Oghren (Iconic)

A shamed dwarf who has given up on his life, becoming a drunken hedonistic thug with a death wish.


Male Smith Dwarf/Grey Warden Warrior (Paragon)
God: ???
Color: Red/Yellow
Temperament: Choleric/Sanguine

Weapon of Choice: some kind of Battle axe


A dwarf who was shamed when his far higher status wife left him, Oghren descended into alcholism and bar fighting out of despair, eventually being exiled from his home city. He currently wanders around on his own, starting trouble and drinking anything, appearing in various locals not quite sure how he got their. He has a long standing rivalry with the Black Wirlwind, who he sees to be his greatest foe, though both of them normally are too drunk to remember each other.

Personal Quest: Bring his wife’s remains back home for burial, help him redeem himself by fighting with him in the Provings (no killing)

Death: Dies fighting against a Dwarven Broodmother, the poison overtakes him shortly after its death.

Oghren (Iconic)

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