Minsc (Iconic)

A barbarian/ranger who might have taken a few too many hits to the head, with his companion hamster Boo


Male Human Ranger 13, Barbarian 6, Frenzied Berzerker 8
Color: Red/Green
Temperament: Choleric/Supine

Special: Blood Rage (only if his “witch” is harmed), charm animal 2/day


Strength: 26
Dex: 16
Con: 18
Int: 7
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 9
Adroitness: 15
Spirit: 10
Guile: 8


Minsc is a kind-hearted but rather addled warrior known for his habit of talking to a hamster. He believes that the animal, called Boo, is a Miniature Giant Space Hamster, but no-one else ever sees any evidence of this. Minsc is very capable physically but mentally much more limited. Besides talking to the hamster Boo, whom he believes to be a miniature giant space hamster, he has a very simplistic view of the world, and he’s often quick to decide someone is evil and should be attacked. Fortunately he’s also kind by nature and determined to be a hero. It is mentioned several times that he has suffered significant head trauma; it’s not known what his mental capacities were before that, but he mentions it as the time he befriended Boo. He’s somewhat unstable and prone to flying into a rage, in game terms also at will; he has a special ability that resembles a barbarian’s or berserker’s rage. He will also react violently to his witch being threatened. In appearance Minsc is a large human with a tattooed, bald head.

Romance: none

Approval: GOODNESS

Disapproval: REALLY OBVIOUS EVIL…seriously Minsc will be cool unless it is the most obvious evil possible

Friendship: Helping him find a Witch, talking to his hampster, going along with his jokes

Rivarly: Being serious

Personal Quest: Boo is stolen by a madmen, who thinks he is a giant space hamster and must be taken to Wildspace, however Minsc will stop him.

Death: Minsc, after discovering the death of all three of his “Witches” and worst, the death of Boo, goes into a legendary rage, and slaughters an entire army of enemies, finally dying attacking a Titan, who he is able to mortally wound with his fist.

Minsc (Iconic)

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