Dak'kon (Iconic)

A githzeri who is bound by a life debt that keeps him immortal


Male Githzerai Fighter 7, Mage 9, Psionic Warrior 3
Color: Green/Bliue
Temperament: Melancholic/Supine

Weapon of Choice: Katana (Type ???)

Initial Equipment: Dak’kon’s Zerth Armor*, Dak’kon’s Zerth Blade*, Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon*, Whispering Flask*


Strength: 17
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 13
Guile: 10
Adroitness: 12
Spirit: 13


Dak’kon’s Zerth Blade (“Chained Blade”)
Damage: 2-9 Slashing
Special: +1 to Armor Class
THAC0: +1
Speed: 7
Weight: 5
Proficiency: Edged
Usable only by Dak’kon

On the githzerai’s home plane of Limbo, solid matter is something of a rarity. Limbo itself is a soupy mess of elements, and only through force of will can the githzerai shape these elements into stable matter.

A substance called “karach” is a material that can be shaped with the mind. Dak’kon’s blade is composed of this substance; through mental discipline alone, Dak’kon maintains the integrity of the blade. He can shape it slightly depending on his skill, adjusting its length, sharpness of the edge. Presumably as he gains levels, he may be able to manipulate the blade in new ways.

It is not known whether all githzerai zerth carry such weapons. Certainly a weapon that depends on the integrity of the wielder would be entrusted only to those who had learned to discipline themselves.

This blade appears to have special religious significance for Dak’kon. Dak’kon has wound a series of parchments around the hilt of the blade. These appear to be matras dedicated to Zerthimon.
NOTE: This is the state the blade is in when you first encounter Dak’kon.

Dak’kon’s Zerth Blade (“Chained Blade” at Dak’kon level 6)

Enchanted: +3
Damage: 5-20 Slashing
+6 to Armor Class
Doubles all 1st Level Mage Spells
Doubles all 2nd Level Mage Spells
THAC0: +3
Speed: 6
Weight: 5
Proficiency: Edged
Usable only by Dak’kon

Kak’kon’s Zerth Armor
+3 Leather Armor

Dak’kon’s ceremonial zerth armor. It is fashioned of interlocking metal rings, formed of the same substance that Dak’kon’s blade is made of. (Unlike the blade, however, it does not appear that the armor changes based on the mental state of the wielder.) The armor is worn over a padded red tunic, and spiked bracers and shoulder pads have been added to give greater protection to the arms and upper body.

While Dak’kon’s armor is similar to chain mail, it is lighter and more flexible, allowing him to wield his sword more effectively. It seems that when the sword and armor are used in tandem, the armor actually becomes lighter in weight and more flexible, more like cloth than chain mail. Whether this is a unique property of karach, or whether this is some magical effect of the two items, is unknown.

The Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon
Weight: 2
Usable only by Dak’kon

This small round stone is the “Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon.” The Unbroken Circle is a zerth religious text, containing teaching of Zerthimon, the founder of the githzerai people. The Circle is made up of a series of interlocking circles that fold out from one another, depending on which branch the reader wishes to follow in the path of teachings… it is said that some zerths spend years poring over the combinations of the plates, looking for new signifigance in the teachings.

Dak’kon seems to use the text as a means of focusing his spell casting abilities, for he pores over the tablet occasionally, memorizing the words.

Eighth Circle Of Zerthimon
Allows user to copy “Zerthimon’s Focus” into Spell Book
Range: 50 feet
Duration: 5 seconds per level
Speek: 3
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: None
Weight: 1
Usable only by Mage, Dak’kon and Nameless One

Inscribed upon this circular stone plate is the Eighth Circle of Zerthimon:

Know that a mind divided divides the man. The will and the hand must be as one. In knowing the self, one becomes strong.”

Know that if you know a course of action to be true in your heart, do not betray it because the path leads to hardship. Know that without suffering, the Rising would never have been, and the People would never have come to know themselves.”

Know that there is nothing in all the Worlds that can stand against unity. When all know a single purpose, when all hands are guided by one will, and all act with the same intent, the Planes themselves may be moved.”

“A divided mind is one that does not know itself. When it is divided, it cleaves the body in two. When one has a single purpose, the body is strengthened. In knowing the self, grow strong.”

Seventh Circle Of Zerthimon
Allows user to copy “Missile of Patience” into Spell Book
Range: ?
Duration: ?
Speek: ?
Area of Effect: ?
Saving Throw: Special
Weight: 1
Usable only by Mage, Dak’kon and Nameless One

Inscribed upon this circular stone plate is the Seventh Circle of Zerthimon:

Know that the Rising of the People against the illithid was a thing built upon many turnings. Many were the People who lived and died under time’s blade while the Rising was shaped.”

“The Rising was shaped upon a slow foundation. Steel was gathered so that it might mark illithid flesh. A means of knowing the movements of the illithids were established, at first weak and confused, then stronger, like a child finding its voice. When the movements were known, then the illithids were observed. In observing them, thier ways of the mind were known.

“When the ways of the illithid were known, many of the People were gathered and taught in secret the means to shield their minds, and the way to harness their will as weapons. They were taught the scripture of steel, and most importantly, they were given the knowing of freedom.”

“These things were not learned quickly. The knowing of much of the ways was slow, and in all these things, time’s weight fell upon all. From the knowing of one’s reflection in a steel blade, to the knowing of submerging the will, to the knowing of seeing itself. All of these things and more the People built upon. In time, they came to know the whole.”

Whispering Flask
1/day can cast Aid upon the wielder, and give a +2 Strength

This container holds a peculiar powder called “Whispering Motes” (loose translation of the Gith expression), a form of healing powder commonly used by the githzerai on the Plane of Limbo. When the stopper is pulled and the spice touched on the skin of a wounded person, the spice travels through the injured person’s body, generating raw matter to fill up the “holes” in his physical form, no matter how small or large. In order for the spice to work, the user must concentrate on its healing effects… with the proper discipline, a practised githzerai can even heal the greatest of wounds.
In addition to its curative properties, it is also the element in several of their rites of passage… it is believed that the spice also fills in the “holes” in a person’s psyche, removing doubts and giving them focus and purpose. In this way, it acts by invoking an Aid spell, as well as giving a +2 enhancement bonus to strength for the duration of the Aid spell.

Ancient Copper Earring (Hollow)
This ancient copper earring has a series of grooves cut along the inside. Although there doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to wear it, it can be unlocked by hooking your fingernail into the third groove from the top and pressing inwards.

Not only does this allow the earring to be worn, but it also opens up a hollow compartment inside the earring where messages or other small items can be stored. The earring might be worth more to a merchant as a result.

Rule-Of-Three Earring
Minor Copper Blessing
Weight: 0

You recieved this small earring from folding a note in the mouth of one of the walking corpses in the Mortuary. It’s a beautiful earring, but despite its beauty, all it seems to do is remind you how strange this world you’ve woken up in is.

This earring carries a minor blessing from one of the gods of wealth on some backwater prime world; when held in the hand and the word “copper” is whispered, it gives the wearer 33 copper commons. This blessing can be used three times before the enchantment is exhausted.

Aegis of Torment
+3 to Constitution
+15 to Base Hit Points
+3 to Armor Class
Weight: 0

Rows and rows of minute skulls line the outer edge of this ring. It is crowned by an over-sized skull with fire-red gems that serves as its eyes. This ring is the physical manifestation of the suffering of the tormented slaves of Dahnthur. It was their ultimate wish to gain protection from their oppressors, and with this magical ring, their wish was finally realized. Even with the fiery red gems, a royal purple hue continually emanates outward.

Dread Bond
…..Immunity to Panic
…..+1 to Strength
Weight: 3
Usable only by Fighters and living creatures

Legend has it that this bracelet was created by Nacek the Sadistic. Tiny razor sharp spikes cover the entire surface of this item injecting small amounts of rare reagents into the blood stream of the user. The effect of these chemicals causes the user to feel a constant adrenaline rush of strength.

Ring of Thex
+20 to Base Hit Points
+4 to Armor Class
+2 to all Saving Throws
Weight: 0
Usable only by Mages

This ornate silver ring is set with a single red stone of an unknown type. The ring is believed to have been created by an adventuring mage named Thex. Thex claimed she was tired of sitting back and flinging spells at enemies while the rest of her adventuring party was able to get into the thick of battle. She felt that the ring would allow her to become what she chose to be a Battlemage. The Ring of Thex was the crowning achievement of her short career.

Ashes Of The Pabulum
Summons Trelons
Weight: 1
Not usable by Mages

These ashes are all that remains of a shool of illusionists called the Pabulum. According to their expedition logs, they traveled to the Plain of Shale in search of the lost works of the Fosterer, a powerful sorcerer who once ruled an empire where the Plain of Shale now lies.

The naive illusionists were successful, and they stumbled across one of his lost works: a hive of vicious creatures called the Trelons. The remains of the mages were found days later by two bariaur scouts and were burned over a pyre as a symbol of their folly.

To unlock the power of these ashes, one only needs to stir them with the index finger of the left hand, then sprinkle a pinch of the ashes into the air in a circular pattern. The smell of the remains of these dead mages is said to cause a Trelon to appear to serve the user.

No one knows where the Trelons originated from, but they seem to combine the worst characteristics of demons and insects. They seem to bear on insane hatred for mages, but the reason for this is unknown.

Clot Charm
…..Heals 9 Hit Points
…..5% Resistance to Slashing Attacks
10% Resistance to Piercing Attacks
Weight: 0

This glistening blood drop is as hard and smooth as a pearl. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and spreads through the character’s bloodstream.

The charm stimulates the user’s blood into clotting and scabbing over existing wounds, healing any minor damage the user may have suffered before consuming the charm. Furthermore, as long as the charm is in effect, the player’s blood becomes more “aware” of new wounds that occur, especially any attacks that draw blood. The charmed individual becomes more resistant to slashing and piercing attacks, as their blood clots and scabe over the wound as soon as the flesh is torn.

Cockroach Charm
…..4 to Armor Class
2 to Armor Class vs. Crushing Attacks
…..+10% Resistance vs. Crushing Attacks
Weight: 0

Cockroaches are as common on the Planes as other scavengers. The shell of this particular dead cockroach has been dotted with paints and faint arcane symbols. The magic contained within the charm is activated when the roach is consumed.

When swallowed, the recipient temporarily gains the protection of the cockroach. Their skin hardens, taking on the strength of a suit of chain mail armor, and the charmed individual becomes difficult to squash, giving them added protection vs. crushing attacks.

Tattoo of Revelation
Special: +2 to Intelligence
Weight: 0
Usable only by Mages

This tattoo bolster’s the user’s intelligence, allowing him a greater chance of gaining memories and aiding his mage skills.

Tattoo of the Art
…..+1 to Intelligence
…..Memorize 1 Additional 1st Level Mage Spell
…..Memorize 1 Additional 2nd Level Mage Spell
Weight: 0
Usable only by Mages

This tattoo enhances your natural talent for the Art, heightening your reasoning and deductive abilities, and increasing your spell memorization capacity.

Tattoo of the Black-Barbed Maze
Invokes: “Black Barbed Curse”
Weight: 0
Usable only by Mages

This tattoo calls upon your experience within Ravel’s Black-Barbed Maze, and it echoes the terrible sensation that flooded you when you attempted to call upon the power within the maze. This tattoo allows you to call upon that power again for a limited period of time and turn it against your enemies; it seems that enemies of you are enemies of Ravel…

This tattoo has only a limited amount of power… when it is exhausted, the tattoo will vanish.

Tattoo of the Magi
…..+3 to Intelligence
…..Doubles all 1st Level Mage Spells
…..Doubles all 2nd Level Mage Spells
Weight: 0
Usable only by Mages

Stealth Lens
4 to Armor Class, +2 to Armor Class vs. Missile Weapons, +2 to All Saving Throws50% Resistance to Missile Weapons

The scope looks as if it’s missing its lens, but in fact, the lens itself is displaced in space: if you use your peripheral vision, you can make it out a few feet to your left, just hanging in space.
When this scope is equipped, a portion of the wearer phases out, and he becomes EXTREMELY difficult to hit with missile weapons or spells. Furthermore, the wearer is just hard to see, period; it’s almost like he’s not all there. Depending on who’s wearing this lens, it may complement his personality just fine.

This tattoo represents the fact you have achieved the pinnacle of your skills in the arts of magic. This tattoo enhances your ntural talent for the Art considerably, heightening your reasoning and deductive abilities, and doubling your spell memorization capacity for minor spells.

Tattoo of Revelation
Special: +2 to Intelligence
Weight: 0
Usable only by Mages

This tattoo bolster’s the user’s intelligence, allowing him a greater chance of gaining memories and aiding his mage skills.

Tattoo of The Supreme Warrior
+3 to Armor Class
+3 to Strength
+9 to Base Hit Points
This tattoo represents the fact you have achieved the pinnacle of your skills in the warrior arts. This tattoo enhances your natural combat skills, making you more difficult to hit and raising your damage with every strike.

Tattoo of The Warrior
…..1 to Armor class
1 to Strength
…..+3 to Base Hit Points
Weight: 0
Usable only by Fighters

This tattoo enhances your natural talent for combat, making you more difficult to hit and raising your damage with every strike.

Negative Token
Special: Ward against Shadows
Special: Holds Shadow Creatures Temporarily

This is a “negative token”: a flat, black disk that appears to have no substance to it at all. Turning it over reveals that it has no third dimension – there is no thickness to this item at all. It gives you some command over creatures of shadow – you can command them to stand still for a few precious seconds. The more powerful the shadow, the less likely it will obey your command.

As an added benefit, as long as the token is carried by any of your party members, it acts as a ward against shadows. It will not prevent shadows from attacking your group, but the shadows will find it more difficult to harm you while the Token is carried.

Hammer of Comminution
Damage: 4-14 Crushing
Enchanted: +1
Special: 1-6 Acid Damage

Research reveals that this is a formidable weapon indeed. Far superior to a normal sledgehammer, this war hammer (also called “The Hammer of Comminution”) delivers a devastating strike that not only inflicts crushing damage, but also fractures any surface it contacts, whether bone, metal, or wood, inflicting extra damage… and if the victim survives, it also “softens” him up for the next attack.

The Hammer of Comminution was used extensively by Enote, a Doomguard priest, in 14 E.U. A philosopher who was prone to violent mood swings while debating theology, he was known to espouse the virtues of the hammer as a means of furthering the decay of dead matter. Whether or not what he struck with the hammer was dead or alive before the blow is open to debate.



My past is not known to you. It is not my will that you should know it.

Know that I bear the scars of one who has travelled the Planes. Know that I have never rested long in any one place. Know that I bear the weight of one who has travelled far to be in this place.

Know that I am a Githzerai. Know that I am of the people of Zerthimon.

It was Zerthimon who knew the Githzerai before we knew ourselves. He knew what had to be done to free us. From his knowing, came action. From his knowing, freedom was born. The Githzerai ceased to be slaves and became a people.

Know that I follow the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. His words are known to me. His heart is known to me.

All that remains is that I know myself.

Personal Quest: Needs to release some kin from a mind flayer slave ship

Death: Dies fighting against a band of Githyanki

Dak'kon (Iconic)

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