Karrass (Iconic)

A Iksar duty bound fanatic


LE Male Iskar Monk 12, Swiftale Monk 7
God: Cazie Thule

Weapon of choice: MOTHERFUCKING CLAWS BITCHES….also charkems


Karrass was hatched in the humid iksar egg communal, and Cabilis society was already instilled within him. The murmuring of the nest guardians reverberated through his shell, whispering his destiny: “Serve the Emperor”. Annually, iskar merchants and citizens assembled near the doors and windows t watc the procession of Grandmaster Glox through the canals of East Cabilis. Each year, the venerable master choose a new student to tutor in the traditional Iskar hand to hand fighting style. When young, Karrass stood in quiet awe as Glox stopped, turned, and hand him his guild note. Upon his arrive, Master Raska wecomed young Karrass with haughty indifference. “Welcome whiffe” he snorted. “A whiff is the sound of a tail striking air”. Without warning, Master Raska spun around, his tail sweeping under hte legs of the young iskar and landing Karrass dumbfounded on the floor. “I struck no air that time, wife”. Karrass bore his lesson soundly and learned quickly that destiny is not something handed to you, rather is something to be nourished and tended like the hatchling eggs that nestled still and warm in their nests. “Who is the whiff now?” Karrass asked the day he finally dodged Master Raska’s tail sweep. Raska jumped in the air, aiming his foot and in one thunderous instant, Karrass found his face firmly fixed in the dust of the court. “You are” Raska chuckled. Now a model swifttail, Karrass has moved beyond the walls of his city to assess the threat of the newcomers from accross the sea. The wandering creatures that threatened to reclaim his city no logner seemed a concern with the coming of the ships, the land, still wounded from the mistakes of its forefathers, troubled Karrass deeply, but his assessment of the situation is as yet incomplete.


Karrass ahd never imagined himself being a Master of the Swifttails, let alone commander of a new facility on the outpost of Visk. With his bright beginnings in the Court of Pain, he had always assumed he would simply die in battle for his people, for the future of the iksar empire. Countless scars, personal defeats, and victories late,r he had found himself on a ship bound to a new iskar outpost called Visk. The outlanders had come in droves to Kunark, taking over old ruins and turning land and economy upside down. Tier’Dal and broken Ogres moved into the Overthere, bringing with them strange magics both old and new. The elves of Faydwer howereve,r had proven the most offensive to Karras and many of his brethren. The Koada’Dal built near the mouth of Ill Omen and flourished, offering a safe haven for even more intruders. “Disguisting” Karrass thought to himself at the memory of it all. The outlanders had made a nuisance of themselves for long enough, and though the iskar were in no position to drive the pale elves off, they would repay them in their own unique way: In response, the iskar claimed an island off the coast of Faydwer for themselves and called the outpost there Visk. With the iskar so near the slant-eyed soft-skinned children of Faydwer would think twice before furthering their fothold on Kunark. Karrass walked the newly created premise. Visk’s Court of Pain was much smaller than the grand training grounds in Cabilis, but it was no less important or valuable. Karrass had swelled with unspeakable pride when Grand Master Glox had chosen him to oversee the new training facility. As he entered the training hall, he saw four young iskar standing there, whisping among themselves. When Karrass came into view though, they quieted immediatly, as was apporopiate. “Grand Master Glox has sent you four to become my first students” Karrass hissed. The four remained completely still, with the exception of the one female whose tail was twitching very slightly in obvious excitement. “You, step to me.” karrass motioned to her. She did so, bowing before the new master. “What is your name”. “Zliza” she said. “Zliza, you will be the leader of this group” karrass told her. The other three iskar males made no movements but the expression on their faces spoke of their shock at the Master’s choice. Zliza’s eyes widened slightly and she nodded. In an instant, Karrass had spun about, his tale slamming her off feet. She landed face first on the ground. The other three iskar still contained their outwards reactions yet their amused eyes belied their supposed impassivity. Karrass reached down to help Zliza up. “Lesson one” Karrass said “You must learn how to fall before you can stand again. We iskar have learned this lesson many times, and we ahve been driven from our rightful lands by enemies who have, since the beginning of the world, understimated us. If you whiffs learn anything from our history, let it be this. The harder you fall, the higher you will rise.” Having made the necessary impression, Karrass paired the students off and worked them through sparring exercises, accepting nothing less than absolute exchaustion before the ywere dismissed. In karrass mind, there was no greater task than creating a new era for the iskar, one that might rise from its own ashes.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Tier’Dal

Karrass (Iconic)

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