Medli (Iconic)

A young Rito who wants to prove herself


Female Rito Bard 10


Dexterity: 16
Charisma: 18
Intelligence: 12
Spirit: 15
Guile: 10
Adroitness: 9
Strength: 13
Constitution: 15
Wisdom: 14

Weapon of Choice: Morning Star
Music of Choice: A special Harp


Medli is a young Rito from The Wind Waker. She is the apprentice attendant of Valoo, the patron deity of the Rito.23 She’s close friends with Prince Komali and is always watching and worrying over him. Medli is known to be kind-hearted and responsible, and when it comes to helping others, she is not afraid to take on challenges and other obstacles that might get in her way despite not being able to fly too well.4 Medli accompanies Link into two dungeons in order to fulfill her job as attendant of Valoo and as the Sage of Earth, respectively.
Even during her free time, Medli can be seen and heard trying to improve her skills as Valoo’s attendant by practicing her most valued possession: her harp.5 She’s also notable as one of the few characters the player can control other than Link, and as such, plays a crucial role in The Wind Waker

Death: Dies Fighting against a Pink Bokobling

Medli (Iconic)

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