Flowers the Goblin

A random goblin the group picked up


Flowers the Goblin
“Superstition brings the gods into even the smallest matters”- Livy

Female Tunnel Goblin Barbarian 2/Commoner 1
God- Win’Jassa, Minor, LN/LE Goddess of Seers (Witches, Sacrifice, Magic, fortune tellers)
Color- Red
Int- 8
Guile-10 (Goblins gain a plus two)
Strength-15 (Goblins have a minis two, plus on point she put into strength)
Constitution 16
Dexterity 17 (Goblins have a plus 2)
Charisma 17 (Goblins have a minis 2)
Quotes- “Are… pure?” “Flowers will follow the holy giant” “Flowers will hit things too….mabye then she will be big”


Flowers’ tribe has lived in the Empire for generations, always as the lowest class of expendable workers and immigrants.


Flowers is an average sized goblin, wearing a torn pink dress with a flower in her hair. She has very large and yellow eyes, and a permanent smile. She also has huge…eyes

Role-playing notes:

Flowers is easily excitable and friendly, however, she is easily distracted and often finds it difficult to understand what people are talking about. She isn’t very bright, but she isn’t stupid. Her priorities are mixed. Her lack of knowledge of the language “common” leads often to gross misunderstandings on her part that then bring her to peculiar conclusions that normally greatly boggle/embarrass her party members. She is seeminlgy fearless, willing to charge into any combat without any fear. With great determination she will attempt to kill all that insult her “tribe,” but will not take notice of those regarding herself.

Key Information:

Flowers considers the adventuring group that she is with her “tribe” and continues to try to figure out it’s (confusing at times) social hierarchy. Goblins (in particular Tunnel Goblins) seem to think only in tribal terms. Flowers considers herself the consort/handmaid to “The PURE ONE” (Ashtaad), the bodyguard to “THE GIANT ONE” (Gleadwine Eaforwine), and is subservient of “The Impure magic one…AKA the witch doctor.” She is still unsure what to make of the “other three.”


None, Flowers is pretty open with everything. She has three children, one of whom is deceased, however, she doesn’t remember who her children are, just that she marked them.

Special traits:

Darkvision 90 Feet
Light Sensitivity, takes a 1 to all checks when in the light.
+4 to all hiding, stealth, and shadow checks when in an urban environment
+2 to all Sense Motive Checks
tunnel awareness
Flowers may detect any movement in the earth as long her feet are in contact with the ground
Cave knowledge- Flowers always knows how far underground she is
+4 to all climb checks
Class abilities
Flowers may enter a rage three times per day.
Hit you with a stick- As many times per day as she wants, Flowers can take a big stick and hit you in the face with it, inflicting a great deal of pain, followed by bleeding and possibly death.


Pink Goblin Dress, slippers, leather vest, Spiked Club, dagger, perfume bottle, soup, 3 tooth picks, sewing neetle, rope, 150 GP, leather belt (not worn).

Goblin culture is many things, but egalitarian is not one of them, goblin clans are communal with little understanding of privacy or personal space. Everybody has their place in the society, and females is one of inferiority. In return for good service, goblins of high standing are allowed access to the goblin harem, where the hottest goblin girls are kept for such occasions. Flowers was one such girl, though she didn’t start out as such, she was a cook who during a fight with another tribe proved herself to be a feisty and dangerous foe. Thus she was rewarded access to the goblin harem, as all good warriors must be granted access to the harem, however any women who enters the harem isn’t allowed out unless she is with the biggest and strongest warrior of the tribe, who she will serve loyality. Thus due to a miscommunication and some Catch 22, Flowers found herself rewarded for her bravery by being put into sex slave. Needless to say, hilarity ensures. except….no. Flowers however, was tougher than any of the male goblin warriors, so she was never able to leave the Harem, dooming her to endless days of misery and sorrow (She was in their for four days.) However, this all changed when the great warrior, “Five Goblins standing on top of each other” came to the clan and refused to have sex with Flowers the Goblin. Flowers (this isn’t actually her name you know), figured that he must be a god, even more shocking one of his comrades actually hadn’t had sex (she is pure). Due to religious nature of how devout these people are, Flowers now follows the group in order to prove her loyalty to her faith and become the greatest warrior ever.

Flowers the Goblin

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