Kasha (Iconic)


Female Dragon Marked Monk 4, argent Fist 1

Wisdom: 16
Strength: 15
Constitution: 17
Dexterity: 18
Spirit: 14
Adroitness: 8
Charisma: 10
Guile: 9
Intelligence: 10

Weapon of Choice: Duel Rattan Sticks


A native of Aundair, Kasha has spent most of her life in a monastery dedicated to Silver Flame, a place that was not touched by the Last War. Ironically, though, the monastery was destroyed a few months ago by unknown attackers. Along with Thiera, a Paladin attached to the monastery , Kasha was sent into the world to investigate the attack on the monastery. The two young adventures have followed a wild trail from Aundair to Thrane, to the Shadow Marches, and most recently to Breland in search of a Kalashtar psychic warrior who supposedly knowns something about the enemy that attacked the monastery. Young and idealistic, Kasha lived a cloistered life until recently. She is mystified by life outside the monastery, awed by the souring towers in Sharn and disguisted by the habits of the orcs of Shadow Marches. The mystery of the destruction of her monastery gnaws by her faith, but Thiera assures her that their faith will be stronger because of the hardships and challenges they must endure to solve the mystery and bring the enemy to Justice.

Personal Quest: Gives up the worship the Silver Flame, instead worshiping Boldrei

Death: Dies fighting

Kasha (Iconic)

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