Liao Shahrazad


Level 10 Cloud Elf Academician
INT 23
CHA 19
GUI 19
ADR 17
DEX 13
WIS 12
CON 10
MBTI: ENTP Inventor
Temperament: Sanguine/Melencholic
Color: Blue
Doshas: Affection: Phlegmatic, Inclusion: Choleric, Control: Melancholic
Sefirot: Binah, Hokhmah, Tif’eret, Keter, Gevurah
Chakras: Light, Thought, Fire, Sound, Air, Water, Earth
Enneagrams: Sexual 5, Social 8w9, SP 2w3
Season: September
Zodiac: Rat

Hit Dice: 28

Class Skills (Appraise, Concentration, Craft (Int), Decipher Script, Forgery, Knowledge (all), Profession (Wis) Research, Search, Sincerity*, Speach Language)

Latin 50
Ancient Hebrew 50
Chinese 50
High Elvish 50
Aramaic 30
Greek 30
Academia 30 (10 as a result of her upbrining and limited to her library)
Decipher Script 30
Knowledge (Religion) 25
Research 22
Sincerity 13
Charm 12
Persuasion: 6
Knowledge (Arcana) 10
Move Silently: 11
Listen: 11
Awareness: 6

Skill Points: 16

Bonus Skills, +5 to the following skills, Reading/writing, Etiquette, heradrly, Language (any) History (any) Astrology, Herbalist, Knowledge (any) Spellcraft, Gather Information, Calligraphy.

Feats: Decipher Feat, Skill Focus, Bonus Feat

You gain a +1 Intelligence to all checks involving academics.

Peer Review: You gain a +5 Gather information for academic information.

Uncanny Insight: You can double your intelligence bonus for 1D10 rounds 1/day

Expanded Repertoire 1:


Discovered on the Library’s steps as a baby, Shahrazad has lived her entire life there, being raised by the Masters of the school, and taught at the same time. After learning to read and talk, she soon became a star pupil, but her combination of insatiable curiosity and not really understanding the concept of power dynamics has lead her to investigate everything that catches her eye.

At fourteen, she discovered mysticism, and her study of that lead her to the dojo to learn martial arts…well, some of the philosophy anyway (see her stats). She doesn’t really believe in the concept of forbidden knowledge, and this applies to the people in the surrounding towns, too. Eager to learn everything but also eager to make changes in the world, Shahrazad is torn between the urge to help others and the urge to better herself. As an elf, she has plenty of time to do both, but as a teenager, she believes she’s far more impulsive than she really is.

Rpe bcc 1

Liao Shahrazad

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