Lucius V

the overworked and hyperambitious Emperior


Lucius V
Male Imperial Human Noble 12/fighter 4.
Al- LE
Color- Grey
God- Apollo


Lucius IV had 5 sons, two daughters, 1 adopted Son, one bastard and two brothers. Lucius V was his third son, and it was widely known that he was the least favorite child, seen as bookish and weak by his militaristic father, and in turn seeing his father as a small minded brute who couldn’t see the big picture. Lucius V wanted to limit expansion, consolidating the land they had already and increase the power of the Royal Family, while his father wanted to take over the world, give power back to the senate, and take over as many lands as possible in his 42 year reign (the old fucker didn’t die). Honestly, it was widely rumored that Lucius V was illegitimate. By the time Lucius IV was an old man, his two elder sons had both died in battle, his brother had given up any claim to the throne, and his youngest son had shamed himself by fleeing in battle. Lucius V, bookish, scholarly and closed mouthed was forced to fight in his fathers armies, and won some minor battles all on his own, however his father clearly favored his nephew and adopted son. Anthony, the 4th child was seen as too reckless to be his heir, though he was much loved by his father, the bastard child was trained as a mage, and it looked like Lucius V was going to be sworn off. However, in the last year of his reign, both his adopted son and his nephew died in battle and Lucius IV, a broken man with almost 43 years on the throne, finally died, making Lucius V his heir. The new Caesar has been trying to solidify his rule, however the last Five years have been hard for him. He has stopped most of the expansion wars, however some have not yet been able to come to a favorable peace and while the Caesar would love to simple abandon them, his position isn’t as so stable that he can simply let them go. The Military High command wishes to keep on going with the war (or at least keep their legions mobilized), the Imperial bureaucracy wishes to expand return the lands and govern them, and the Senate wishes simply to be granted more autonomy. The Caesar personally wishes to take back the expansion, however his main goal is to solidify his position and make his Rule far more like that of a true monarch rather than “First Citizen”.

Lucius V

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