Nathaniel Howe (Iconic)

The son of a disgraced lord whose ambition and ruthlessness lead to a failed coup. He is trying to restore family honor


Male human (Grey Warden) Infiltrator (Nightblade) 12
Deity: ???
Temperament: Choleric/Phlegmatic
Color: Red/Black


This guy was the eldest son of a powerful lord, and well on his way to become a powerful and influential leader of the kingdom. Things when south when his father betrayed his liege lord, slaughtered the man’s family and tried to back a traitor to the throne, with disastrous results. Currently he is just a banished lordling, who after a failed attempt at revenge he was forcible made to join the Grey Wardens, which has mellowed him out somewhat.

Death: Dies fighting in the forest against a band of forest goblins.

Nathaniel Howe (Iconic)

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