Fawkes (Iconic)

Taoist Mutant go Figure


NG Meta Human Fighter (???) 18

Path: The Path of the Wanderer

Strength: 21
Constitution: 25
Intelligence: 18
Dexterity: 19
Wisdom; 15
Adroitness: 4
Charisma: 3
Guile: 10
Spirit: 8

Weapon of Choice: Sledge Hammer and Shield


Fawkes was one of the original residents of Vault 87, and possibly went by the name of Shelton Delacroix, who was a Vault security officer. Not long after being in Vault 87, Shelton and the Vault’s other occupants went through a horrific transformation, and were changed into super mutants.
It wasn’t long before the Mutants began to overrun the Capital Wasteland, searching for new sources of Forced Evolutionary Virus. Despite being infused with FEV, Fawkes’s mind was not affected as badly as the other mutants when they went through the transformation, the cause however is not clearly given. Even though he forgot his past and who he was, Fawkes still possessed a sense of morality and showed remarkable intelligence. As stated in dialog with the Lone Wanderer, this “ironically” made Fawkes a mutant in comparison to other Super Mutants (or Meta Humans, as Fawkes calls them). As a result, he received the same treatment as other failed FEV experiments, and was confined in an observation cell in the Vault 87 lab area as a “curiosity”.

In isolationEdit
His fellow mutants had failed to realize that the chamber Fawkes was locked in had a working terminal. Here he read about the past for at least a century, learning about the history of the world. One piece of history he took a liking to was the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ which involved a group of rebels, trying to assassinate King James I, the current British monarch at the time, by blowing up the ‘House of Lords.’ Guy Fawkes was a member of this rebellion, and despite the fact his failure is celebrated throughout the pre-War United Kingdom, Fawkes took a liking to him, and because Fawkes had forgotten his old name a long time ago he renamed himself Fawkes.
Residing as a prisoner in Vault 87, Fawkes is one of two known “humanized” super mutants in the capital wasteland, the other being Uncle Leo. In 2277 he is confined to Isolation Room 5 in Vault 87, where he has resided for as long as memory permits. Fawkes claims that he was able to attain literacy and a civilized personality (things most East Coast super mutants sorely lack) by gleaning as much information as possible from the vault’s immense on-line database (or at least until recently as the terminal that he used was destroyed by the other super mutants as a way of tormenting him).

Fawkes credits his intimate knowledge of Vault 87 to being a resident there before being transformed into a super mutant, additionally he wears the tattered remnants of a male Vault 87 jumpsuit, possibly due to him outgrowing it while mutating. Fawkes has knowledge of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, one of which is located inside Vault 87. He waits patiently inside his small isolation chamber, waiting for someone to come along, in search of the G.E.C.K, and give him his freedom.

Joins: Realise him from Prisons

Death: Dies fighting against the Steel Brotherhood

Fawkes (Iconic)

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