Hawke (Iconic)

The Champion of Kirkwall and an all around badass


Female Starborn (???) Mage 19

Staff of Violation
1/10 chance of casting Walking Bomb, +3 to Will

Old friend,
First Enchanter Casimira was no blood mage! Hogwash! Your story of her investing dark arts into the staff is just that: a fable.
Casimira was, in fact, the first leader of Kirkwall’s Circle of Magi. She was saddled with the great task of transforming a decrepit, crumbling prison into a proper home for mages transferred to her from all over Thedas. Some of those mages were apostates, men and women one step away from being rendered Tranquil, and it was her unfortunate task to keep order.

How many battles did she fight in those early days? How much blood was spilled on these grounds? Casimira had to be a hard woman, but she did it to keep the templars from declaring the Right of Annulment and killing us all.

And your other rumor that she was arrested by the first knight-commander? I am telling you it isn’t so. I have studied the records, and the truth of the matter is that Casimira was taken by a demon and slain before she could endanger the tower. The templars admired her strength in holding the demon back long enough for them to act. It was a noble sacrifice, and Casmira’s staff was kept by the first enchanters to commemorate this. It saddens me that people choose to dwell on its form rather than the lesson it signifies.

— A letter by First Enchanter Orsino, 9:26 Dragon

Mantle of the Champion
Champion: an honor unique to the Free Marches. Other terms of reverence suffer the stains of their holders, the lingering baggage of office and entitlement. But champion is not an appointment that can be sought. It cannot be owned or willed, and the process by which it is bestowed is not argued through policy or guile. It is earned with blood and sweat and leadership in times of great turmoil. Always worthy, as their deeds are of true importance, a champion is greeted not by debate, but by nods of reverence.
The title was most recently granted in Tantervale, 8:82 Blessed, on the resolution of the bloody expansion of Nevarra. Their king, emboldened by the taking of Perendale and the quick yielding of Hasmal, thought the remainder of the Free Marches as easy claim. He who became the Champion. Cade Arvale of Rivain, did what Orlais had not: He stopped a nation in its tracks. There was blood and barter, but Tantervale is still free against all odds.

There is the contradiction of the honor. Champion is not itself a sign of approval. He or she can be respected or feared, their coming dreaded as much as desired. All that is common is that they have an effect and lives are changed.

Kirkwall now adds to the history of the title, a first for the city, on this 9:34 Dragon. The Qunari are repelled by the means respected or reviled, and it remains to be seen what follows for this Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.

—From The Champion: History, Ancient and Current, excerpted by Philliam, a Bard!

Ash (ring)
Fire Resistance 5, Deal 5 more Fire Damage

The outer surface is blistering, yet the inner is cool.

When equipped with the ring Icicle, the character gains a bonus to magic.

Icicle (ring
10 Cold Resistance, +1d6 Cold Damage
The outer surface is frosty, yet the inner is warm.

When equipped with the ring Ash, the character gains a bonus to magic.

When Ash and Icicle are put together, the caster gains a +3 bonus to insight

+4 to will
A simple pendant with a bold, almost ungainly inscription. Very heavy, and reminiscent of the rugged peoples of the Anderfels in the northwest.

One for the Ditch
+2 to Endurance
This hip flask is missing a coat of arms. “One for the Ditch” is scratched around the mouth, a pessimistic view of where one last drink will lead. The contents smell vile, as does Oghren, on occasion.



Hawke (Iconic)

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