Halisstra Melarn (Iconic)


N Female Drow Bard 8, Cleric 10, Sword Dancer of Elistreae 1

Item: 5 Thundering heavy mace of impact, +2 quick loading croswbow, 50 +4 bolts, +4 mithral large shield, arms of House Melam (5 elven chainmail of nimbleness with 4 strength/reducing armor check penalty to -1 and increasing dexterity to +6, gloves of +6, amulet of health +6, headband of Wisdom +4, Halisstra comb (4 to charisma), Piwafwi of Resistance +4, ring of protection +4, piwafwi of resistance +4, boots of elevenkind, instruments of the bards, ring of evasion, wand of improved invisibility, wand of cure serious wounds, Heward’s handy haversack, drow house insignia, ring of detect poison, +2 long song sword (hidden flute), +1 chain shirt, Harp of Enchantment The Crescent Blade (See below)

Crescent Blade

+7 Moonlight Keen Deity slaying, silver flaming Scimitar, constant protection against evil, extra attack per round,


Halisstra Melarn (Iconic)

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