Gwendala Sun touch(Iconic)

An elven Spellweaver in need of aid


TN Female Lea Elf Spellweaver


She is found in the Moorbridge Marshes imprisoned by an evil tree. She will join your party after you complete a short quest involving an elven ghost and his lute.

She is also on a quest to try to find ancient elven artifacts to help her own people, at hte expense of the other elven races.

Two in one – with Gwendala you have your first character of your group can enrich with an additional creature summoned.

Appearance & Character:

Her blond, shoulder-length hair, swung her body and her big brown eyes Gwendala distinguished clearly from a descendant of an elf. Their gait is more like a prancing and no fat to be found on her very attractive body, which she gladly presented by tight garments. On her right ear, she hides under the dense hairs a crescent-shaped earring.


Your family lives quietly on an old home of their ancestors. They love the seclusion, because they work with problems and disabilities of mortal men do not want to come in contact.

Combat Skills & Skills:

As an elf is Gwendala naturally knows from the bow. Not only as it is a deadly weapon, and how to make such, belongs to their realm of experience. And should not an arrow find its target, it will try to harass the enemy with a sword.
Gwendala knows how they must deal with animals in order to tame either, or they conjure up as comrades cause.


Although Gwendala goes quickly to the ground, it is still indispensable as long fighter and Summoner, in order to give your group a certain balance between active and passive actors in the fight.

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Helmed Horrors

Gwendala Sun touch(Iconic)

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