Deekin Scalesinger (Iconic)

A Kobold who just wants to be a bard


CG Male Kobold Bard 8/Rogue 3, Dragon Disciple (Red) 5

Weapon style: Kurki and Buckler


Cutting Star +8
+8 Kurki, 1d6 fire damage, on hit 25% Blindless DC 14/3 rounds
These blades are occasionally brought to civilization by adventurers, along with tales of ruined temples and the gods of old, LIkely this weapon fell under the domain of a sun or star worshiping sect, and while possibly far-reaching in their day, no official record detailing their practices has survived.

+3 Short Bow, +2 to search and spot checks
This bow and its kin are most famously linkd to Hannable the White, and his defense of Gulthmere Forest. He and his men went to the aid of local dryads and defeated legions of orcs, forcing them to abandon their destructive plans. Those of Hannable’s force who left the forest were paid with these bows, while those who remained with the grateful dryads received less tangible, but not less enjoyable rewards

Shield of the Watch
+1 small shield, +2 vs. humans
This shield orginated in the faraway Shaar in the armory of a fighting brigade called “The Watch” . A group of warriors wemics, the goals of these half men, half lions were never fully disclosed. They were invovled in extensive trading of weapons for information, however and neighboring communities of teh region learned to fear and avoid them. Distrust of the group may have been justified as several nomadic human tribes of the region did disappear over time.

Ollamh’s Harp
Mass Charm 1/day, Mass haste 1/day, Summon creature VI 1/day
A wise and powerful bard in the Moonshaes named Falataer created the first of these instrements, using them to test and reward the students of his bardic college. Others have since copied the designs, keeping the name Fatataer gave them to honor him.

A periapt of Wisdom
Wisdom +10
Although it appears to be a simple pearl on a light chian, a Periapt of Wisdom is a powerful items. These items improve perception and insight, and often used as meditative tools by high-ranking clergy of a faith.

Black Flame Armor
+5 Chain mail, Fire resistance 30

Hafling artificers are credited wit increasing the best-known modern examples of this heat resistance armor, having apparently constructed a number of suits to combat a marauding efreeti some 50 years ago. The deign has since been copied though the great expense involved and highly specific focus of the finished item means that copies are rarely seen in the market.

Belt of the Performer
+5 to Charisma, +4 to perform and persuade

This leather belt appears innocuous enough, its true power not evident until it is actually worn. There are small inscriptions embedded in the leather throughout the item, its language unknown and the true history of the item unknowable.

Boots of Reflexes
+10 to reflex saves
In the Dark night of Amn, the rich and powerful protect themselves from the predation of the Shadow Thieves by constructing elaborate traps throughout their homes. To counter this, the Shadow Thieves create these boots to quicken the reactions of their top assassins and burglars.

Sirine’s Cloak
+2 to Charisma, +2 to Perform
Sirines are playful and gregarious aquatic fey who often draw starngers into their games and parties, only to tire of their companionship after a few hours and slip away. If someone has particularly charming company, however, the sirine will bestow the gift of a shell or small gem on their admirer

Epic Gloves of the Minstrel
+30 to Perform.
Lendoku Mar’hael was reputed to be one of the best performers of his generation. When his son, Gardoku, proved to be of only middling talent. Lendoku commissioned the development of these performance enhancers. The mage who developed the gloves heard of Gardoku’s success and began selling similar gloves to Gardoku’s competitors. The mage died shortly thereafter, outside a pub owned by the Mar’hael family.

Eyes of Charming.
Charm person at will
The helm mounts two crystal lenses over the wearer’s eyes that to outside observers appear to sparkle and swirl with color. The wearer is able to charm a person merely by meeting a target’s gaze Those failing a will saving throw are charmed as per the spell. Through the power of one such helm, the Chessentan warlord Guivandar quickly gathered an army of loyal followers from the exiles and murderous criminals in the Threskel region. With an army behind him, Guivandar turned his ambitions on conquerering the nation’s more established city-states. However, before his army could even begin to march on Luthceq, a reclusive wizard living in the Smoking mountain, dispelled the power of Guivandar’s helm as punishment for trespassing the army through his territory. Freed of the helm’s charm, Guivandar’s lieutenants murders him in his sleep and the army quickly scattered through the region.

Kilrav’s Ring
+1 to Appraise, Craft Trap, Disable Trap, Hide, Lore, Move Silently, Open Lock, Pick Pocket, Search, Set Trap, Use Magic Device
Kilrav Lugehose once a leader of the Grey Ash Order of Thieves in Cormyr was rumored to wear this ring when on assassination attainments as a charm for the success of his missions. When the Purple Dragons destroyed his guild, Kilrav’s body was found, his finger and ring missing.

Major Ring of Universal Elemental Resistance
Acid/Cold/Electrical/Fire/Sonic 30
Druxus Rhym an important Red Wizard of Thay craeted only a few of these spectacular rings. his allies among the tharchions and zulkiers have earned tehir by helping Druxus amass even greater power than before. A few others have been used to bribe ruling lords, who were attempting to stop the growth of the Thavians enclaves. Some mages have speculated whether Druxus might have some darker purpose in distributing these rings, but so far, no proof has been offered

Rod of Thunder and Lighting
Chain Lightning 1/day, sound burst at will.
Xkehrmensh the Destroyer was a kobold chieftain whose tirbe laid waste to a vast Underdark city of goblin-folk with lighting and thunder, uncommon force in the depths. To this day, goblins terrorize their young with the sounds of drums and flashes of lights; telling them that the kobolds are common with a “boomstick” to kill bad little goblins and bugbears.

Ventrue’s Rod of Majesty
20 charges, Eagle’s Splendor 5/charges
Ventrue the illusionist found himself at the head of a small nation when he used his Rod of Majesty to charm his way through an inheritance struggle. When he discovered that his kingdom was about to be invaded, his first act as king was to renounce the throne and flee.


Deekin is a rather remarkable member of the Dripping Fang clan of kobolds. Unlike other kobolds, Deekin aspires to something “bigger” than mining, marauding and looting. He aspires to be a skald, a noble northern bard of legend. His goal is to write a heroic saga that will rival any of the classics… his chief problem is that his fellow kobolds are anything but heroic. Deekin has recently decided that he’ll have a look a little further afoot if he is going to find a hero befitting his saga.

He used to sing and tell stories to Tymofarrar. The PC can learn that he used to transform himself to become a human to eat pies, he paralysing Deekin to pick his teeth, teaching Deekin to become a sorcerer and a chief of the tribe, but wasn’t very good at it.

Death: Dies fighting against a White Dragon

Deekin Scalesinger (Iconic)

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