Linu La'neral (Iconic)

An absurdly clumsy elven cleric


Female Ruar- Tel- Quessir Cleric 14, Silver Warden 3
Color: Blue/Red
Temperament: Supine/Sanguine
Deity: Sehanine Moonbow
Romance: Yes, Male Wisdom 15


Wisdom: 20
Intelligence: 18
Strength: 16
Constitution: 14
Dexterity: 3
Adroitness: 6
Spirit: 10
Guile: 8
Charisma: 13


Barun’s Mace of Disruption
+1 Mace of Disruption, +5 against Undead Damage Bonus vs. Undead 1D8 fire
This weapon bears the mark of the dwarf Barun, a Master Blacksmith, who worked from a makeshift forge in the Uthgardt village of Beorunna’s Well. He forged it late in 1373 DR, to aid the war effort against Lady Aribeth the Betrayer who was marching against the northern city of Neverwinter and the Lord’s Alliance

Shield of the HOlyd
+4 Medium Shield, Bonus Feat Extra Turning
These shields are first mentioned in ancient liturgies of Lathander, in which the Morninglord’s champions bear ardiant shields against an infestation of undead. The shields made their first apperance in modern times in dramatic fashion, appearing miraculously at the alters of several of the deity’s temples in the Year of SMoldering Smells, 1020 DR. Since that time, a number have been lost in battle, and not a few were stolen by foul creatures to prevent their use

Armor of Comfort
+2 Scale Armor, +2 to Heal
The interlocking plates, greaves, and gauntlets of this armor appears heavy and cumbersome to wear. However, once the armor is donned it feels as comfortable and light as a well-tailored tunic. The armor also exudes a faint secent of lavender to cover up any unseemly warrior odors.

Talisman of Pure Good
+3 to Wisdom and Charisma,, Spell Resistance 12, only usable by Good
These holy talismans border on the power of artifacts. Only a good creature may wear one, and even the most beatific finds his souls challenged and refined as the device makes him more and more righteous with every passing day. Examples of the items appear in many different forms, suggesting multiple creators at different point in history. They are unfortunately very rare

Lathar’s Last Belt
Immunity: Finger of Death, Power Word Kill
Lathar was a wizard of little renown who thought himself worthy to test a powerful archmage in a magical duel. Knowing his rival’s penchant for death magic, Lathar crafted this special belt to grant himself immunity against such wizardry. The day of the duel came and the two wizards squared off against each other. The archmage flung powerful fingers of death and invoked the powerful power word kill and all the while Lathar laughed. “Do your worse” Lathar said, mocking his rival. The Archmage frowned. Then with a clever smile he snapped his fingers and summoned forwth a dire bear which promptly swallowed poor Lathar in just one bite

Boots of the Sahuagin
+1 fortitude
These boots were obviously made for surface dwellers and not the sea devils for which they are named. They fit snugly and are amde from a water-resistance material, making them popular with sailors and fisherman

Bracers of Armor +3

Vestment of Faith
+5 soak 5 damage, only useable by good
These holy garments are most often a gift from Ilmater to a favored disciple. they are worn over normal clothing and grant a special protection to the person wearing it, helping to east that faithful soul’s physical suffering

Gloves of Spellcraft
Spellcraft +3
In an effort to help stave off the expansion of the Muhorand Tehocracy, several Red Wizards of Thay worked together to create these gloves to assist the Magocracy that contorls Unther. While the gloves assist mages in recognizing some of the powerful spells being cast, the superior numbers of the Mulhorand mages still gives them the advantage.

Platinum Helm
Elecctrical resistance 35, Use Scintillating Sphere 1/day
This helmet hums with eletrical energy. Capable of absorbing and discharging energy, this helmet is very unpredictable, but when used properly, very powerful.

Ring of Regeneration
+4 regeneration
The lowly wizard Huhhus discovered an efficient way to distill troll flesh into a regenerative potion, but few people were willing to drink the vile liquid and it was consider a failure. Decades later, one of his students built upon these foundations to create a regenerative ring fueled by bits of troll ichor and brains. This external use caused far less nausea and the invention met with success.

Purple Dragon Ring
Immunity Poison, use light at will
These rings are brass and engraved with the purple dragon symbol of the Obarskyr royal family. The Purple Dragons use these rings to protect the royal family from assassination attempts by poison. Over 4,000 of these rings have been made. Rings with similar functions are in common circulation, created for nobles or merchants fearing poison.

Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals
Summon Water Elemental Charge/use, 10 charges

This large bowl is fashioned out of pale blue lapis lazuli, and the rim of the bolw is etched with a smooth flowing script spelling prayers to Istishia. When filled with water, a water elemental will be summoned to serve the caster

Crest of the Enforcer
Flame Weapon 1/day, Keen edge 1/day
All Citziens of the Sharakhan Empire are asked to choose a Crest upon their graduation. The three Crests represent the three paths by which they serve the Emperor; that of the Guardian, that of the Enforcer, and taht of the Redeemer

Scabbard of Blessing
Aid 3/days per day, BLess 3/day
Most scabbards of this type were created by a long-forgotten order of paladins and militant clerics, but today they see use by all sorts of warriors, both good and evil.

Saintblood Pearl
50 charges
Cure critical wounds-4 charges, Cure light wounds-1 charge, Cure moderate wounds-2 charges, cure serious wounds-3 charges, Restoration-5 charges
It is said that when the pure of heart are martyred from their faith, the blood taht spills from them is white as the purest snow. As the droplets come in contract with the cold-hearted world, they are harden into Saintsblood Pearls, though which they martyr may still grant blessings to the faithful

While rubbing a stain off her shirt, this young elf glances around with a cheerful visage; yet there is a hardiness that belies her gentle exterior.

Linu La’neral is an elven cleric (of Sehanine Moonbow) from Evereska who is constantly finding herself in awkward situations. She is kind, but her self-consciousness causes her to lose the grace of her race and descend into clumsiness at times, which only serves to make her more self-conscious. This, combined with her awful luck and uncanny timing leads many people to ask her to please help somewhere else.
Linu is a henchman who is available in both the original and Hordes of the Underdark campaigns. As a cleric, Linu provides support for a player, healing the injured and turning undead. In addition, she can deal out damage with power attack, and she has some measure of survivability in combat, being one of the few henchmen who make use of a shield (the only such henchman in the original campaign).
These are the background stories told by Linu as part of her henchman quests in the original campaign.
While still young, Linu was sent to a school for “potentials”, children of gifted wizards who are expected to take after their parents. However, on the first day of class, Linu’s curiosity led her to accidentally disrupt a spell being cast by the teacher. This led to some unpleasantness, but Linu stayed in the school for another month, when she accidentally jumped into a portal to another plane of existence. She should have died, but was saved by the intervention of Sehanine Moonbow, who wanted Linu to go on a quest. Centuries earlier, Sehanine had discovered a forest of oak trees with a special adaptation that allowed the forest to survive the eruptions of the surrounding range of volcanoes. Sehanine had been smitten with the majesty of those trees, and had wept when she discovered that the forest had been destroyed (by unknown forces). Sehanine saved Linu, and in return, Linu dedicated herself to Sehanine, becoming her cleric and accepting the task of finding a seed from one of those volcanis oaks (chapter three quest).

Later in her life, Linu met Synth La’neral, a handsome, charismatic, intelligent, adventurous archeologist who was respected within Evereska despite the city’s usual disdain for adventurers. The meeting was an embarrassing encounter for Linu, but it piqued Synth’s interest. Synth set himself to woo Linu, one night climbing a ten-story wall to serenade her while she slept. Not realizing who was singing, Linu reacted defensively, kicking him in the jaw. Not wanting to fight back for fear of hurting Linu, Synth decided to make an exit off the balcony, intending to swing to a lower terrace. By this time Linu had recognized him, and sought to save him from falling, but ended up stepping on one of his hands. Praying for strength, she managed to haul Synth up by the other hand, dislocating his shoulder in the process. Synth started begging Linu to not touch him. Knowing her own abilities at healing, Linu ignored his protests, popped his shoulder back into place, cast a healing spell to relieve the pain, and kissed him soundly. They married a year later.

Synth retired from his adventuring life for a couple of years, but then discovered the location of an ancient city. The timing of his announcement of this discovery meant that he would seek out this city while Linu was committed to preparing a special temple celebration. A mage friend of Synth created a pair of magic journals so Synth and Linu could remain in contact while Synth was exploring the ruins. They did write, but Synth would write about his thoughts and philosophies rather than about what he was doing, until his last message, which ended with a foreboding indication that “they” were coming again. While it was clear that Synth had been killed by “them”, Linu did not have enough information to locate those ruins and quiet the ghost that haunts her dreams. It was not until her adventures pursuing the cult that threatened Neverwinter (chapter two of the original campaign) that she learned the location of those ruins and recovered Synth’s journal (from the player, who finds it in a troll cave above some ancient ruins).

After working in the Temple of the Full Moon for six years, Linu was finally called upon to leave Evereska when a thief stole a silver goblet from the temple. The task of recovering the chalice fell upon Linu in part because she was the one who let the thief into the temple (thinking he was a starving child who could use some food), and partly because she had a vision from her goddess indicating she would recover the chalice after a long journey to the north and west. A cheerful celebration was held (which Linu chose to view as being in honor of her quest, rather than a response to her and her luck being sent far away), and Linu set out.

Arriving in a small town called Llork, Linu found a mob of people about to hang a halfling who was unjustly accused of murder. The halfling, it turned out, had tried to sell the stolen chalice to a Zhent merchant for 500 gold. The merchant had responded by confiscating the religious artifact as a tribute to Bane, which was backed up by the Zhent mayor of the town. Protests over this led to the murder accusation. This was an injustice Linu could not stand, so she ran into the crowd, hoping to stop them. Instead, she tripped and managed to instigate a brawl. This provided the halfling the opportunity to escape. Linu saw him once more, silver chalice again in his hand, before he disappeared into the wood.

Still looking for the chalice, Linu eventually arrived in the city of Neverwinter in time to help tend to victims of the Wailing Death. Fortunately for her, the Silver Chalice of Moonbow had also found its way into the city, where it can be found by the player (chapter one).

All these troubles originating from the theft of the goblet has left Linu with an intense hatred of thieves. The fact that her father was also a thief did not help.

When Linu first came to Neverwinter, she worked in the temple of Tyr. After several exhausting days, she tried to stand, but instead fainted into a glass statue of the symbol of Tyr. One of the balanced plates flew across the room and smashed spectacularly right above the head of the high priest, who reacted by sitting down, right on a rather large shard of glass. She was asked to find somewhere else to help with the wounded.
In Port Llast, Linu bumped into a waitress, causing her to spill some drinks. Linu reacted by leaping backwards, right into a dwarf, knocking over his ale and stew. The dwarf crashed into a half-orc, starting a brawl. Fortunately, she was able to avoid the brawl by hiding under a table. When the fight was over, she put on an apron and helped clean up the mess. Finally, she stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and slipped in a mud puddle, which caused her to change her clothes and almost miss seeing the hero of Neverwinter arrive.

On the way to Beorunna’s Well, Linu had a nightmare that a dragon was chasing her. She woke to see the outline of the wagon she had been riding in. Still frightened by the dream, she reacted by unleashing a blast of lightning, which fortunately did only a little (direct) damage to the wagon, but the tree that the blast knocked down managed to shatter the wagon to tiny pieces. (Linu was able to get a ride from the next wagon, though, and resolved to pay for the wagon out of her own wages once the immediate concerns facing Neverwinter had been dealt with.)

After returning to Neverwinter, Linu stopped by the Bridge district (a district not featured in the original campaign) to buy a chicken for some soup. The chicken escaped her, and when Linu dove for it, she knocked over a cart, disturbing a sleeping cat who ended up in a fountain. Dogs chased the wet cat under some horses, spooking the horses. Trying to calm the situation, Linu chased the horses to get them back, but caused some damage along the way that ultimately resulted in a full-scale riot.

In another incident in Neverwinter after the plague, Linu was dancing with the ambassador from Sembia at a court function when she tripped and fell into a waiter, who spilled boiling hot soup on the ambassador. Flailing about in pain, the ambassador stumbled into a brazier and caught fire. Naturally, Linu tried to help, so she poured a bucket of water on him. Only the bucket contained brazier fuel, not water…

Death: Dies killing a Deep Dragon

Linu La'neral (Iconic)

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