Halharan (Iconic)

A kalashtar fighting against the dreaming dark


NG Kalashtar Psion (universal) 8

Intelligence: 18
Spirit: 15
Wisdom: 14
Strength: 12
Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 17
Adroitness: 8
Guile: 10
Charisma: 8

Weapon of Choice: Chakram


The inn at First Tower was a pleasant enough establishment. It was said to be the first tower ever built in the vicinity of Sharn, but since he was still a day’s walk from the City of Towers, Halharan assumed that the legend was used to garner more money from the travelers passing through.

The kalashtar sat in a corner, sipping water and watching the small crowd. The people of this land were so different from those of Adar and Riedra, more robust, more basic. They intrigued him. The inn’s door swung open then, letting a blast of wind and rain rush in. A large, cloaked figure stepped inside, slamming the door behind him. Halharan got a flash of danger from the figure, but before he could isolate it and focus his will, the stranger jumped around the room. The kalashtar noticed that others were also hidden within cloaks, sitting scattered throughout the room.

Something was wrong here, Halharan thought, just as a flash of pain exploded inside his mind. The pain’s source was external; belonged to someone in the inn’s guest rooms. They were . . . killing her!

Halharan started to rise just as the new arrival threw back his hood. A hobgoblin? Here?

’Tor Darguun!" the hobgoblin shouted as he slid a weapon from under his cloak. The other cloaked figures revealed themselves as goblins and kobolds, each shouting “For Darguun!” in turn, though one kobold seemed confused and cheered for Droaam instead.

Before Halharan could act, a halfling barbarian—one of the inn’s patrons—charged into the goblins with wild abandon. The hobgoblin was moving as well, coming up on the halfling’s blind side. Evil must be dealt with, no matter its source, Halharan reminded himself, and he leaped to place himself directly in the hobgoblin’s path.

Halharan grew up and received his psionic training in a monastic community in the mountains of Adar. After completing his training, he journeyed to Sharn to fight the agents of the Inspired in Khorvaire. Outside Sharn, a battle that erupted in a roadside in threw him together with a ragtag group of adventurers, including a halfling barbarian, a half-elf cleric, and a human sorcerer. Unsure how to pursue his own mission, he has joined with these others out of convenience although their common foe appears not to be the BLood of Vol rather than the Dream Dark. Evil is Evil Halharan reasons, and is worth fighting whatever its origin.

Personal Quest: Help him find a Dreaming Dark cabal and unearth it.

Death: Ironically dies fighting against agents of the Dreaming Dark.

Halharan (Iconic)

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