A water bending abortionist half elf who has been banished to the Roman Empire via portal.


CG Half-Elf Waterbender 10

Guile 10
Strength 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 15
Spirit 19 (17)
Charisma 8
Dexterity 19
Adroitness 13

Racial Abilities

Size- Medium
Speed- 30
Immunity to Magic Sleep effects
+1 to resist all saving throws.
Multitalented- 1 extra skill point and 1 extra hit point at first level
Adaptability- They get Skill Focus as a Bonus feat at first level
+2 Bonus to resist enchantment spells or effects
+2 on diplomacy and gather information checks
+2 to Listen, Search, Perception, and Spot checks
1 extra skill point at every level
Low Light vision

Languages: Syberian, Native Language, Turkish, Madernian, Japanese


once upon a time their was a Pathrian noble, discontent with his life


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