Dorna Trapspringer (Iconic)


TN Female Dwarf Rogue/Cleric 8, Divine Trickster 5

Weapon stye: Morning Star and Short Sword


Bone Phoenix
+1 morning star, 1D6 fire damage
These are the hallmark weapons of the fallen Lord Craghand of Unther, and are named for fate he suffered. Lacking magical talent himse,f Craghand employed a cadre of necromancers in an effort to extend his meager legacy. These wizards succeeded only in damning his court to an age of undeath Now his mindless form stalks Faerun, his ageless skeletal body rising time and again even if destroyed.

Breath of the Maiden
+1 Short sword, poison DC 14 1d2 constitution
Swords of this type are boldy marked and clearly come from a single source, though the significance of that source remains hidden as yet. Known owners have not volunteered any revealing information, or even the cost they paid to acquire their weapons, if there was a cost other than a dangerous dungeons retrieval.

Crossbow of Affliction
+4 light crossbow, massive critical 1D4 damage, Mighty +3
Crossbows of this type draw their power directly from the wielder, a liability that can prove deadly. Guil de Lyons used the original for years, before falling to a bandit who was clever before falling to a bandit who was clever enough to engage Guil in melee. his captured weapon has apparently been studied and duplicated, as more exmaples have appeared since his defeat.

Pixie Lance
+2 Sgian-dubh, On hit 50% chance Sleep DC 14 for 2 rounds
Necromancers have very little tolerance for jokes at their expense, so the reaction of Lord Agorn Deathknell to a precariously perched bucket of chum above his laboratory door was entirely predictable, as was the death of the pixie responsible. The suprising part, especially to Argon, was the retaliation of dozens of outraged fey folks, who never suffer a poor sport. A number of their blades were recovered from Agorn’s carcass

99-Sail burners
bonus damage 1d4 fire damage
Requiring little skills to fire and doing great damage to ship and sail alike, so-called ‘Sail Burner’ bolts are a popular starting point for those with piratical intent

Invisible Death
+7 studded leather armor, +10 to hide and move silently, improved invisibility 1/day
Created for the bounty hunter known only as Crimson, thisarmor proved particularly useful in helping her hunt down her victims. It hardly needs to be said that she always brought them in dead rather than alive

Belcher’s Belt
+2 Defense, +2 Strength, -1 constitution
This belt was taken from Sir Becket’s home, by the wererat, Trip. The belt appears to strengthen the wearer’s upper body and makes the wearer harder to hit, but its fist is so tight, the weraer is often short of breath

Boots of Elvenkind
+2 Dexterity, +10 move silently.
Several pairs of this type of boot were made for elven battalions during the year of Singing Arrows, 884 DR. The scouts equipped with this stealthy footwear turned the tide of at least two major battled against Sembian mercenaries

Bracer’s of Dexterity
+10 Dexterity

Bracers of this type were likely developed in Kara-Tur to aid masters of the martial arts. Legends speak of visitors from the Far East bringing these items with them on their journeys, though details remain sketchy.

Cape of the Fire Bath
Fire Resistance 10, +2 to all saving throws
Common among clerics and other powerful followers of Kossuth, these cloaks of resistance are brilliant red and emboidered with images of flames. The wearer can withstand both extremely hot weather and mystical fire damage

Gloves of the Rogue
+2 to Set trap, pick pocket, open lock, disable trap
The elderly Oghmanyte Milladolin founds that age was affecting her and her fellows quite rapidly, causing their hands to shake and preventing them from performing many of their priestly duties. With Oghma’s blessings, MIlladolin created magical gloves that steadied their hands and heightened their muscle control. Years later, a young Oghmayte was caught for thievery- guilty of using the gloves. Word spread, and soon the gloves themselves were stolen away.

Eyes of the Eagle
+5 to pot
The helms mounts two special crystal lenses over the wearers eyes that grant a +5 bonus to Spot check. Fiercely protective of their borders, the elves of Moonwood often use these helms to better patrol their borders for marauding orcs to better aim their bows in the wood’s defense.

Ring of Hiding
+6 to Hide
This ring is actually a magic leather cord that ties around a finger. It is tanned to be vaguely fleshed-toned and is so subtle that it often goes unnoticed when worn. Similarly it allows the wearer to blend easily into the background to escape detection. Though a common item among rogues and others who wish to go unnoticed, this item is rapidly becoming standard equipment among the Night Masks, according to the Westgate city Watch.

Ring of Nine Lives
1 Charges, can cast Heal
This ancient Netherese ring is made of ivory and carved to resemble a snarling cat’s face on one end. It allows the wearer to cast a heal spell up to nine times.

Poly’s Golden Egg
Confusion 1/day
You’ve been confused about Poly’s gender for quite some time. If this actually ‘hers’ then you suppose that you should settle the matter. Even so….

Poly’s Crystal Egg
Aura of Glory 1/day, Scintillating Sphere 2/day

Poly’s Parrot Tongue
Ironguts unlimited use, Sound burst 2/day
You don’t think this tongue was actually Poly’s. A part of you wishes it was.

Lucky Squid Tentacle
Entangle 1/day
You admit that you’ve never really thought of squid tentacles as being particularly lucky before..


Dorna Trapspringer is a female dwarven cleric/rogue. Good-hearted and somewhat cynical, Dorna is one of the disciples of the master adventurer Drogan Droganson. When she heard Drogan had established a school for adventurers and was taking on apprentices in Hilltop, Dorna was one of the first to arrive and apply. She travelled nearly 200 miles alone across the wilds of the Silver Marches from her clan home in the mountains, which many would consider proof enough that she needed no instruction in survival. Still, she seems convinced that she is destined to face even greater danger, and it’s unlikely that she’s wrong.

Dorna Trapspringer (Iconic)

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