Gregor the Gay Orc

A gay orc massuse who is following them around.


Orc savage

Gregor the Gay Orc
“The first virtue in a soldier is endurance of fatigue; courage is only the second virtue.
Napoleon Bonaparte”

Male Hill Orc Expert (Masseuse) Level 6
Patron God- Dol Dorn (CG Intermediate God of Athleticism and Fitness)
Color- Green
Hit Points- 18
Strength-20 (Gregor is an Orc, and so gets a +4 to his Strength, making his natural 16 strength a 20).
Constitution-16 (Orcs have a +2 to Con)
Spirit-15 (orcs have a 2 to Spirit)
Charisma-8 (Orcs have a natural -2 to Charisma)
Intelligence 14 (Again, 2 Int for Orcs)
Adroitness 19 (gregor has put his only extra point into the profession most important to his craft)
Special Abilities- Darkvision 60 feet, Toughness, Light Sensitivity, and Iron Stomach.


Gregor has never been on an adventure before and has lived his whole life within cities. But because of his profession he is in perfect physical shape despite his total lack of adventuring abilities (no weapon proficiencies, no combat styles, not battle feats ect. Gregor has very good stats and is in good physical condition.


Heal 6, Fitness 11, Massage 13, Medicine 5, Sewing 4, Perfumes/Soups/Baths 7, Exercise 12 , stretches 10, Swimming 7, Jogging 5, Potion making 1, Potion testing 4, Examination 2, and Therapy 1

Weapon Skills:



Masterwork Claymore (Magical), Masterwork Chain-mail, Steel Half plate, Steel baton, 1 healing potion, 1 Potion of Bull’s Strength, 2 Potions of remove Fatigue, 3 Unknown Potions, one salve of healing, dagger, 150 GP’s worth in various soups, perfumes, bath powders, hair products and massage ointment, family necklace.

Gregor’s family were once a tribe of brutal hill orcs who had long ago come under control of the Imperial Empire, and Gregor is the fifth in his family to be raised entirely within the Latin community. Hill Orcs society is one of brutality, raiding, and Strength, and an essential part of that culture is a stoic acceptance of circumstances regardless of how bad things get, and an intolerance of complaining. The life of a hill orc was hard, endless fighting amongst themselves and other races, not to mention the numerous monsters within the world that would love to destroy a tasty orc tribe, and in response Hill Orcs grew tough and intolerant of any form of weakness. Following their subjugation by the Empire, Gregor’s family started to work as artisans, as they did under their old tribe (being of low rank), working stonemasons, dock workers, cooks, barbers and finally Masseuse. Gergor’s father was a Barber, and his grandfather a cook, both of whom had been mocked by their parents for taking up an effeminate occupation, both of whom were by orc standards rather small and scrawny. Gregor took an interest in athletics, however combined this with his fathers profession and found that he had a talent for massages, as his fingers were incredibly agile. His father, realizing the opportunity of wealth that could be made in a bathhouse, encouraged Gregor. He has worked in a bath house for ten years, during which his father died and Gregor moved to a border town to make money in a new bathhouse. Gregor worked at his current job for almost two years, known for being very good at his job but rather closed mouthed. Gregor has had very little luck with relationships, and has become somewhat embittered towards relationships. His decision to follow a random band of adventurers into the wilderness is based more upon a personal desire to see the world, (or at least do something) as well as his crush on the giant barbarian who travels with the group. Gregor at first expected the group were either bandits, merchants, or refuges who he could travel with until he got bored and found some new town to stay in, and was totally unexpected by the sheer danger of their mission, however he doesn’t complain and stays loyal out of honor and more recently a real interest in their cause, while Gregor is hardly a revolutionary, he certainly isn’t a loyalist, and is growing more attached to this strange group. Live or die Gregor doesn’t plan on making himself a coward and intends to stay with the group at least until the trouble in the valley is solved.

Gregor the Gay Orc

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