ring of Protection +3, Ring of Wizardy II, +10 to spot check, Ring of Storing, Drow House Insignia (Feather Fall at will, unlimited use of drow levetation), Wand of tetect secret doors, wand of daylight, Heward’s handy haverstack, 11 spell books, scrolls of Major Resistance, Blindness, and Spelltrap.


Pharaun Mizzrym (Iconic)

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